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Papoose Releases Big Sean Diss Track "First Chain (Remix)"

(AllHipHop News) It seems New York emcee Papoose is on a verbal warpath. After first taking shots at Kendrick Lamar on his “Control” freestyle, Pap has now set his targets on G.O.O.D. Music’s Big Sean. Seems Papoose took issue to Sean’s actions during a recent interview on The Breakfast Club morning show when Sean answered “who” when asked about Pap.

In response, Papoose released a remix to Sean’s Hall of Fame track “First Chain.” On it he calls the Detroit rapper’s new album “trash,” makes more references to Kanye West wearing women’s clothes, and rhymes “every time they play ‘Control,’ they skip your verse.”

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Listen to Papoose’s “First Chain (Remix)” below.

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  • Bumpy Johnson

    papoose murked the nigga

  • Izzy McGlizzy

    damn! He went in on dude.

  • Synista

    Papoose is to advanced for average ni99as!

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  • Blaq_Boi

    Pap coulda said nothing and he woulda still murked Sean

  • bigdoe6

    R.I.P. Little Sean.

  • Executive

    Is big Sean even worth dissing? His voice is mad soft.


    No one with any commonsense should believe that Papoose couldn’t beat Big Sean in a battle, that being said all the people hyping this BS up, I’m going to assume you guys are die hard fans of him. The reality is unfortunately Pap has been relegated to dissing Kendrick & Sean to keep his name hot. How many people bought the “Nacirema Dream”? How many people know the name of his next album or when it’s set to be released? So when this ploy fail’s then what?

    • Exactly…Lame Niggaz Do Lame Shit…and Lately Pap Is As Lame As It Gets.

    • Not sure what you mean by fail…sales?

      Papoose was always hot in the streets, even if he wasn’t on the charts.

    • Live Well

      Kendrick set it off, don’t forget that.

    • Live Well

      How many records will Big Sean sell with all that hype and backing? Papoose is 100% independent. Sean is 100x’s the flop that Papoose and his 10 year career could ever be.

  • So Y’all Pretending Like This Is Hot??? FOH…Pap Really Acting Like a Hoe Ass Nigga…Fuck You Suppose to Be 2 Pac??? Nigga Worrying About The Next Nigga Looks, And Worrying About The Next Nigga Success…All Of These Dudes Got Success On They’re Own Without Dissing People…And This Nigga Has The Audacity to Call Sean a Media Whore???? This Nigga Is Officially The Lamest Nigga To Ever Touch The Mic.

    • bigdoe6

      You smoke crack or something? Clean out ya ears.

      • Let Me Guess…Your a Papoose Fan…Lol I’m Not Saying That Pap Isn’t a Better Lyricist Then Sean, That Goes Without Saying, But His Delivery Doesn’t Match The Beat, And The Attack Is Without Merritt… Pap is Becoming a Joke and Is Showing The Bitch In Him…and I’m Not Even a Big Sean Fan, But I’m Won’t Make a Whole Song Trying To Discredit His Success and That’s What This Whole Track Was About.

      • Nah, Sean dissed Pap & Pap fired back, that’s what Hip Hop’s Battle rap is about.

      • Yeah I Just Remembered Sean Said “Who’s That” But It Still Doesn’t Take Away From How Weak The Track It, Pap Has The Same Flow on Every Track and Its Just a Weak Flow, He Can Spit But He Can’t Make Good Music At All

      • Live Well

        Who cares about all that. Pap is lightin’ niggas up right now. Stop wishing away the battle element of Hip Hop.

      • You Can’t Have a One Man Battle, The Nigga Is Reaching At Niggaz Who Aren’t Paying Him Attention…and They’re All Smart Enough To Know That All They Have To Do Is Ignore Pap and He Will Fade Right Back Into No Mans Land Where He’s Been For The Last 7+ Years…I Watch Battle Rap Almost Everyday On Youtube so i appreciate the hell out of battle rap but this ain’t battle rap, this a lame as nigga looking for attention and making wack as songs in the progress…be real, when was the last time you check for a papoose track??? name one hit he ever made? the nigga can spit but he’s not an artist.



