Hip-Hop Rumors: Epic Win Of The Day: Plies Gets Trayvon Martin Chain!

Now, I ain’t heard the name Plies in a minute and he’s had his moments of controversy. BUT, I’m not one to speak on it, because he is the epic winner of the day! Why? The damn dude went and got a Trayvon Martin pennant for his gold chain. That’s pretty dope. I hope he also gave the family some money so that they can continue to fight Zimmerman in civil court.


“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Terrance Goodman

    I don’t care what anyone says I digs plies.i know he not bout that life but neither us these movie stars or Ya favorite rapper. He bout the closet to real we gonna get in a climate if skinny jeans n pop corn raps. Plus who else gives back . Very few luda , 50,plies,Lupe, and common.

    The hip hop from the 90s is gone . If one had the pleasure as I did to enjoy this golden era of hip hop ( where even Rock bands remix our ish ) the you got to witness a wide array of music to suit all tastes n bi polar music choices such as mine . Now it’s a one trick hooker it was cool the first time when she went into the splits n didn’t miss a beat , but it gets old .
    The point if my rant is plies is a breath of fresh air , a glimpse into the past glory of hip hop . Plus he gives back . Take notes rappers

    • PhilTheGreat

      “I got plenty moneyyyyy.”

      • Terrance Goodman

        Murkin season !

      • Terrance Goodman

        Plies got heat as well as entertaining joints I might rob myself

    • Obi Won

      Nah I’ll Pass, I rather listen to a real rapper that talks about driving affordable Chevy’s, buying J’s & women, than listen to an acting rapper who talks about choppers shooting and dope slanging.
      I get what ur saying by comparing him to an actor, but some people cant differentiate actors from genuine rappers. I was a fan of The Real Testament, but I knew something was fishy when everything was focused on being “real”, Definition of real, real is back etc. and it turned out to be the opposite. That was crazy. Lastly pLIES being a breathe of fresh air is laughable, he’s had some good songs for the women, but nahhhhhhh.

      • Terrance Goodman

        I would too but those choices are slim to none

      • Matt Swan

        Well you almost eliminated all the rappers from Miami. There are a few that IMO are honest about their stuff and I respect that like Trick Daddy, Luke, Pitbull, and I’m sure there are many others out there. Someone will disagree with me on this, but eh it’s my opinion and I know it stinks. I’m not too sure that when Keith from up the block remakes your song and it’s funnier than hell (please excuse my gas vs Plies please excuse my hands) you’re gonna be in any winners circle. But Keith is one funny a$$ comedian anyway.

    • Tre C

      the guy who talks about robbing/shooting and goons, then gets on the interview and says, “i’m about being positive, and i just want to honor God”? please, that guy as real as William Roberts

    • Antoine Hart

      hiphop started out with skinny jeans and pop corn raps…Rappers Delight

      • Terrance Goodman

        True I bumped Roxane shante too but it was choice now it all pop
        Empd was my shit but option to go back n forth

      • hoeyuno

        Not the weird skinny ass sag these kids are doing.

      • Terrance Goodman

        True shit

  • johnblacksad

    Not sure it’s an ‘epic win’… but that’s me

    and what’s a pennant?

    • It’s like a pendant, but only for baseball.

    • @Real_SirJamie

      Pennant- Nautical A long, tapering, usually triangular flag, used on ships for signaling or identification.
      . A flag or an emblem similar in shape to a ship’s pennant.

      .flag that symbolizes the championship of a league, especially a professional baseball league.
      The championship symbolized by such a flag.

      I don’t know bro… maybe he saw that instead of a chain around Plies’s neck.

  • Dan_Tebasco

    That’s not a win IMO, sounds like a publicity stunt to get talked about after been away from the news in a year or two…

  • D_Ably

    its a shame you callin a rapper cashin in on a slain kid a ‘win’

  • RichFromBX

    epic win??? this is completely self-serving and does nothing to support Trayvon or his family…seriously, a gold chain??? in 5 years you’re going to see this dude on Pawn Stars trying sell it to pay the rent. For what that chain cost he could’ve sponsored a kid’s college education which would’ve had a much greater return and impact on the community.

    • Terrance Goodman

      He has paid for college educations a couple of times

      • RichFromBX

        I know and thats great but the point was more around the fact that he could’ve done something more productive in TM’s name – to use gold, something that people have ruined lives trying to obtain, is absurd…

      • Maybe pool the Money & open a college in Tray’s name.

