Eddie Murphy Joins Twitter, Releases New Reggae Song With Snoop Lion

(AllHipHop News) Eddie Murphy once was five different people in one scene, today and for the foreseeable future he is a reggae artist. Today (September 4th) Murphy announced he will be releasing an upcoming reggae album entitled 9.

Murphy made the announcement on his first tweet from his personal Twitter account simultaneous with his release of the Snoop Lion-assisted first single, “Red Light”:

Check out an in-studio performance of the new single below:

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  • DJ7

    I can dig it…bring back that ol reggae and hip hop will follow…this music just “feels” right
    *side note* finally got around to peeping Snoops reincarnation flick and I’ll be the 1st one to admit that I’ve been a lil too hard on the brotha and the pre judgment I displayed towards him was wrong and out of character…the brotha seems genuine and I support him 1000%…if you haven’t checked it out I recommend that you do, I guarantee you’ll have a different perception of the brotha as well….with his influence in the music world, I believe Snoop Lion could potentially be the “1” that fosters in this new movement…respect

    • @Real_SirJamie

      I told E Dogz the same thing. He spent how many years cripping? From before he was 19 until last year? So that will always be in him, but his change does seem genuine. I’ve seen it too, and some of those places he went and people he saw, cameras or not you can’t go unless you are genuine.

      • DJ7

        True…I remember that convo…I was leaning more towards EDOGZ side of things due in part to my own ignorance of this brotha’s awakening and it’s authenticity. Upon viewing the documentary, I started receiving information that initially I wasn’t prevy to, which in turn, allowed me to reevaluate my prejudices towards Snoop and the decisions he’s choosing to make in his life at this particulr time and conclude that I was absolutly wrong for speaking on something I had 0 knowledge of. That was foolish on my behalf and I should not only know better b.u.t. do better. As for Snoop, he appears to have matured as a man, father as well as a husband and feels it’s about that time to walk a different path…can’t be mad at that…not one bit…and for that, I salute my brotha…contrary to popular belief, people CAN /DO change, it happens everyday…nuff respect to the Rasta Snoop Lion… I wish him nothing b.u.t. the best…

      • Matt Swan

        If nothing else, I’ll give him respect because he does actually give back, AND he made sure that no matter what he’s done, his family came first, and his kids didn’t walk the same path he did. He is a MAN and a FATHER, no matter what he calls himself.

    • TruthHurts

      well said. I applaud what Snoop is doing. Although I do thing the album sounded quite forced and contrived. It’s a great album but could have been so much better with a few more guest/writers involved.

  • MrNoName2K

    oh lawd…these niggaz lol..if it floats they boat..

  • lethal5

    Kill the white people

    • WTF

      Haha nice reference!

  • Belvy

    This is fiiiiiiire , like eddy s flow seems mastered , nice track to bump to .

  • jd

    Damn this is nice.

  • speedy37

    Snoop dogg is a crachead

    • DJ7

      Based on what intel sir or do you just troll hip hop boards slandering brothas?

      • speedy37

        Snoop dogg aint my brother that clown does nothing for society


    Great … but please could y’all pick a better picture next time?… cauz they look real gay

    • johnblacksad

      lookin like inmadopuroz

    • Negro Peligro

      I thought the same thing.

  • john allen

    Nice I haven’t heard anything from eddie in awhile.

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  • Matt Swan

    Eddie you seriously didn’t learn your lesson about recording anything after “party all the time” went triple quadruple recycled plastic? Rick James couldn’t help you. At least “kill the white people” and “boogie in your butt” were funny. Come on son, your movie career is about dead, and your music career has BEEN dead. Just stop before we start having flashbacks of you in those right a$$ red and purple leather suits with one glove from back in the day.