      • Live Well

        That’s a punks mentality. You’re a rapper and the internet is spazzin over you getting bodied by another rapper. Ignoring it makes you look weak. Big Sean barley sold 70K copies so he don’t have the equity to ignore this and still be respected…well, lames will, but that don’t count. As far as Papoose, he’s an underground legend in NY. You have an interesting definition the word “artist”. Forget about hits, we talkin’ mic skills, which is the definition of an artist. Trinidad James, Future, and Gucci Mane got more hits than Papoose. Are those niggas better artists?

      • My Definition Of Artist Is They’re Ability To Make Great Music, just like every nigga with a camera ain’t a photographer, and every nigga with a paint brush isn’t a artist, per my definition to be and artist you have to make something that appealed to the Masses…and Pap Doesn’t do that…for the last time (as im sure you all have read in all of my responses) Pap is a hell of a Lyricist but it means absolutely nothing if you can’t make good music, and niggaz have yet to been able to point out a hit Papoose has ever made…and y’all can’t even pull that “NY Dj’s dick riding the south) bullshit because Papoose has never gotten radio play…yes he has a buzz in NY, but the world is bigger than NY…he can be a legend in NY, but again the world is bigger than NY…Only reason i know who Pap is is because i am a fan of music period all genres and i give all artist a chance, but even going back to the Kay Slay mixtapes around 05 when i first discovered Pap its been the same thing…Dude can spit but i haven’t found an actually SONG to play again…he doesn’t make good music accept it for what it is…no one has yet to name a song that pap made that they listen to on the regular or play in they’re car…the alphabet track was genious but who plays it? it was worth a good listen but its not something you play years later.

      • Live Well

        So who’s a better artist, Justin Bieber or Anthony Hamilton? Jill Scott or Katy Perry? Killer Mike or 2Chainz? Big Krit or Future? Papoose or French Montana? Appealing to the masses isn’t what makes music great, it’s what makes music popular. Being an artist is about talent, skill, and innovation.

      • Difference Is Everyone That You’ve Named Even When Comparing Them Has Made Great Music That Has Appealed To The Masses With The Exception Of Papoose…French Is Probably One Of The Worst Ever Out Of NY, But He’s Made Good Enough Music To Get Noticed Outside of NY…Pap Hasn’t…It’s Not About Being The Best Artist, Its About Being Acknowledged As A Artist And He’s Not Mentioned In Any Convo…Even When People Debate Who’s The Best Lyricist In NY Aside from Jay Z The First Names That Come Up Is Fab, Juelz Santana, Jada, and Probably Banks…You Never Hear Paps Name Mentioned…and the fucked up part is really this is the time that Pap really should’ve took off because Hip Hop is going back towards lyrics, but the nigga just don’t make good music, he has the lyric part on lock, but hasn’t done enough to be remembered for it, K Dot was giving him SJ stage time because he appreciates what Pap can Do Lyrically…I Always Said If Pap Got Some Good Beats and Switched Up His Deliveries Every Now and Then He Would Be A Beast…But This Shit He’s Been Putting Out Isn’t His Lyrical Style…Its Weak Lyrics Over Weak Beats for Weak Beef.

      • Live Well

        Most of what you’re saying is opinion, which I totally respect. Beat selection, delivery, and song topics are all in the eye of the beholder so I can’t challenge you on that. As far as making good music, I personally love a lot of what Papoose does. The Law Library series and the Alphabetical Slaughter series are both legendary, and that’s no exaggeration. 99% of the niggas out there can’t touch those joints on they best day. I was mainly arguing aginst your point that what makes a good artist is mainstream acceptance. That’s bogus. What is considered mainstream is dictated by the billionaires that bankroll rap music. Ratchet and cross dressing is winning right now.