      • JordanFU

        Ill agree its not a way of remembering Trayvon in a positive way, its offensive to the family. If my little brother died and some idiot was walking around with his face ona chain then we are gonna have a problem. These jewelers shouldtryu to persuade him to get something thats not so dumb. But at the end, if the money is right the jeweler would make anything no matter how dumb it is. But piles can buy hisdumb chain, its not his job to honor Trayvon’s name, i think someone related or someone who actually knew him are getting others to remember their son. They have been on major networks getting interviewed, so piles 50 fans wont make a difference

  • Obi Won

    I guess this is a way to represent for the lil homie Trayvon. I mean its no Malcolm X shirt, but hey its Plies’ money its not taking out my lil pockets so rep on I guess.

  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    @inmadopicouroz:disqus U BITCH U!

    • johnblacksad

      lol you mad! or maybe you’re on your period.

      Or maybe you’re mad and on your period… i dunno

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        my dick swelled up in ur french momma puzzy. so im good thanks!

      • johnblacksad

        lyin azz… that was before the operation

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        she prego, LEGO!

  • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    Bull$h@t. This is an Epic Loss. It is exploitation at it’s finest. Whether illseed realizes it or not, he thinks so as well. Hence the fact that the first lines of the article begin with “…Now, I ain’t heard the name Plies in a minute……..”

  • MrNoName2K

    Niggas it gettin a little too carried away with these chains…

    • hoeyuno

      most of them would never wear them outside there comfort zone. shit, the price of gold these days I’d put the brakes on the stroller and run up on this fool. golds at what 1400 a ounce right now???

      • Yeah man, it’s up there.

      • JordanFU

        Yup im with ya. I dont understand rocking chains that expensive unless you in your home or rolling real deep. Having hundreds of thousands of dollars on your neck held up by a little chain is to much of a temptation for almost anybody to take. Snatch that shit and run Bam hundreds of thousands. Prodigy is the king of getting his shit taken. Im a huge mobb deep fan too but prodigy way to little to fight a normal sized guy. I remember he got i think it was 550,000 dollars of jewelry stolen during a video shoot in Queens. It seems like rappers arent going as crazy on the chains anymore, which is a good thing cause i dont give a f*ck about someones chain so quit rapping about yours. Like the guys with actual money (meaning lots) and are rappers dont rock chains and if they do they arent that expensive. Only exception is Rick Ross, but i find it hard to believe hes got alot of money but i admit i hate his music. But like Jay Z, Puffy, Eminem, Dr Dre, Snoop (snoop aint got money, at least not alot) Russel Simmons, none of these men walk around with a 400,000 chain. I think we are seeing the death of overly elaborate and expensive chains. I’d way rather buy a sick watch then a chain. Watches have an actual use, and look damn good.

      • JordanFU

        Even guys like 50, you would see him with that spinning g unit chain (spinners are homo, on cars or chains). Now he wears nothing, maybe a cross. That is unless im missing him rocking giant chains, im just basing it off the couple of interviews he did recently and a couple of pics. Some Young Buck song, i think get buck, had a line dont be in the club spending your rent money and be broke in the morning (or something like that). Thats what rappers seem to suffer from assuming the money they are making at the present time is gonna be there for a long time or even making more money then before. Few rappers are making serious money on rap and they assume they are gonna make that money for years and years. Most rappers, shit any musician is either a one hit wonder or a no hit unknown. NFL players are similar, they have even shorter careers cause how violent the game is. Its shocking when people like Tyson, retired football players (big name ones, not just bench warmers or practice squad) its hard to figure out how you can waste that much money and have nothing positive to show for it, all your shit is getting reopo.

      • hoeyuno

        I saw a interview with fif and they asked him about him rockin normal sized chains and he said”people know I got money now, I don’t need to do all that”..meaning he doesn’t need no big ass chain to prove he’s rich.. jay said it best though. he said “real wealthy people keep there nicest jewellery in a safety security box, maybe bring some of it out for special occasions”….

      • hoeyuno

        I read some shit on NFLers being the worse outta every sport to be broke within 10 years of leaving the game…

    • Matt Swan

      This is getting as bad as lil John with his “crunk ain’t dead” chain and T Pain’s “Big Azz Chain”. A fool and his money are soon parted and there isn’t much of a resale on dumb a$$ jewelry for broke ninjas. He could’ve invested that money or gave more to Martins family. Plies isn’t a total dumba$$ he’s been to college, but then again that doesn’t make him smart either.

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    I bet he cares more about the fact that it’s shiny than what it is supposed to represent. Take however much money you wasted on that chain and donate it to a charity.

  • John Q. Public

    …this is dumber then game’s tattoo

    • no its not, not even close. da funk is talking bout??? stepo your game up you suck

      • JordanFU

        Yeah nothing (cept gucci’s face tat) is dumber than the butterfly on your f*cking face. End of the day piles aint have to wear that, games got that stupd shit on his face for life. Hes covered it up so many times you prolly couldnt laser it off. He must of been looking through the female tattoo books. Hes certainly the only supposed gang banger with a butterfly on their face.

