50 Cent

50 Cent "Warning You"




    lol The bully of the east indeed!… That’s why the hip hop community left you alone and they will never let you in unless you are willing to compromise and bow down aka Ciroc/Beats by dre deals (both under interscope nice move Diddy) … See The fight is fixed!…

    But Man y’all gotta admit…this guy is born with a strong spirit… he is such a warrior and a hustler… And on some real shit his music is on point and he still represent N.Y. to the fullest… his real fight is trying to overcome hip-hop and Jimmy Iovine clock blocking…

    IMO the only way he can pull this off is to use Jay-Z “new rules” … no radio no hit single no ciroc deal no beatsbydre no nothing… So Hang in there 50!… I know you can pull this off… talk to iphone or nokia or some shit like that…and fight your way back to the top