      • Can’t Even Say That, The People Choose What Makes A Artist Mainstream, The People Determine If When They Listen To The Music Does It Make Them Enjoy It Enough To Play It Over and Over, Or Listen To It Once and Move On…And That’s The Case With Pap…I Listened to Alphabetical Slaughter and Was Like “Wow, Pap Is A Lyrical Beast”…But That Was It, I Never Played It Again…and Even Within Mentioning That Track…How Many Years Ago Was That Track, And Honestly Speaking Does Pap Have Any Tracks That You Can Say You Listen To On The Weekly…Cause I Would Check It Out, As You’ve Probably Figured Out By Now, I’m Not Bias, Nor Am I Some Nigga Who Sit On The Internet Looking For Arguments (I Think They Call It Trolling…Whatever That Means lol)…Me As The Music Fan I Am Have Yet To Hear a Papoose Song That I Wanted To Listen To More Than Once….But I Am About To listen to Alphabetical Slaughter just to remember was it as good as i once thought it was.

      • Live Well

        He just did Alphabetical Slaughter, Z-A this year. Very few Hip Hop artist get a listen from me on a weekly basis outside of Tupac, Nas, Wu, and Biggie but that’s just me. The people choose, yes, but the the people’s choices are guided by multi media corporations. I’m sorry, when 2Chainz out sells Nas, the game is fucked up.

      • Caliwaver

        If he wants to battle, there’s all kinda battle rappers out there. But he gon go diss the nigga that’s making hits and not battle rappers. That’s why what he’s doing is lame.

      • bigdoe6

        This is Hip Hop fam, if you starting some shit be quick to end it. Pap ended it. Next time Little Sean will think before he speak.

      • LOL~N

    • soyhiphop

      clean out your ears fool ay papoose spittin truth while them other rappers in the faghop movement

      • I Never Said He’s Not Spiting Truth…I Said He Has No Merrit On Coming At Big Sean, He Made a Whole Song About Why The Next Nigga Is Successful, I’m No Wear Near a Big Sean Fan, But Theres No Way I Would Stand Behind a Nigga Like Pap Who Is Sour At Everyone Who’s More Successful Than Him…He’s Coming Across As A Hating As Nigga Straight Up, And His Delivery Didn’t Match The Beat, He Got That Same Weak As Flow and Delivery On Every Track Since 04 and It Wasn’t Working Then Nor Is It Working Now, Never Said He’s Not a Lyricist Though…Just a Hoe Ass Nigga In My Opinion.

  • soyhiphop

    papoose is on fire too bad these brain washed comercial song junkies can’t see this.f*ck all these soft rappers sean kangay afag rocky and kendick lamar who wears skinny jeans we need that boom bap seems like softs the new hardcore

    • You act like them wearing skinny jeans and skirts have you wearing skirts and women’s gear etc…you a grown man and should be able to decipher the difference between a artist music and they’re appearance…I’m not one for artist fashion, most of these niggaz can’t dress for shit, but i’m not gonna discredit theyre music because of theyre looks…hell Pap a funny looking as non dressing as nigga but it don’t take away from his lyrical ability

      • Live Well

        Yeah, but at least he don’t dress like a female.

      • And I’m Happy For Him Not Dressing Like a Female…Trying To Figure Out Why Out of The 3-4 Dudes Who Wore Skirts What Artist Dress Like Females? And Now That I Think About It Even With The Skinny Jeans Thing Isn’t That How Your Hip Hop Pioneers Dressed? Did Run DMC and LL Cool J not Wear Skinny Jeans and Tight Close Etc?

      • Live Well

        The fact that 3-4 prominent rappers wear skirts is bad enough. The fact that they get a pass for it is worse. And no, not a single pioneer wore skinny jeans and tight clothes.