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  • There won’t be a civil suit, if there was any chance, a lawyer would take the case for free.

    • hoeyuno

      And the sad thing is, if there were a civil suit gz still won’t learn anything. during the whole trial “GZ supporters” were lining his pockets and paying his lawyer fees like he was some broke hero. I’m sure if there was a civil the same shit would happen.

      • There won’t be a civil trial.

        GZ didn’t break the law, according to the evidence. He learned though.

      • hoeyuno

        OJ!!! He beat the murders then got his ass handed to him in civil court.

      • RichFromBX

        the family won’t file a civil suit because of all of the stuff that will come out and become public – there were things like the twitter posts of him holding a gun and the youtube videos of the fights that were inadmissible in the criminal trial so they never really saw main stream coverage. Also, they’ll be publishing updated photos of TM that show he’s wasn’t this small child originally portrayed but instead a decent sized kid who was “thuggish” looking – in a civil suit all of those things are admissible so the family runs the risk of having a very different picture painted of Trayvon.

      • hoeyuno

        I hear ya.. they probably don’t want to go through the whole thing over again.

      • They will lose!

        Warn the youth about what they post on FB / Twitter.

      • Sean Taylor

        “Warn the youth about what they post on FB / Twitter.”

        The youth and everybody else for that matter.

        I swear people post the stupidest things online of themselves not understanding it can and will come back to haunt you!

      • @Real_SirJamie

        But a good prosecutor would be able to retort that although that does show “character” Zimmerman was oblivious to these things about Trayvon so there was STILL no reason to follow him. It’d be different if MR. Zimmerman had previous knowledge to Trayvon’s “wrong doings” and was genuinely afraid for his life and/or protecting his neighborhood from a legitimate threat. The fact still remains he was just a 17 year old walking home who actually stood HIS ground when approached by an armed man who he didn’t know. That’s like me (a 29 year old black male with taekwodo and judo training) just walking my predominately black and Hispanic neighborhood, seeing a white male in a hoody skateboarding, thinking to myself, “He looks like one of those graffiti artists or meth heads” following him and shooting him. Then only I’M LEFT TO TELL MY SIDE OF THE STORY. But we all know, they’d give my BLACK ASS THE CHAIR, the KILOWATT COUCH, The CROOK COOKER. Oh yea, Plies is stupid.

      • JordanFU

        Yeah i agree but the family doesnt want people painting their dead son as a bad person or some type of criminal/fighter. Also they been through alot of court shit, probably dont want to go through that again. And Zimmerman prolly wouldnt have to pay, if he beat the murder charge and got no charge at all then hes prolly not gonna lose a civil suit.This scumbag zimmerman is for whatever reason able to dodge what should of been atleast manslaughter. Florida keeps having stupid shit from white people. Didnt casey Anthony kill her daughter in Florida?

      • While Zim was unaware, with the jury AWARE, they will see Zim as justified & truthful.

      • Look below:

      • JordanFU

        I think Zimmerman is a nutjob who cant cut it to be a real cop so he does this vigilante bs. He didnt learn anything, id bet money on it. Like you said he had a huge amount of supporters (somehow, i think its just that hes white. And thats not racist cause im white). At 29 to be as dumb as this guy is, he didnt do what the 911 operator told him to do which was stop following him, and i would be he confront Trayvon in a really threatening manner. No way they start scrapping for no reason. Zimmerman prolly showed him the gun or talked about it, hell prolly was calling him racist names, and stalked this young kid through this neighborhood. When you stalk someone, how the hell does a judge or jury see that as self defense? Court systems are so god damn retarded, based on your wealth first, then skin color you can get away with.. well murder. How expensive and good your lawyer is should have nothing to do with if a crime was committed or not. They set it up so minorities and poor whites are stuck in a cycle of having to deal with prison and courts. They want prisoners, they love that essentially free labor (/cough slavery).

      • Zimmerman claimed he didn’t follow:

        “Don’t Believe The Hype!” << In PE's Media Assassin Harry Allen's voice

  • hoeyuno

    Yea this ones on the fence between epic win and fail. of course it’s nice to see people keeping the kids name alive but those big ass chains are falling off… aren’t they??

    • JordanFU

      Be honest, if you are just looking at the chain would you have any clue that it was supposed to be trayvon martin? And im sure the martin family isnt looking for this type of help. To me its disrespectful, but who cares.

  • who exactly is this an epic win for?


    ….shouldve gave them money to hire a more professional legal team. rocking a chain wont do ANYTHING for the cause. SMH. STUPIDITY.

    • def

      what did u do dude!!!!!!

      • @Real_SirJamie

        Same question goes for you.

