Do-Not: Dunkin' Donuts Apologizes For Racist Ad For "Charcoal Donut"

(AllHipHop News) Dunkin’ Donuts faced an onslaught of negative criticism over their recent advertisement featuring a woman in blackface.

After the Human Rights Watch and thousands of consumers attacked the campaign, the chief communications officer for Dunkin’ Brands, Karen Raskopf issued an apology to the New York Daily News:

On behalf of our Thailand franchise and our company, we apologize for any offense it caused.  We are working with our franchaisee to immediately pull the television spot and to change the campaign


While Raskopf expressed the sorrowful sentiments of Dunkin Donuts, Dunkin Donut’s Thailand CEO Nadim Salhani expressed his own outrage over the racist accusations to Bangkok Post:

It’s absolutely ridiculous. We’re not allowed to use black to promote our doughnuts? I don’t get it. What’s the big fuss?  What if the product was white and I painted someone white, would that be racist?

  • Thenatural503

    This ain’t racist. Stop being so damn sensitive. Thai people more then likely don’t even know what the hell black face is. They are a completely different culture out there. He also has a good point would people be crying foul if they painted a woman in white makeup? Nope they wouldn’t give a fucc.

    • cromthelaughinggod7

      They know what black face is you ignorant fk! What are you a moron! They don’t live under a rock. The world is open with internet, media etc. They knew what they were doing. It is racist and you are as well.

      • Thenatural503

        I’m racist because I don’t find this racist? Lol okay I guess. Stop being so damn sensitive and trying to find something to be offended by or a reason to play the victim.

      • So if Duncan Donuts were promoting a Swastika shaped donut, Jews shouldn’t be so sensitive either right?

      • Sean Taylor

        Huge difference.

        Nice try though.

      • RazaBladeKing

        I’m curious… what’s the “huge difference”?

      • Thenatural503

        The huge difference is this isn’t Black face. Do you even know what black face is? Look it up. Because this ISN’T blackface. If that’s the case I’m now offended by white football players who put black paint of their faces who cares if it’s only lines under their eyes I’M OFFENDED!!!!

      • RazaBladeKing

        (yawns) …a swing and a miss. My reply “what’s the huge difference” referred to Sean Taylor’s saying there was a “huge difference” between marketing a donut being shaped as a swastika being vs. marketing a woman painted black. He was smart enough to see where I was going with this and declined to respond. I don’t even know what the f*** you’re talking about, but I’ll try and respond on point. Let’s extrapolate this out (“Look it up”). Imagine Dunkin Donut markets a donut called the ninja star, shaped like a swastika. A jewish person sees it, and feels some kind of way. “But it’s not a swastika, it’s a ninja star!” That’s fine for you, but you’re out of pocket telling someone else how they should react, based on YOUR experience and how you feel. The word you need to look up is CONTEXT. It’s the same as when black people call each other n****a but feel some kind of way when a white person calls them the same thing, a girl calling her friends “her b****es” but feeling some kind of way when a man calls her friends the same thing, etc. In other words… F**** how you feel. Truth is, I’m not actually offended by the ad, but I’m kind of offended by your worthless smoke screen argument and your blatant misinformation on this board. But I might be giving you too much credit, and it might just be your stupidity, and that offends me. Either way, I’ll probably disregard anymore of your reply notifications, so… find someone else to play with.

      • Whether black face or Swastika, it’s an image representation of an image used to oppress a race of people. So where’s the huge difference?!

      • Explain the difference?

        “I thought they was buggin, cuz to us, Uncle Sam is Hitler without an oven! Burning our Black skin, find our neighborhood, then push the crack in!” …ICE CUBE (When Will they Shoot?)

        (*X Clan sample “Walking in my big Black boots!”)

      • TruthSerum

        I’m not quite sure that the american 1920’s practice of actors in black face is common knowledge in Thailand in 2013. You really think they teach about this kind of stuff in school over there?? If this were something going on today then maybe I’d agree but there hasnt been an actor in blackface for generations, I highly doubt the average Thailand citizen is that well versed in the history of American race relations

      • Carlo Bambino

        didnt dave chapelle do WHITEFACE? didnt we all laugh?

      • TruthSerum

        Yeah, I cant remember anybody protesting that….. Be funny if they would have tho. I’d like to see it happen just once, to see the public reactions

      • Thenatural503

        Doesn’t matter don’t you know the first rule of racism? It’s only racist if it is about you race otherwise it’s funny.