      • Clearly This Convo Is A Waste Of Time Being That You Won’t Own Up To Documented History…Even Though I Agree With You That These Dudes Wearing Dresses Makes No Sense and Shouldn’t Get A Pass..Put You Acting Like They Walk Around In Skirts Daily…I Know Ye’ wore one over seas some wear and called it a Kilt, Diddy Did It and Also Said It Was a Kilt, Asap Said His was a Long Shirt Not a Dress…I Really Don’t Recall anyone else, but either way its not a good look for that person…doesn’t define Hip Hop

      • Live Well

        Trinidad James wore a dress and Lil Wayne might as well wear one. Also, Run DMC and LL wore Levi 501’s or Fila/Adidas sweat suits. I agree it doesn’t define Hip Hop but it sets a precedent that emasculates the black man, which was the point Papoose was making.

      • I Forgot TJ Wore One Too Lol…But That Just Goes To Show How Unimportant It Really Is That You Have To Try To Remember That People Even Did It…And That Wasn’t The Point That He Was Making On This Track, He Spent His Whole Track Talking About “The Only Reason Why Your Hot….” Type Shit Lol… Instead of Just Showing That He Can Out Rap Dudes; He’s Coming at Them
        About Why They’re Successful, Maybe He Should Take That Same Energy That He’s Putting into Why Other People Are Successful to Figure Out Why He Isn’t…He’s Just Coming Off As a Hater To The Masses.

      • Live Well

        That was the point of that part of the track. BTW, I guarantee Papoose is sittin on more money than Big Sean so you might wanna reconsider your definition of successful.

      • You May Wanna Double Check Your Numbers Lmao…Sean Is Touring and Has Endorsements As Well…The Man Is Well Off Financially…And Again I’m Not Even a Big Sean Fan, But I’m Not Going To Hate On The Mans Success Because He’s Done What I Haven’t.

      • Live Well

        Papoose has been touring for 10 years and he lives below his means. I have no doubt he has more assets than Big Sean.

      • Yeah Pap has a Slow Stable Grind…But Big Sean Came Up In This Internet Era Where You Know How To Get Your Endorsements Right Out The Gate, and His Tours Probably Gross More In One Show Than About 5 of Pap Shows…Sean Sells Out Arenas and Large Venues, Pap Does Alot of Hole In The Wall Spots

      • Live Well

        True but this is the age of the 360 deal. Sean is breakin niggas off on everything he makes; shows, merch, endorsements, etc. Plus, he ain’t sellin’ out arenas unless he got Drake or somebody with him. Every hit he has basically features big name artist on it.

      • Actually He’s Done Quite a Bit Of Tours On His Own and Headlines Them…I’m Aware of the 360 Deals, Not Quite Sure If He Has One Or Not Though, But Even With a 360 He Should Still Be In A Pretty Great Position Financially Because He Hasn’t Stopped…Since He Came Out He Hit The Ground Running, and Honestly I Think He’s Growing As An Artist, At First I Was Like He’s Pure Garbage, But After I Heard Him On “Burn” with Meek i was like…Maybe I’ve Been Too Hard On Him, Then Mercy and Clique Started To Pop Up and I Was Like, At Least He’s Growing. and Yeah He’s Full of Features But That’s the Age We’re In, Everyone Is Collaborating With Everyone…Except J.Cole Lol #BornSinner #2013AlbumOfTheYear

      • Buster Cherry ™

        They wore tight clothes back then but that’s only because that’s how they were made, Run DMC shits were tight ass hell.

      • Live Well

        Exactly, that’s what makes it different. If you saw Lebron James tomahawk dunk in small ass shorts, you’d look at the man sideways. You wouldn’t be like, “Dr. J wore small shorts in the 70’s”.

      • I said that about the clothes meaning what they wore had no bearing on they’re music nothing more nothing less…im not gonna say Kanye College Dropout Album wasn’t great because years later he put on a kilt…can’t change history

      • Live Well

        He was ill back then…then he put on a skirt.

