Drake Says He'll Never Make A "Straight Rap Album", Stars In FIFA '14 Commercial (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Drake promises nothing will be the same on September 24th but he does confess one thing will always be the same. In a recent interview with MTV, the Canadian-born MC vows that he will never make a strictly rap album ever.

Drake tells MTV that Nothing Was The Same will still have a melodic feel to certain songs and that is something his fans should expect from here on out:

I’m doing that on this album. This album is not some straight rap album, I’ll never do a straight rap album. That’s not how I came into this and that’s never what I’ll do. I make songs for the people.

Drake’s brand is expanding even further than Hip Hop as he was featured in the new commercial for EA Sports’ upcoming FIFA ’14.

Check out the commercial below:

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  • Future Patrick

    i’ve never considered this lame “straight” anywayz

  • soyhiphop

    straight and rap are two words not synonymous with drake

    • El moreno de Queens #Dominican

      Drakes so hot right now, I wanna lick his whole butthole & squirt #gayfordrizzy

  • soyhiphop

    how can a gay n*gga make straight rap tho?

    • El moreno de Queens #Dominican

      I fu(king love drizzy, I met him once & we hung out, he touched my leg & then we kissed. I jerked him off, he has such a stubby weiner, he asked to rim me but I wasn’t so clean so he just jerked me off also & we went our separate ways. I still think I love him.

  • Alex P. Keaton

    So no Drake / Miley Cyrus collabo??!!!……………….SUUUUUUUCKS!!!!!

  • junj03

    I think all of us fcking know this.

  • hoeyuno

    And why should he. HIS fans don’t expect a hardcore hip hop album.. I got nothin againts dude but I’ve never heard his shit and thought I had to go cop.. I think he adds to the reason Canada gets a corny ass rep though..

  • El moreno de Queens #Dominican

    people are so mad and jealous that drake makes their favourite rappers irrelevent. When this album drops and goes platinum first weak all these hater virgins that jack off to their old washed up rappers they will have to face reality. The reality is is that drake will officially be the king of rap. Drake is the face of rap DRAKE RUNS RAP ITS A FACT THAT YOU DELLUSIONAL HATERS WILL HAVE TO ACCEPT.

  • Steelmatic

    He’ll make plenty of ‘gay rap albums’ though.

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  • JordanFU

    So hes saying hes gotta have some gay songs on his albums, with him singing like a bitch.

  • Ceas Tha GIANT

    He’ll never make a straight hip hop or rap album that’s cuz he can’t. This Dude’s ” bars” are softer than baby whispers. That’s absurd to join the hip hop/ rap game and make a str8 up rap album, the nerve of us to expect that.
    , All he need to do now is make a compilation album with v nasty, lil b and the dude who sings chocolate rain, then add that bitch Miley circus on the cover and that’ll be a dope rap album, any takers to this idea?? …..

    • Never even heard of Chocolate Rain til I saw your comment, decided to go peep it…once you get past that weird ass delivery and peep the actual lyrics, shit’s actually deep as hell lowkey. Replace “chocolate rain” with “racism” and it’ll all make sense…I’m diggin the FUKK out them pianos in the beat too.

    • Re: your comment awaitin moderation

      DAMN fam, all that for a nigga who wasn’t even comin at your head??
      LOL It ain’t even that serious, I was just sayin what I thought of the
      song cuz I’d never heard of it before (which btw urbandictionary had
      absolutely nothin to do with my statement whatsoever, strictly a
      coincidence). I agree 100% about the Drake topic, I don’t fukk with
      dude in any way shape or form cuz of the extra moist shit he tends to be
      on…such as this “not makin a straight rap album” bullshit. Maybe you
      just had a fukked up day or somethin, hell I dunno…but you took my
      whole comment completely outta context fam, cuz I wasn’t sendin no type
      of shots your way. You do notice I LIKED your original comment right??

      • Ceas Tha GIANT

        Hmm sounded kinda funny style when u wrote that out. My day was pretty dope actually, but that’s besides the point. I appreciate the kudos for the comment tho.

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    and this is News?