EPIC Fail Of The Day: Woman Hides $5,000 In Her Booty

So this woman in Hawking, County, Tennessee’s boyfriend set her up so bad. Christie Black was suspected of stealing different things from her boyfriend she shared a residence with. The guy, Bobby Gully straight set her up and left 5 STACKS in $100 bills sitting in two envelopes. He left and when he came back the 5G’s was gone.

So he called the cops and confronted his girlfriend, who admitted that she took the money and hid it up her ASS!! She tried to remove the money out of her rectum with a toilet brush and a pair of TONGS! She admitted to cops that she took the money and put it up her booty because she was breaking up with her boyfriend and needed a place to live.

Christie Black was taken to a local hospital and the money was removed from her bottom and seized for evidence.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.]

Illseed, Out.


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  • hoeyuno

    Dirty money…

  • chosenxeno


  • king sodomy

    thats an expensive piece of ass

  • RapItUp

    Crap shoot?

  • The money don’t know where it came from.

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      she kind of resembles dominican cokes mom.

      • Inmadopuroz

        on second thought she reminds me of me with something always stuck in her anus (Queens!

    • Inmadopuroz

      gimmie that c0ck

  • john allen

    5 thousand in her ass!! Wow people do some strange things in this world I’ve heard of drugs but not money.

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  • Belvy


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  • ItBeThatWays

    Stone Cold ET woulda open a can a whup a$$ WHAT?! I said Stone Cold ET would have opened a can of whup a$$, Gave that bit*h a Stone Cold stunner,chug a cold a one and tell the goddamn officers Justice served WHAT?! I said justice served and thats the bottom line CAUSE STONE COLD ET SAYS SO!!

    • Tre C

      you need a hobby

    • Jay


      • Inmadopuroz

        hey boo

      • Jay

        die fag

    • Inmadopuroz

      gimmie that stone cold dick!

  • trixnkix637

    That’s not what Drake meant when he said Started From The Bottom…

  • chippc

    Her new man told her:Ass, Gas or Cash? She got 2 outta 3!



  • Dointer

    Thats a shit load of money!

  • MichelleMM

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  • TheGreatGazoo2012

    Daily Occurence: illseed hides dick in his mouth and swallows the evidence

  • Inmadopuroz

    oh please last year i snuck 2’000 dollars and 4 dildos in my anus at la guardia airport! hollerrrrt Queens!

  • Bordmrc

    Talk about a shitty situation