      • Lol And That Takes Away From His Music…Shit Those Rock and Roll Dudes Have Been Wearing Lip Stick, Eye Shadow, Eye Liner, and Tight Leather Pants Forever and No One Ever Ran Around Calling Them Gay At All…We As Critics Are Making Hip Hop Look Bad As A Genre By Judging The Artist On Everything They Do Except They’re Music…Niggaz Worried More About Kanye’s Girl, His Clothes and His Child More Than His Music…Which After Giving It a Good 3 or 4 More Listens I Found Like 3 Good Songs On The Album Lol

      • Live Well

        Nah, I’m talking about his music declining the more left he tried to go. Now he’s just good for shock value and even that’s getting boring. I used to buy Kanye’s albums without listening first, now I can barely find 1 song I’d pay .99 for.

      • Yeah He’s Gone Waaaaaaaaaay Left…Not Making Excuses But It Seems Like Since His Mom Passed He Lost His Way

      • Live Well

        I agree 100%

  • moonfromsoufcack

    uhhh yeah he just killed dude! i can’t even see big sean responded, except maybe in another interview…

  • soyhiphop

    its faghop vs hiphop faghop was founded in hollis queens by a rapper named jeffrey atkins aka jarule who made it ok to sing gay balads and be emotional like a 6 yr old girl.faghop came into the international spotligjt when faghops biggest artist kangay west rose to the top of the charts he also gave us b!tch fits n crazy faghop rants faghop lives on in artist like drake big sean asap rocky and even lyrically acclaim kendrick lamar who made a weird likable faghop albulm he also wears jeans that my little sister can fit into r.i.p faghop

    • So You Never Like a Ja Rule Song??? Come On Dude, Y’all Niggaz On The Internet Really Trip Me Out With All This “That’s Gay” Talk, Y’all Nigga Act Like Y’all Were Molested Or Something…It’s Like People Can’t Do/Say Shit without Someone Jumping Out Saying Someone/Something was Gay…Every Artist You’re Calling Gay Has Made Some Sort Of Music That’s Been a Hit and Your Saying Because Theyre Choice in Fashion Makes Them Gay??? And That Makes Sense To You??? Grow Up Dude It’s 2013 on the verge of 2014.

      • soyhiphop

        stop making excuses cause u wear skinny jeans u soft lol look of course i liked some ja songs just not them soft balads he put out bavy saaay yeaaah songs like that? no way u a fag u prolly think is cool for ninjas to wear skirts i aint down with this soft ninja movement its my opinion

      • So As a Hip Hop Head You Forgot that Biggie Sanged The Entire “Playa Haters” song huh? and as far as Lyrics did yall forget that when hip hop first started they’re lyrics went “i said a hip hop, a hibbi to the hibbi to the hibbi dibbi hop and you don’t stop”…Lil Wayne Made “How To Love” and all around it was a Great Song but We shouldn’t like it because he’s a rapper and because he wears skinny jeans??? Dude you come across as someone who tries to hard to be tuff all of the time, it ain’t that serious, all the anti gay stuff makes you come off as a undercover fruitcake or something, but to each its own.

      • RazaBladeKing

        I hate to be that guy, but I’m with Soy on this one. #1, Biggie’s sung the song “Playa Hater”, but it was about armed robbery. #2, Rappers Delight? C’mon, son. It ain’t 1985 no more. #3, “How To Love” was an ‘all around great song’? Say no more. #4, men wearing skirts and leggings may be okay to you (…), but it is NOT hip hop, anymore than the KKK, jihad, or child molestation is hip hop. Part of the reason these suspect n****s think they can get away with this s*** is weak-minded people givin them passes or co-signing it. The result is more weak/emasculated men, more fatherless homes, and more garbage music, in a perpetual cycle. But if you’re so serious about defending rich white men paying grown black men to cross-dress (and promote that to black teenagers)… well, you’re entitled to fight your fight, and other are entitled to disagree. And, oh yeah, #5, I NEVER liked a single Ja Rule song. Not one.

