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In (Miami) Heat: Lebron James' Mother Is Dating A Miami Rapper

(AllHipHop News) Gloria James raised Lebron James to becoming the greatest basketball player of the last 15 years and now it’s her turn to have some fun. According to multiple reports, Lebron’s mom is currently dating unknown Miami rapper Da Real Lambo.

Lambo has posted several pictures on his personal Instagram of the pair with multiple captions referring to her as “wifey.”

Da Real Lambo has also interestingly enough posted Instagram photos with Lebron, his championship rings and even called the man he’s two years older the role model he never had.

Check out the only evidence of Lambo’s music career below in the music video for his song “Attitude”:

69 Responses to “In (Miami) Heat: Lebron James' Mother Is Dating A Miami Rapper”

    • Matt Swan

      Yeah ok “cum up” is more like it. U couldn’t imagine moms doin some ish like that. And dude took pics of Labron and his ish? This ain’t right on ANY level. Ohh well wish them the best

    • DJ7

      Maybe in a game of dozens on the playground…you gotta realize that his moms been bagging young dudes since he came in the league and hasn’t committed to 1 yet…seems like she’s doing a lil role reversal of picking up strays…potentially bed’n em and kicking em to the curb…cougar style

      • EDOGZ818

        Not a good look, imagine picking up the phone ” Yo! Whaddup?….Put your mom on the phone!”

        Negative….not happening.

  1. ebsrokdontgiveafrok

    lol gotta love how the dude poses for the pic trying NOT to look deadwrong for what hes doing ,but hey never know wish them luck

  2. just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    She should have a little more respect for her son and act with some class. Also, this rapper guy knows exactly what he is doing……tryna get some of that king James money.

    • JordanFU

      She has to be incredibly dumb and easy to manipulate. Lebron gotta sit her down and tell her to keep her moves on the low, cause no ones looking for her shes seeking out these photographers for whatever reason.

  3. $18916246

    I hope this ain’t true…..wow. Time to move her out to the real burbs. Send her on a tour of the globe. Man, I hope this ain’t true.

  4. RomeRebel

    Smh, it’s ok for mom to date whoever she wants BUT your son is a celebrity!!!!!! YOU CAN’T DO THAT SH!T ma’ !!!! Gotta keep that sh!t out of sight and out of light, it affects your sons image & yours.

  5. Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    best player the last 15 years? lol maybe the last 3 IF THAT. ugly ass mom and the rappr going to be taping that when he hitting it and its onlt a matter time before they break up and he start dissing LBJ for fame. Real talk

  6. john allen

    Seems like she’s been attracted to younger men most of life I wonder how old is lebron father.he’s just probably with her to jumpstart his career.

  7. Jakne

    But everybody know, dude trying to come up off LeBron mom. And how can LeBron be his role model. Dude should’ve kept that thought to hissself.

  8. JordanFU

    God damn that bitch needs to chill out. How embarassing to Lebron is it that his mom fucks everybody including delante west. Dating is fine but quit looking for publicity, you aint Lebron bitch, just be normal. I mean she atleast 40-55 right? Should have some brains by now.

    • G. Lamont

      His mom fucks everybody? I’ve heard of Delonte and this Lambo dude. That’s everybody? It should take more that 2 people, over the course of 4-5 years, to say she fucks everybody, don’t you think?

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