Hartford Mayor to Dave Chappelle: Quit Whining

(AllHipHop News) Dave Chappelle was so upset about the “young white alcoholic” crowd at his August 29th stand up performance at Hartford, CT that he said he’d be happy if North Korea dropped a bomb in the city. Hartford mayor Pedro Segarra has a response to Dave: Quit complaining.

TMZ caught up with Segarra and he voiced his disapproval of Dave’s actions and following comments:

Dave Chappelle needs to quit whining, do his job and try some yoga. is recent remarks were immature and inappropriate. [He] should stick to his job, give the fans what they paid for and not disparage the good people of Hartford.

Dave will no doubt have a response to these comments. Stay tuned.

  • hoeyuno

    The mayor’s Mexican!! Is he the only none white in that city??

    • Dadon850

      He’s not Mexican. He’s Puerto Rican and also he’s openly homosexual.

      • El moreno de Queens #Dominican

        just like me! QUEENS!

      • restless

        let me guess..you would suck him off? haha f @ g

      • Blaq_Boi


  • hes a comedian! those comments that he said was very appropriate..as a mayor its inappropriate for you to say that sh!t,so shut the fucck up and do your job and not worry about what a comedian said..

  • DJ7

    No one has to put up with bs…that’s a choice folks make when they feel there is lil to no alternative…fortunately for brotha Dave, he has options and chose to exercise one of them by exiting what he considered a hostile environment…can’t be mad at that or at him for sticking to his guns…others take note

    • maya

      It wasn’t a hostile environment. He just sucked that night.

      • DJ7

        No disrespect b.u.t. were you there? I’m sure it was the same material that got plenty of laughs on previous stops as it did at his next destination in Chicago…sh*t happens…like the old saying…one mans trash is the next mans treasure…Hartford didn’t appreciate his brand of comedy and he felt likewise towards the people attending…simple as that

      • maya

        The whole thing is on video. He failed.

      • DJ7

        I viewed it and I stand by my previous post…as an individual in the entertainment field, I know 1st hand when the positive energy starts to dissipate and negativity rears it’s ugly head, it’s time to shut it down to avoid further disruptions and possible rioting…IMHO he did the responsible thing and in turn got another day to shine… Some may call it bombing or failing as you stated and they are entitled to their opinions and then, there are cats like myself who simply can relate, based on similar experiences…No need to crucify the man, who’s benefiting from that?

      • maya


      • golder1

        His whole act is not on video. the person heckling and him responding is on video

  • 7yoyo7

    The mayor looks like Alan from Two and a half man… just sayin….


    Get em dave

  • maya

    He bombed that night. Humble yourself and take the L. You earned it. lol

    • golder1

      He didnt bomb. He doesnt do hecklers. He is a very professional comic that will not put up with that ish and if you dont like then shut ur ass up when he is on stage

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  • Yeah it happens, it’s apart of the business. Dave shouldn’t of took it that far though, just take your L and move on. Acting out, throwing verbal fits only makes you look inferior to rejection & critique ska (butt hurt)

  • Bossladi Thomas

    dave need to stop acting like a dopefiend