Chris Brown and Frank Ocean

Hip-Hop Rumors: Frank Ocean Wears Offensive Chris Brown Diss Shirt

Frank Ocean has decided to wear and promote a t-shirt that is going to offend many Chris Brown fans and Breezy too. The shirt simply says: “Wanted (Insert Chris Brown’s Face) For Domestic Violence.” This clearly states that ish ain’t sweet between these dudes. But, why do it like this? Some have accused Frankie of doing this for pure attention. Others have said that it was done has an effort to drive Chris into a rage again and help him further meltdown for the public to see.

What do you think?


“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

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  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    Or he could have just thought it is a funny shirt. Because it is funny.

    • Mad funny!

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        I see elephant tusk on the boar of a sailing lady
        Docked on the Ivory Coast
        Mercedes in a row winding down the road
        I hope my black skin don’t dirt this white tuxedo
        Before the Basquait show and if so
        Well fu(k it, fu(k it
        Because this water drown my family
        This water mixed my blood
        This water tells my story
        This water knows it all
        Go ahead and spill some champagne in the water
        Go ahead and watch the sun blaze
        On the waves
        Of the ocean

      • Good look, that song was stuck in my mind because of that Basquait lyric.

    • hoeyuno

      Not really. Looks like something people would wear at a pride parade. Corny if anything

    • Thenatural503

      Hell I’m gonna get one made now. This shit is funny. You could insert many of dudes faces that are famous and have done it and it would be just as funny. I love how people are trying to hate on him and defend CB even though he did beat a chick lol.

    • $20434212

      Thank you. This is the best comment on this post.

  • hoeyuno

    O how this could easily backfire on the gay rapper. But we know if breeze wore anything to insault Frank the cumbubble Ocean he would be labelled a homofob.

  • oceneco

    this cumbucket ran up on chris at the studio and he broke a nail, and his emotional boy puttycat is still mad.

  • JimJames29

    I have no problem with him being gay but right now he is acting like a huge BISH

  • Guest

    Better be careful, Chris is a lady beater. Which means Frank could get it too.

  • Jeff Active Reynolds

    Frank a fool for that one

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  • $18592567

    Frank Ocean is clearly baiting Chris to attack him verbally in a homophobic manner… That’s like a gay guy starting trouble with you and when you beat him up you get charged with gay bashing.#smh

    • $20434212

      That’s ridiculous. Why assume that this is baiting for a homophobic response? Even if that were the case, if Brown falls for it, than he still is a got dam homophobic! This is a very, very bad comment my man.

      • STPizzle

        If Chris Brown takes a shot at Frank Ocean for being gay it does not make him homophobic…It makes him a nigga trying to be funny…Quit with that sensitive shit

      • $20434212

        So what if a white dude drops the n-bomb on you. Is he just trying to be funny?

      • hateselvis

        You a fag 2… Gay ass nigga die slow

      • $20434212

        haha, you’re adorable.

      • hateselvis

        Go comment on all rock n roll .com hillbilly your 2cents dont mean shit 2us white boy…

      • $20434212

        lol, you catching feelings? I got news for you tough guy. You. Are. A. Bigot. Congratulations. But you know what they say, ignorance is bliss, so hey, enjoy it.

      • El moreno de Queens #Dominican

        gimmie that co(k

      • El moreno de Queens #Dominican

        you sexy

      • El moreno de Queens #Dominican

        boy i will suck u off <3

      • $18592567

        Frank Ocean should just focus on singing and leave all of the extracurricular stuff alone. He’s clearly not built for fighting, but he’s insulting/taunting Chris Brown. Ocean should be happy he’s selling records and getting paid since his big announcement…

  • DaHomey6Deuce


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  • @Real_SirJamie

    I can see the media is never going to let this go. Notice that when Africans do something (Chris Brown, Michael Vick, Michael Jackson, OJ Simpson etc.) whether he/she pays their debt to society (Whatever the f**k THAT means) they are never forgiven and no one lets them forget. But when Europeans do something (Ben Rothlisberger, Pete Rose, Heath Ledger, George Zimmerman etc) it is not only swept under the rug, but there is almost a campaign through media outlets that not only negates any wrong doing, but praises them for their previous work as if they did no wrong in the first place. I know he’s a clown sometimes but people listen to Flava Flav, DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE.

    • Nemesis_Enforcer

      Real Talk

    • Mike Rogers

      well said

    • Matt Swan

      But to add insult to injury Zimmerman’s wife is divorcing his a$$. I guess you can be forgiven by the courts, but you weren’t forgiven at home.

