10 Examples Of Twerking Gone HORRIBLY Wrong

Miley Cyrus.

Damn her. She didn’t discover twerking. She didn’t improve upon it. If anything, she simply made it worse. Now, every other day there is a fool trying to be the captain of Team Twerk and they YouTube their foibles to our delight (or dismay). What once was an underground stripper phenomena with talented ladies with able backsides has been hijacked by the “6 o’ clock” Crew. (An 85-er may not get that reference.) Anyway, here is a small compilation of twerking gone REALLY bad.

10) Most recently, this young lady had the unfortunate experience of catching fire while trying to twerk. It is the most recent example of an epic fail…and that was before she set herself ablaze.

9) The moment you look at this video, you know it will result in a fail. You don’t know exactly how, but at the end, you may wish a bit more pain was involved.

8) When you look at this one, you are likely to think that you’re about to see something that’s going to get the beak salivating. NOT. Its so fast…you’re going to back it up and watch again.

7) No. No. And NO. Being obese doesn’t give you free rein to climb a wall and twerk. Twerk a treadmill.

6) Now this one is just nasty. There is no reason for you to have STRAIGHT UP SH*T coming out of your butt as you try to twerk it out with friends. This girl is ruined. I feel sorry for her mother. (And for the record, they didn’t have to slap her. Damn.)

5) WTF is this girl doing? This was so Spongebob goofy, I had to laugh.

4) Men don’t twerk. They do. But, don’t.

3)These two look like the offspring of the Joker and Lady Gaga, but they tried to create some tweak

2) Teaching your kid how to “take the d**k” and twerk. Beyond failure. This is genocide.

1) Finally, this has reached epic proportions, like a virus. This last video is a compilation of twerk fails. Its like a Rainbow Coalition of failure.


Somewhere in America, Miley Cyrus is hopefully not twerking.

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    If u watch #4 u gay

    • Kizmiaz

      Your little picture is just plain silly. It demonstrates how small your penis is.

      • TALK_BOSS

        Only a homosexual would reply with some bs like that

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  • @Real_SirJamie

    Notice how everything we (Africans) do is usually underground, and/or not respected (Hip-Hop, Dreadlocks, Slang/Ebonics, Athletic attire, Jewelry, Twerking etc) until they (Europeans) get a hold of it? We are the most influential and copied race on this planet. “Everybody wanna be a nigga, but nobody wants to be a nigga”.

    • Darren Myt Collins

      yeah its been going on forever…ELVIS PRESLEY FOR AN EXAMPLE

      • NEWSKULL

        shit rock’n’roll … hip-hop soon enough… the way them folks are buying and praising Eminem mmlp2 first single… Saying he the GOAT and what not?…. urgh!!!…

      • Darren Myt Collins

        they comming for rnb too, justin timberlake, robin thicke who copied Marvins gayes style and song on blurred lines, then got the nerve to sue the mans family! smh

      • Kizmiaz

        He is a goat? No wonder his music sounds like solid waste leaving the body after a night of mexician food and drunken trwerking.



    • Lamar Star

      Of course. What other race on this planet other than the original race on the planet are more suited to be the first at everything. And what other race on the planet who are not the original people’s have a history of stealing other people’s history and customs and making it they’re own

    • Kizmiaz

      Yea, right. Don’t break your arm patting yourself on the back.

      HipHop is simply musical garbage made by non musicians
      Dreadlokcs are simply grown out hair, not too much originality there
      Sland has been used for centuries
      Ebonics is nothing more than the inability to properly pronounce words resulting poor communication skills
      Athletic attire? Please
      Jewelry has been around for decades
      Twerking is little more than moving the fat around your butt while listening to non music resulting in the twerker looking like an absolute fool.
      I highly doubt if your race is influential any more than any other race
      I assure you your race is not the most copied race.

      • @Real_SirJamie

        I never said we INVENTED ANY of those things. I also never expressed my admiration or favor for any of those things either. Although you have admitted you ignorance to everything I just stated. I would address each and every point and show you where you were wrong, but an old proverb shows that you never argue with fools, because they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

    • Sarah

      cavemen started dreadlocks, it’s what happens if you have never brushed your hair

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