Fake Four Records Owner Ceschi Ramos Serving Time For Drug Conviction

(AllHipHop News) Ceschi Ramos, musician and owner of Fake Four Records, started serving an 18- month prison sentence yesterday (September 4).

The jail time stems from a drug bust on Christmas Day 2010, where Ceschi was charged with purchasing over 100 pounds of marijuana that was shipped cross-country from California to Connecticut, colorfully wrapped as Christmas gifts.

A plea bargain helped Ceschi avoid a 5–7 year sentence for the conviction.

Since yesterday, an IndieGoGo web page started by Ceschi’s brother, David Ramos has raised over $15,000 to help with legal fees and administrative costs for the record label during Ceschi’s prison term.

Ceschi says, “In the end, nearly 3 years later, I’ve been left with nearly $50,000 in legal debt. My best option was to accept a plea bargain compared to the 5 to 7 years I was facing.”

Fake Four records is a popular independent record label specializing in Experimental Hip-Hop which has released dozens of acclaimed albums by artists such as Myka 9, Blue Sky Black Death, Dark Time Sunshine, Open Mike Eagle, and Busdriver.

“Your support over the past 24 hours has been overwhelming. My brother now has an additional government issued number to add to his tax i.d., Social Security, and driver’s license numbers. In other words, he has been processed, now has an inmate number, and hopefully I will be able to see him today,” added Ceschi’s brother David Ramos. “I can’t express the magnitude of appreciation that my family and I have for all of you right now. Beyond the financial support, you have proven that Ceschi has influenced and positively impacted so many people with his music, Fake Four, and just being who he is. He is not just another prison number to all of us.”

Check out this Youtube video of Ceschi speaking on the situation:

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10 Responses to “Fake Four Records Owner Ceschi Ramos Serving Time For Drug Conviction”

  1. Guest

    This guy blames everyone and everything but himself. Saying that “it doesn’t hurt anybody” isn’t exactly correct. People and their families get robbed, shot, and killed for a lot less. Now this slob is trying to bum off the public for his mistake..foh

    • hoeyuno

      Nicely put. plus this fool only got 18 months for 100 pounds.. he needs to sit his ass down and be thankful… mofo knew he was breaking the law. I got nothing againts weed but we all (should) understand the risk in buying and selling in volumes..geek ass mothafukka

      • hav

        you people don’t seem to understand. He didn’t sell anything he’s being falsley accused by someone to get their own prison sentence reduced.

  2. hoeyuno

    Fucc this guy. no broke meth addict deals 100 lbs of weed!!! Fucc your fake four and your fake ass.. hope prison is horrible for you faggot

  3. Sam Hollars

    Any of you guys actually know him? Or anything about the amazing shit he has done for the music community? And his actual community? He doesn’t want money for himself, he wants to raise money for fake four so that all of the people who depend on it for their livelihood can continue to depend on it and support their art, and their families. That’s what it’s about. And yeah, they’re gettin my money before I ever give a dime to anything to do with Syria.

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