      • @Real_SirJamie

        She’s divorcing him because he won’t share that money she helped him embezzle. His fat ass is out there buying new trucks and Call Of Duty type shotguns but won’t get her a plus sized mini skirt.

      • Obi Won

        BOL!!! Damn dude (Team Anti-Zimmerman)

    • manonyme

      i’m all for equality in how we let the fallen redeem themselves. i think chris is a talented guy. however, after he assaulted his gf he needed to at least ACT remorseful so tht ppl could see tht he realized he messed up. so the one thing he does is go on GMA and WILD OUT…tht’s white ppls crack. so you don’t shout, rip off ur shirt and try to break a window with a chair.
      the puts ppl on notice tht u might have an inability to control ur impulses. so tht’s why i throw up in my mouth a lil evry time i hear his name. not cuz he’s black.

      • @Real_SirJamie

        I didn’t see him do that. I HEARD FROM reporters that’s what happened. I don’t know sir. I was taught to believe half of what I see and none of what I hear. Maybe we’re different in that aspect.

      • manonyme

        well, i we may be different in tht way; but i was watching GMA tht day and saw with my own two eyes him exiting the door and walking down broadway shirtless while he’s supposed to be doing an interview because they kept asking him about the fight. clearly you made an assumption based on the fact tht YOU hadn’t seen it. so perhaps we should leave the remarks for those who did their homework and can contribute to the discussion, rather than commenting on something and not offering any information – just pseudo-shade.
        furthermore as a matter of principle i don’t operate in conjecture and rumor – tht would be an amateur move.
        if you notice, i didn’t say i ‘heard’ tht. so while ur quote is quaint, it doesn’t apply to me here. it applies to you because YOU would be the one having to believe “half…none of wht YOU hear.
        ps. if you do a search i’m sure you can find pix of him in tight jeans and no shirt at 9am…then ask urself, “is he trying to get a tan on a cloudy morning?” “was he showing robin and diane his tatts?

    • Dan_Tebasco

      What did Heath Ledger ever do that was so bad?

      • @Real_SirJamie

        Heath was a prescription addict and it killed him.

      • Dan_Tebasco

        How the f–k you got put an addict with a killer and a wifebeater and a dogfight-promoter in the same class??????

      • @Real_SirJamie

        They are all crimes.

      • Dan_Tebasco


        Peeing outside is a crime, jaywalking is a crime, highspeeding just by a mile per hour is a crime, downloading and not paying is a crime… Can’t compare those crimes with murder and domestic abuse…

    • D_Ably

      This isn’t the media tho is it, its Frank Ocean. The big scary white media didn’t make Frank put that shirt on. Frank (you know the ‘righteous’ black man) put the shirt on and now has the big scary white media talkin about it.

      • @Real_SirJamie

        Don’t assume that because I’m proud of some of my strong people I don’t think others in my race can hurt me. And Frank isn’t a “righteous black man” he’s a homosexual kid. His motive for putting that shirt on wasn’t to express his disdain for domestic violence in silent protest. It was to take a shot at Chris Brown through public outlet, and be messy because he knew the media would run with it. Otherwise why wear it in public and/or post/have the picture posted? What is the nature of your response to me?

    • Obi Won


  • pauleyPee

    I ain’t gonna lie… I’m amused. lol

  • The Real Will Cannon

    Frank Ocean has hoe tendencies…

    • $20434212

      Fck does that mean?

      • Choppaliss

        you serious?

  • JerZeBoy

    I think its great the FO being homosexual messes with CB. He aint scared and why should he be….lol


    he looking 4 a ass whoopin

  • hateselvis

    Fag shit what real nigga do sum like that smh… Homo.!!!!!!

  • Caliwaver

    That’s a dope shirt. Fuc Fag Clown.

  • johnblacksad

    ha ha ha… he got Chris good!

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      u lames never let shi* go, u and Frank Ocean got more in common than meets the eye. Pause!

  • Yung Piccolo

    that pic is from 2011, do the slightest bit of research before you post something

  • Damnnnnn LOL but on the realz if CB has a meltdown and decide to go on a shooting spree , alot of ppl will be guilt trippin

  • Obi Won

    Where’s Eminem when u need him to shut this Flag up.
    As soon as CB snatches that shirt off and beats him, he’ll have the Pink Mafia, Gay Civil Rights, Non-violence groups, Feds and some more groups trying to throw the book at his arse. Don’t fall for the okey doke Chris.

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