      • Yes we all laughed because it NEVER happened to whites so there is no emotional scar there for whites.

      • Carlo Bambino

        white people were slaves in america bro. blacks or whites dont want to admit that so nobody talks about it. its not the same circumstances true but just cuz they’re called indentured servants doesn’t mean they werent slaves. people need to read more. you dont know what never happend or what did happen cuz you werent there. you only know what you were told or what youve read.

      • Your right, I wasn’t there and only know what I’ve read. I’m sure some form of oppression has effected every group of race. However for us blacks its ongoing still to this day and the echo’s of pain from our past still sound off. The add is a terrible reminder of those minstrel shows, D Donuts should’ve been more cautious with the add

      • RazaBladeKing

        Actually, being called indentured servants is EXACTLY why it means they weren’t slaves. Indentured servants 1) agreed to their servitude, and 2) were released from their servitude after their contractual period ended. Slaves 1) were taken by force with no say in it, and 2) were not only kept for life, but were bred like animals, and their children were then born into slavery. “People need to read more.”

      • Blacks were indentured servants until Anthony Johnson, a Black slave owner, obtained a court ruling extending slavery to last for life via “Johnson Vs Parker” 1654.

        From above ^^

      • Blacks were indentured servants until Anthony Johnson, a Black slave owner, obtained a court ruling extending slavery to last for life via “Johnson Vs Parker” 1654.

      • I bet he knows the N word though!

      • MrNoName2K

        well gottdamn, he really got your panties in a bunch..

  • TruthSerum

    If they were promoting powder donuts and had somebody covered in white I doubt there would have been anybody complaining, the Thailand guy has a point there. But thats just because white people never seem to care enough to complain about things this trivial. I’d like to see it happen one day tho, just out of curiosity, have millions of white people protesting a commercial or something on racial discrimination grounds, just to see what happens….. I guarantee sites like this wouldn’t cover the story tho lol

    • No the Thailand guy has no point. See what he doesn’t understand is that in the early 1900’s when Minstrel Shows were takihg place in the U.S., whites painted their faces black and behaved foolishly to mock blacks. So the emotional scars remain. If whites went through slavery, segregation and mockery from blacks it would be an issue if it was a powder donut add and they painted a black person white.

      • TruthSerum

        Your right, he doesnt understand……. Thats the point, why are people in Thailand suppose to be worried about what happened in america in the 1920’s??……..So, because racists in america did something stupid 80 years ago, nobody in the world across the globe is ever allowed to paint themselves in dark paint again??….. Gotcha

        Maybe we should outlaw the wearing of white bed sheets as ghosts for halloween costumes in croatia because the KKK does it in America while we’re at it……. Even tho the KKK doesnt exist there and it was never there problem

        What happens here is our problem, expecting the rest of the world to change what they do because of American problems they weren’t a part of due to your feelings being at risk, is a lil bit of an overdose IMO

        But whatever man, I’m not gonna argue about it, being a crybaby is par for the course in today’s world……. If I tell 2 gay guys I dont want to watch them have sex thats enough to have me branded a homophobe in todays society……..I’m pretty sure it wont be long before fat people are targeting food commercials because they arent sensitive to their struggles with weight gain……

        And so it goes…..Whatever

      • Your right with the bed sheet comparison. As a global supplier though Duncan Donuts has a responsibility to its consumers. It’s just common sense for good business etiquette. I think they still should’ve took a little bit more precaution with that add.

      • Sean Taylor

        “Your right, he doesnt understand……. Thats the point, why are people
        in Thailand suppose to be worried about what happened in america in the
        1920’s??……..So, because racists in america did something stupid 80
        years ago, nobody in the world across the globe is ever allowed to paint
        themselves in dark paint again??….. Gotcha”

        This just confirms to me that there are people out there with brains that can think reasonably and rationally!

      • It’s a free market & supposedly free society, so if they want to diss Blacks, let them, & if some 2/3rds ham & egger still wants to buy their product, so be it, but Dunkin’ Donuts took immediate steps to fix the situation, so other than free donuts for Black people (Which, think about it, is a helluva promo + upsales like coffee, milk & repeat customers, it’s a win win vs Superbowl ad.

      • You make some valid points there brotha, they did take immediate action which is good.

  • Carlo Bambino

    oh i thought this was for the new janelle monet cd.

    • anemia716

      I wish. I love that woman.