      • I Never Defended They’re Attire, I Said That It Doesn’t Define Hip Hop…You Guys Are Acting Like Because a Few Rappers Decided To Wear Dresses, Hip Hop As A Whole Is Doomed…They Wore They’re Dresses and Got Ripped About Doing It and Y’all Haven’t Seen Them In It Again, Y’all Acting Like They Wore Them Every time You Saw Them Or Something…I’m Saying IDGAF About They’re Personal Style I Just Care About The Music…and Don’t Believe That What A Few Rappers Have Done For Shock Value Seemingly Defines The Genre of Hip Hop…As for The Ja Rule Thing…Hey To Each It’s Own, The Nigga Made Good Music To Me…Lol

      • soyhiphop

        1st off im not anti gay i got nothing agaisnt u and the gay lesbian rainbow movement. but hiphop is not the place for that they already have out the closet homo rappers who cares? and biggies hey luv was some g sh!t how these rappers is recording actual r&b songs that sh!t is not hip hop people laugh n hate when singers rap i feel the same way when these spandex wearing weird dudes do it that aint hip hop i heard em sing n he kept it hip hop these fags think they new edition on some fake autotune sh!t i dont feel that n ninjas who do is soft let the singers do the singing

      • Steelmatic

        For real dude, quit capitalizing every word, lol.

      • Dude, You Type How You Want And I Type How I Want

      • Steelmatic

        Meh, do you then playa. You got some interesting thoughts, but unfortunately I can’t bother with reading that mess….

      • Ok I Guess *Kanye Shrug*

  • Dayum! Pap stay going in!

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  • Quintin Williams

    Big Sean has to respond because Papoose has killed 2 major rappers so far

  • Thee_Gooch <—- Twitter

    Mannn, before this year I haven’t heard from Pap since maybe 08 – 09 or something. but I’m definitely glad he hasn’t lost one step. Killin my favorite rappers lol give cred. where it’s due.

  • Quintin Williams


  • Quintin Williams


  • Dmvnation202

    I like this but Pap stays hating on Niggaz. Won’t you go and do something constructive like get the best beats and make some good albums then you’ll be a factor and your opinion will count….smh

    • Live Well

      It counts. Just look at all the buzz he’s getting.

      • Caliwaver

        Lol this nigga get a buzz for a a sec then everyone goes back to there normal day. If he wasn’t opening up for Wu-Tang or dissing niggas, he would not have these one day buzzes.

      • Live Well

        A buzz is a buzz, cuz. Kendrick’s Control verse gave him a sales bump that pushed him to plat status. You think that would’ve happened if he didn’t diss big name niggas?

      • Caliwaver

        Yeah but tell me what is this buzz doing for Pap? Is it getting him more sales? Is it getting him a major record deal? Pls let me know what’s it getting Papose.

      • Live Well

        It just gets him another look and maybe a few more fans. A lotta people are feelin Paps position on this and respect that he is bold about it. A lotta people are dissin him for it too. Either way, a buzz is a buzz. Now its on him to put out good music about other topics while he has the buzz.

      • Caliwaver

        I don’t think he’s going to do anything with it. He will get interviews and all that but but if u can’t follow up with good muzik then we will all know this dissing shit was bull shit.

      • Live Well

        Yeah, he gotta do something with it.

    • bigdoe6

      Little Sean started it. Pap ended it. No reason to hate on Pap.

  • mike malarkey

    ok pap went in

  • Quintin Williams

    I agree with you but I like how he stays true to who he is ….a Brooklyn Ni99a

  • Quintin Williams


  • Islamic_King

    Not going to lie that K.Dot diss was wack lol……but this right here he was going in now Big Sean have to respond or just take that L.

    • Caliwaver

      Lol your kidding right? These niggas is trying to put out good Muzik and put out hits. They not worried about a nigga that’s just local.