    • DJ7

      Why the negativity B??? I had this joint jamming today on my house system and it sound damn good…granted he’s no Anthony Hamilton b.u.t. I’d support him over a Justin Timberlake type all day…the music was fire, he carried a tune (without the assistance of autotune mind you) and his lyrics were on point…what’s there to be mad at other than to be….mad? If you’re not a fan of the reggae sound I overstand otherwise give it another shot and turn this joint up and vibe

      • Matt Swan

        I can dig what you sayin man, but I’m not feelin the song. It reminds me of a cheaper version of kill the white people. I was being sarcastic in most of what I said. But I would bump damn near anything before Timberfake (except the joints with JZ). I do like reggae, but I’m more of the ol Shabba and Maxi Priest days along with Bob. But I have to give you respect because you came in a way that made me question what I wrote, and to me shows intelligence and challenge; man to man. If you like it man, the hell with what I say or think; TURN IT UP!!!!

      • DJ7


    • @Real_SirJamie

      Umm…That song reached the #2 spot on billboards hot 100 list. And I’ll have you know that not everyone cares about record sales when they make music. Some people just like to make music. Think about it, in the 80’s, the HEIGHT of his acting career, do you really think he cared about record sales? What do you care about record sales anyway? Are you a VP or President of a record company or something? I hope you aren’t one of those people who think record sales equal skill, if that’s the case Vanilla Ice is one of the GREATEST LYRICIST OF ALL TIME.

      • Matt Swan

        You might want to take a look at my response to DJ7. Then come back correctly. What I do for a living is immaterial, irrelevant, and none of anyone’s business on here. And no I don’t think record sales equate skill on the mic. Please read the whole response before assuming anything and being wrong at the same time. Good day sir.

      • @Real_SirJamie

        I saw that response, and your response to HIM has nothing to do with the uncouth way you posted OR the condescending manner in which you responded to ME. I am addressing YOU. You were talking about record sales and compared his satiric music to his actual music. Then confronted with wisdom you backed out, now for some reason that same arrogance from your first post is now directed at me. As a matter of fact please don’t respond to me. Furthermore, please don’t say “good day sir” as if you have manners and are respectful. It’s people like you that are the reason people think I’m not genuine in my etiquette.

      • Matt Swan

        If you saw my response then you would’ve known that I was being sarcastic like I told him I was, and you want to talk about manners? You want to talk in all caps at me, and if you are up on your “etiquette” you would know that is the same as yelling at someone. You cannot expect anyone to sit and take anything that is said and interpret the same as you (DJ7 didn’t know I was joking until I told him), so again if you don’t know what sarcastic is look it up. It’s ironic after I explained what I meant he took no offense to it, and understood what I meant. You can address me, but you will come correct and asking what I do, who I am or anything personal is none of your business. I do not answer to you or anyone else on this site. Confronted with wisdom? I don’t back down when someone comes to me with wisdom in a proper manner, and isn’t trying to belittle me on the sly I actually try to learn off others that actually have something to say here. I’ve mentioned that on this site many times. I am not perfect, don’t try to be, and don’t try to hide behind a façade of words and “manners” to get my point across. If you are “genuine” in your “etiquette”, you have nothing to worry about when anyone say’s anything; you’d be able to take it in stride. So you can again have a good day, evening, or night sir.

      • @Real_SirJamie

        I don’t “type in all caps” and yes your personal life DOES transcend to your online posts. (ask the kid who posted threatening messages to Obama on twitter) I have a B.A. COMM so I know how to communicate in more ways than one. Capital letters are to show emphasis. You did it too. Even the military does it but I digress. I asked you simple questions and you gave defensive, and evasive answers. I honestly don’t think you are as versed in your vocabulary as you try to make it seem. You stated that it was “Ironic” that after you explained what you meant DJ took no offense to it, and understood what you meant. Where’s the irony in that? I’m not trying to belittle you sir. Like I said I asked simple, polite questions (are you a VP or President?, Do you think Eddie cares about record sales? etc) and instead of just answering them you became defensive for whatever reason. If I offended you in any way I apologize, but don’t try to assess someones temperament through typing. Because as you try to say DJ failed in noticing your sarcasm, you mistake emphasis, acronyms, and honest questioning for me acting holier than thou.

  • LexxBrown

    BANGNING!!!!!! Eddie Murphy and Snoop Lion did a great job with this.

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  • dfwricwil

    Nice track.