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Hip-Hop Rumors: Gucci Mane Goes Nuts On Twitter! Disses EVERYBODY!

I mean, seriously – who has time for this? I sure don’t! Gucci loses it on Twitter and simply disses everybody you can think of. Everybody from specific names at Atlantic Records to Nicki Minaj to Ciara to Waka to Jeezy to Rick Ross to Vanessa, the editor-in-chief at XXL mag to….his own girl, Keyshia D’oir! Wow! I can’t put all this into a write up or I’d be writing up something all day. So, look below!

He took the bridge, burned it, then took the ashes, burned them, then took what’s left and smoked it!

This is like the Bizarro Kendrick Lamar!





“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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127 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Gucci Mane Goes Nuts On Twitter! Disses EVERYBODY!”

  1. Crenshaw on my shirt

    Twitter needs spell check. Its sad that a grown ass man spells like this. I understand typing in slang, but this shit is ridiculous

      • AK

        you underestimate hes fanbase he got fans all over the world, almost every big name rapper touring heavy… thats the only way to make bred if you a rapper these days

      • n n

        You really think they listening Gucci mane anywhere outside of America.? I doubt it overseas hip hop artist like that raw hip hop,

      • AK

        gucci is raw af he talk about real shit i dont know what songs you heard…

      • n n

        Trust me they are listening to black moon,talib,Pete rock and mf doom overseas Gucci would get bottled off the stage in japan with his no lyric ass. Lol

      • AK

        i been to europe and they love bricksquad, and if you think he got no bars you prob dont know anything about trapping or the streets them metaphors going over your head

      • Celz

        My niccas was bookin him in Cali a few years back for way less.. And he skipped out on the last one.. He’s none for “gettin lost” on the way to his set.. You could prolly book him for 10 stacks, 5 if he’s in town.. But can you recoup is the real question..

      • AK

        you never even been outside the U.S you dont know how much they love him in Europe

      • Goowaap

        they dont even know him in europe but now they’re about to brah. it nuthin. he fucc. oll da hoe. asshole it hit good….lol

      • martin

        5 mill a year show money = 25 k per show =4 shows a week. yeah right those would have to be sold out arena shows. numbers dont lie

  2. hoeyuno

    This is why every computer should have a breathalyzer before you login to social networks.. Gucci crazy without drugs and alcohol though. this coulda been right after church

  3. 8Galaxy5

    Gucci is nothing.
    He will only be remembered as the guy who had an ice cream cone tattoo on his face.
    Gucci should check himself into a mental institution.


    I wish I could read and understand what he’s saying… he really seems to be saying something but I just cant figure it out

  5. JerZeBoy

    any one count how many people he dissed? lol- that’s how he writes too so u know he aint got hacked….lmao I need a mandarin Chinese interpreter to translates this shit…lol

  6. wickedjones

    This dude call himself a ceo, he’s a clown. And whats with the runaway slave talk. Dude need to take some english lessons. for real.

    • Celz

      My nicca you know which ever nicca out yo crew fuccs the most ratchets, has the most J’s, and has the biggest rims is the C.E.O. off top.. Fucc if you ever had a job, went to school, or even know the basics of what a C.E.O.’s corporate duties are..

      • wickedjones

        lol, now thats funny. Lets all show the world how we buck dance, with our rims and ratchets!!!

      • Sam Summerlin Jr.

        eminem ant gona waste his breath on him. he shoulda diss eminem wen eminem was on dat diss ish and iam sure there would b no gucci jus lik no ja rule. for all yo gucci fans yall better hope eminem dont go back to his old ways cuz there will b no more gucci.

      • arrdeesss

        Cool story bro. Keep dreaming though kid an imagination is a good thing to have.

    • DesignatedH8R

      While I think it’s hilarious Gucci, after burning so many bridges just threw Eminem in there for no reason, let’s be honest, Eminem isn’t going to entertain this twitter shit. The people that Gucci really slandered are the only that might diss.

    • Jess Mendez

      Why Eminem didn’t ”merc” this Gucci when he first dissed him? Shut your white ass up you lame ass cracker go listen to JB

  7. Justin Burnell

    Reblogged this on thehiltonburnellfiles and commented:
    That’s the shit that got me mad when he dissed some of my favorite rappers Eminem, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Jeezy, Yo Gotti, T.I., Waka Flocka Flame, Frenchie, Rick Ross and 2 Chainz on Twitter. I lost all of my repsect for him. I’m no longer of listening to his music now.

      • Weedras

        lol! dude isn’t only beefing with these ppl, he’s beefin with the Keyboard, Spellcheck, Autocorrect, and the friggin US and UK dictionaries lol!..

  8. Lamar Star

    Sad to see this nigga fall off like this. Gucci was that nigga down here in Atlanta around 07, 08, and 09, all you heard was one of this nigga s mixtapes blastin from everybody’s car, and now………

  9. The Real Will Cannon

    You gotta respect people’s personal opinion…but let’s be real…he actually killed people…and…got away with it….ain’t no disputin’ that.

  10. Synista

    Damn why he diss migos,OJ and Wooh,I can understand the rest of them but damn!
    Still ya’ll forgot that Gucci is the one that put a lot of ni99as on when he didn’t have to,and say what you will about his music but he stay caked up!

  11. PachucoDrilliN

    Could of been Chief Keef din hacked Gucci’s twitter account since that lil nigga a prankster lil a mf. That’s what happens when you link up with a Chi-Town savages.

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