      • Obi Won

        So far Sean does make good club music. Who else on Good Music is doing anything? Not a diss a real question.

      • Caliwaver

        I was talking about big Sean not anyone else on good music.

  • junj03

    Its embarrassing at this point,for him and NY.
    Dude has some bars but all this dissing shit is taking away from the little credibility he had.
    Dissing everyone is not going to resurrect your career, doing GOOD music will.

    • Live Well

      NY is an embarrassment for leaving him out there by himself to defend the turf.

    • Rich Garriques

      he doesnt want a career in this devil industry stupid hes dissing how its becoming

  • Quintin Williams


    • Live Well

      I agree 100000%. Cat’s keep calling Papoose irrelevant and attention seeking but they can’t name a more relevant NY artist that stepped up. This ignoring direct competition bullshit is wack.

    • Mr.Count

      Never respond to a critic under you, or else you put them on your level. That’s in every walk of life, not just rap. Learn life.

      NBA players don’t listen to streetballers who say they’re better

      • Thanx Nerve

        You’re right for this one.

  • Quintin Williams


  • Quintin Williams


  • $31339281

    BOOOODY- Keep going Pap! Eat all these soft rappers food

  • Quintin Williams


    • I Agree That Sean Shouldn’t Have Pulled That “Who” Shit…Thats That Shit That Got Ja Rule Ass Bodied Lol…But I Don’t Think Posses The Power To End Sean…Have You Ever Sean a Big Sean Concert??? You’d Think They Were Going To See Kanye or Somethin, He Have It Wall To Wall Packed in Stadiums not Hole In The Wall Joints

      • Quintin Williams

        True and your right about Sean’s fan base, however we are talking lyrics which I dont see Sean having. I’m not a big Papoose fan but lyrically I think he would chew most of these rappers heads off…lmao

      • Yeah Papoose Lyrically is a Beast…I’ve Just Never Heard a Hit From Him…and No One Seems to be able to point me to a Hit that he’s made…his Alphabetical Slaughterhouse Song Was A Goo d Listen, and Lyrically Genius…But Certainly Wasn’t a Hit…Think His Delivery and Voice Is The Same On Every Track

      • Quintin Williams

        He really doesn’t have a hit song “Bucket Naked” was big in Brooklyn. It wasn’t lyrically a great song but it was a catchy song that would have you moving your head to

      • i’ll look it up…shit im in Miami and Don’t Think I Ever Heard of That Song…And You Know They Play Everybody Down Here, East,West,Mid West,South…Canada!!! (Drake lol)…Alot of Our Dj’s Were form NY, Or Wanted To Be In NY.

      • This Bucket Naked Track Is Fuckin Horrible!!!! Lmao…As I Was Typing This Remy Verse Came On…Remy Was Riding On That Shit Lol, Pap Was Weak As Hell On It…And Why None Of His Videos look Professional? lol…Dude Needs To Give It Up, Or Just Leave Other Rappers Alone,They’ll Have Waaaaaaaaaay Too much Ammo to use against Him

      • Quintin Williams


      • yeah we can agree to that lol

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  • CooL_KiD_305

    Big Sean don’t need to respond, if this battle ain’t help him financially then what’s the point of getting into a battle with a nigga that no one knows?

    • Tony G.

      two things…u obvsiously don’t know hip hop if u don’t know Pap..prolly a youngin…and when it comes to real hip hop aint about the money..if Sean is worth his salt as an emcee he needs to do something..that ish u poppin is for the clown ass generation that don’t have bars

      • Arrie Mental Woodard


      • Prime

        they like that all the way turn up shit that future i cant rap shit ….

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  • Global_Mission

    Im sleepy now…. This is getting boring.

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  • Tony G.

    You young generation ass dudes that don’t think Sean should reply don’t know shit about the game…its not about the money or records sold…THIS right here..whether u like the song is what hip hop is about…Seans an ass if he doesn’t say something

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  • InTheNightKitchen

    Murder, Death, Kill. Wow Pap!