  • That_N

    I don’t think the ad is racist. I’m kinda confused about charcoal donuts tho

  • the man

    dont think they meant any racisim at all.

  • plsDontreply

    White people be like “stop being so damn sensitive” But had Mike Vick do time for killing dogs and fighting them. SMH, you mofos something else. I recall a lot of whites also calling Obama a one term president as if he were doing anything worse than what Bush did. You people…

    • Thenatural503

      So what do you think about the things that are going on during his second term? Do you think all the spying that’s going on during his time is no big deal? Do you even know about his politics or are you just speaking from the point of he’s a black man so I have to support him cause I’m black?

  • MrNoName2K

    Ay yo damn the add.. a Charcoal Donut sounds nasty as hell anyway..

  • king sodomy

    its sad that this is the kind of shit that gets black upset.if blacks would get that fired up about the educational system,the drug epidemic,the rampant homelessness and other issues that affect us as a whole we could make a real difference but no we are more concerned with the color of a bitch in a commercial.way to go blacks

    • Matt Swan

      Ok where is Uncle Al and Fake A$$ Uncle Jessie on this? I know they live for this, but on a more important note; people we are killing our own. Two men (black) killed a 27yr old Sailor (also black a war vet and father of two) after a car jacking gone wrong. Where are the leaders of our community at? Eating cronuts and counting the money we give them. It’s not that the whites are holding us back, WE are doing a great job of it ourselves. We are making the judicial system money through the ignorance we repeatedly display. Someone will say that there are others in the system too, but look at it proportionately WE make up the majority in almost every prison in America. Why is that? Don’t use I’m from the ghetto and that’s how we do. Wrong answer. You make choices and you have to live with them one way or the other. Do blaming anyone else for your “mistakes” is ignorant. And to add insult to injury this happened at a gas station. MOST thieves would’ve gotten the video surveillance on the spot; not these two geniuses. They go back and take it at gunpoint AFTER the cops have already blasted it over the news. ^^^ said it “if blacks would get that fired up about the educational system the drug epidemic the rampant homelessness and other issues that affect us as a whole we could make a real difference” I apologize for jackin your thread king.

  • john allen

    A black eating a black donut or a white eating a powder donut I don’t care really but if there’s a lot of people offended buy this then I guess they should take it off the air.

  • Sean Taylor

    “What if the product was white and I painted someone white, would that be racist?”

    No it wouldn’t and neither is painting the lady black in your current ad.

  • brotha_man

    i actually dont see this as racist. now if the girl was black, it would be another issues.

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  • kwimby72

    ok how would he know abt American History and the effects hell you have ppl here that don’t know what happened 10 yrs ago there is no global responsibility due to the fact its not any racial ideas or stereotypes associated with it …now if it was a chicken flavored donut then yeah sometimes us BF need to concern ourselves with the bigger picture and clean our own back yards as well as injustices that effect all people not just ourselves. besides its about time we address the behaviors of our ppl that live the stereo types and those that co sign it as being black until you get offended by someone outside the race then you want to complain

    • Seriously

      You and this article sound ignorant. This isn’t black face shes painted in all black not “black face” which is as it is a white person in a black painted face with exaggerated features used to mock and portray “african americans.” The CEOs comments were insensitive but I agree this ad isnt the slight bit racist and frankly it makes those complaining look a bit sensitive and foolish. Now on to your posts, I REFUSE to believe in 2013 that an african american man has to be judged so strongly by the color of his skin that “one” man is forced to hold the entire race on his shoulders. A man should be judged by his own character not by the color of his skin, and anyone that believes we as african americans have to behave in a certain way just so “other” races dont see us in a certain way needs to grow up because your simply supporting the bigots. You talk stereotypes, that we as black people cant live a certain way because it fits a stereotype I beg to differ people can live however they want to thats freedom, if you are enslaved by the idea that we have to fashion our lives to be the opposite of what ignorant racists bigots think black people are than your just foolish as they are. This site is constantly posts negative drama in black culture than postings in blog comments ignorant racists bigotry, its disgusting.

      • kwimby72

        Ok maybe a bit extreme as I know u can never stop ppl from being ignorant but I am addressing those who complain and take things out of context and scream racism when they play the part there’s ppl around me where I live and complain abt how racist things are but then a fight breaks out over a couple shots of liquor cops called and all so me saying what I said is just due to the ignorance I just witnessed and when ppl always try to say something is racist they need to look at how they act and be held accountable just as you want others to be accountable its all good at least we can talk on it

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