    • JordanFU

      Why is it up to Piles to help the Martin family? And dont spend other peoples money, hes a grown ass man he can use his money however he wants. No doubt the chain is a waste of money and stupid, but its piles were talking about, no offense to his fans but dude aint known for being smart.

    • Legal team for what?

      Tray got out of line, violated & got popped. Same ‘chet could have happened in Chi’Town & received no press.

      • Sean Taylor

        “Same ‘chet could have happened in Chi’Town & received no press.”


    • Sean Taylor

      LOL. You think if you have money you can hire a better prosecutor. I take it you have NO idea on how the U.S. egal system works.

  • Who even wears those big ass 10carat gold chains anymore?

    • @Real_SirJamie

      Whoever wants to.

      • JordanFU

        damn right. These dumb asses gotta be wearing whats in style, no personal style at all, or personal opinion even. Its the generation of give me the same shit everyone is wearing.

  • DaHomey6Deuce


    • Sean Taylor

      It’s not his job to help the Martin family so who cares if it helps them or not.

  • Thenatural503

    Not sure how this is a win? What exactly is a win about this? How does this help anyone outside of Piles getting some free pub for his next mixtape or album? Just another black man trying to act like he gives a shit about black people but instead lines the white mans pockets.

  • ImFred ImRico

    hope he donated more than he spent.

  • WTF

    Nothing is winning about this….

  • JordanFU

    this is a win how?

  • JordanFU

    Ahh i shoulda figured it was illseed who wrote this. Stinks of his shit writing ability.

  • DJ7

    Why not invest in real estate and erect a monument of some sorts…sponsor a highway and name it after Trayvon…education or rec center in honor of the young brotha…on the surface, this appears to be nothing more than a self serving publicity stunt…

    • his talking a picture of his new chain is a publicity stunt?? ahahahahaha… erecting a monument would be a god damn pub stunt… anyway plies sucks, if anyone listens to plies you are lame

      • DJ7

        Opinions like the one you just expressed implies that he can’t win for losing and I disagree…no shots, just different viewpoints…let me clarify…I said on the surface….meaning there’s no story…I / we have 0 idea as to why this brotha had a chain made in Travon’s likeness so therefore to speculate would be pretty irresponsible b.u.t. we do know that rappers go to great lenghts to try to garner the attention once attained…that being said…my initial response may seem a bit of a stretch to you b.u.t. if attention is his main objective, why not flip the script and use his intelligence to do something less typical…

      • cant win for losing?? wtf u talking bout willis ??

      • DJ7

        Re read your own comment…you’re bias towards the brotha anyway so, the phrase “can’t win for losing” is pretty much self explanatory, is it not?

      • nah makes no sense…

      • DJ7

        If you can not comprehend the meaning behind the phrase and why I used it then let’s at least agree to end our conversation here because it’s counter productive and not why I initially posted in this thread.

      • dude you pooped your pants on this one, admit it and walk away

      • DJ7

        Let me dumb it down for you then sir…No matter what good deeds this brotha has done or doing, you feel indifferent because of your disdain for him.
        **translation…he can’t win for losing in your eyes…got it…have a good night sir, I’m done

      • i dont disdain him, he just sucks at rap. thtas a fact thats not just an opinion.

      • Choppaliss

        you 2 motherfuckers just quit

      • He be bugging, was dissing the sister, Biba The Diva, which shows he’s young, and the younger generation just wasn’t raised right by US.

      • vandyll

        I don’t know why you even let it go on that long. His screen name speaks volumes in itself.

      • who cares, he sucks at rap. lol… nigga wanted a trayvon marticn chain, he got a trayvon martin chain, and took a pic of his trayvon martin chain.

    • ken brown

      Why dont u invest in the stuff mention instead of telling somebody else how to spend their money.

  • Plies is the rap game chad johnson (ocho cinco)… he is irrelevant

    • Chad could catch….Plies can’t rap.

  • Splatter

    when this cat was “relevant’ i said he was the worst shit i ever heard. But now that he has taken such a stand like this in honoring Trayvon’s memory, id have to say…he’s still the worst shit i everrr heard. and please check that mans financial activity. There aint nooo way he’s making money in music with all that jewelry.

    • Choppaliss

      you work for the feds?

      • Splatter

        i don’t. but you got 2 thumbs up on your remark so congrats.

  • Sean Taylor

    Yeah that’s really “dope”…….

  • ShaStud

    Cool Piece…

  • Anthony Gutierrez

    He promotes violence so it’s somewhat hypocritical.

  • Boomie Rogers



    “epic win”??? What’s so good and epic about this?

    He could have donated that money to the family instead.. or he could just stop making his BS garbage music about gang banging and shooting people! he only did this for attention and that’s it which is why it’s such an EPIC FAIL

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