  • K.Vicks

    he went HAMburger!

  • The track is corny, he shoulda picked a different beat

    • Prime

      since when is bars corny .. niggas like u should start a new genre of music get the fuk outta rap/hiphop

      • ngz like you need reading comprehension – I said the track as in the beat is corny not the lyrics genius

  • Phil

    seriously though WHO IS PAP

    • Prime

      u dont no rap!!!

      • Schooly B

        Ummmm no really, WHO THE FLLLLLLLUUCK IS PAPPOSE?!!! Oh you mean that wack nigga that all of N.Y. bet on to blow and lost big on? You mean the skinny wack nigga that look like Chauncey Billups on crack? Oh wait you mean the wack nigga that came on stage at Summer Jam performing more wack tracks that had everybody asking, “Who the f- is that and why is he on stage?”? That nigga? No homie, you just listen to wack a$$ niggas. GTFOH!!!

      • KC The American Pimp

        you the same nigga reciting chief keef raps

      • Schooly B

        Ummmmm, no. Stick yourself for that comment homie. Enjoy those wack rhymes now. I put the bait out there and you wack niggas just come out the woodwork to defend your wack a$$, b*tch made, disloyal, “I speak good cuz I read books on Rikers”, raggedy roach looking a$$ leader. You too, GTFOH!!!

      • Asaid AieezyOle Falah

        this dudes favorite song is ass ass ass ass ass.

      • Guest

        and first chain

      • Schooly B

        and your favorite hole to poke is boy ass so why you tallking pu$$y. You too, GTFOH!!!

      • Mr.Count

        Dog the nigga Papoose is 35 dissin new cats to stay in the game. If he was really dope he’d focus on making music not tryna get a reaction out of everybody. Your pushing 40 dog grow up

      • KC The American Pimp

        whos tryna stay in the game? this nigga is in the rap game wtf you sound like he diss you nigga pull your skirt down B

      • Mr.Count

        Ohh you don’t know rap cause you don’t like Papoose!!!! Ohhh you hate lyrics!!! Ohh your favorite rappers is chief keef and 2chainz!! All y’all niggas is lame dog. People can have opinions on different artist, doesn’t mean they dont know rap

        I love hip-hop, but Papoose is a fuckin cornball

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  • Tim Caulk Turk

    So it’s not okay for Pap to call these dudes out to get his buzz but it’s okay for all other artist to suck the hottest artist tip to get a buzz? Pap is one of the best even without a labels money everything he does he does by himself no need for him to suck other artist balls.

    • Mr.Count

      Does everything by himself? What’s he doing?? Nigga is pushing 40 tryna get back into the limelight by going at these new cats. And the same new cat that showed him love and put him on the biggest stage in his hometown.

      • Tim Caulk Turk

        1. Pap has called himself the King of NY for years even has a mixtape called King of NY. 2. Kendrick said he was King of NY so Pap had to respond that nigga Kendrick was disrespecting. 3. No industry nigga has never called Pap garbage because they know dude can spit.

    • Get off the nigga dick… I bet you ain’t never spent a dime on his music.

      • Tim Caulk Turk

        Nigga I bought the Nacirema Dream on pre order dawg and I have every mixtape from Pap over 500 songs deep Pap grew up on old school when you had to be nice to grab the Mic but now they let anyway in the game that’s why he’s dissing he don’t care about money or anything homey. You suppose to have skills to be in the game now all you got to have is beats because all y’all do is bob your heads but don’t listen to lyrics at all half these guys can’t rap but y’all support it’s a damn shame.

  • I fucks with this, but I want Pap to do shit other than just dissing niggas. I love battle rap as much as the next dude, but that shit gets old sometimes(perfect example would be when 50 was beefing with every nigga in his phone contacts list.). Give us a mixtape or something nigga.

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