Eminem Debuts New Music Video For "Berzerk" (VIDEO)

There are few constants in Hip Hop. Eminem being  successful and comical are two of those immutable truths. Today (September 9th) Eminem premiered his new video for his hit single “Berzerk”.

With cameos from Slaughterhouse, Rick Rubin, Kid Rock, Kendrick Lamar and The Alchemist, Eminem splices together images of people going berserk and gives the #3 song on Billboard an appropriate video counterpart to its raucous sound.

The Marshall Mathers LP 2 will be in stores November 5th.

Check out the video for Berzerk below:

  • junj03

    Dope as fck, The video makes the song much more complete.

  • Pheezmatic

    i actually like the video better than the song……beat is sick tho.

  • Oneandonlyss67

    video makes song better

  • I haven’t bought a new album in quite a while, that’s why I can’t WAIT for ‘MMLP2’ to drop.

  • True_Fan

    Eminem is the most overrated rapper of all time, which seem right because he actually has skills. Bu this song like a majority of his music is trash. He will sell a lot, but it will have nothing to do with his lyrics or tracks.

  • Larry ‘Loyal’ Hume

    Just for the fact it’s eminem, I’m waiting on the album, but so far not seeing any resemblance to the Marshall Mathews lp yet.