Parris Franz Returns to Claim her Hip-Hop Destiny

When Cha-Cha first released her debut album, Dear Diary on Epic Records in 1999, she was a young, naïve spitter poised to take over the rap game. But, despite appearances by Nas and Juvenile on her debut, underpromotion by her label tanked the project. “Back then, I always felt that there was more depth to me, but I always had those corporate-minded restraints that kept me confined from doing what I wanted to do creatively and sort of hindered me expressing it.”

Since her debut album, Cha-Cha–who is now using the name Parris Franz– stayed busy. “I was an On-Air Personality for Clear Channel and Radio One for a few years, that in turn lead to quite a bit of hosting of celebrity events and parties, specialty concerts,” Parris told us from her current home in Los Angeles, where she is working on a film. “All while still performing shows overseas with Royce Da 5’9″ a few times, on a few spot dates here and there…everywhere from the Czech of Republic to Germany and more.”

That’s right, Parris Franz is a Detroit-native, and even more, she is sister to Royce Da 5’9″, not by blood but sister nonetheless. It was on Royce’s projects, Build and Destroy, M.I.C., and Death is Certain and while touring the world with one-half of Bad Meets Evil that she continued to hone her rap chops, as well as other valuable skills. “I’m producing music. I write for others. I was recently requested to write on the new Beyonce’ album. I’ve gotten acting roles, in some film work and on Tyler Perry’s Meet The Browns. I’m also working on a fashion line, Crown Jewel Collectives & Co.”

In an industry, where women are often marginalized and the category for “Best Female Rapper” has gone to one woman four years in a row. Parris Franz is poised to retake the place that was rightfully hers years ago, without missing a beat. “I feel like I’ve just evolved as a person, and as an artist. With music being at the center of my passions, it’s only right that I exude my growth in it at this point.”

Check out the world premiere of “We on That” by Parris Franz. Follow @ParrisFranz on Twitter/Instagram.

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    • brotha_man

      shut the fugg up

  • Jerome E. Record Jr.

    Aye P’ the video is dope Super Swanky, Hella Sexy and that beat you
    did at the end is Crazy yo lol… Love the concept feeling the Movement!
    Parrisians in the building, #CrownsUp #WOT #TeamDetroit

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  • brotha_man

    come to take nikki’s spot

  • brotha_man

    $hit is a lil dope….hmmmm. what the fugg am i drinking right now?

  • Willie Bradford

    Definitely what the game’s been missing, its been too long!!!

  • Sakena Elston

    Been patiently waiting and supporting Parris from day 1! She obviously has something yet tapped into in with regards to female artist….that out the box authenticity! She is always focused and on The grind and it shows in everything she does. The industry has been missing out on such raw talent and Parris is the one that will deliver that. I believe this is her moment! Sky is the limit Parris, You are a Detroit Chica and we expect nothing less!
    Lalalalalalala WeOnThat!

  • Trina Page

    Hotness! Loved the ending…definitely thinking out of the box! Excited to see what’s next.

  • Bobbie Garrett


  • Chimeria Angelique Evans

    Love it! Beautiful video..the colors are amazing. Need to add this song to my playlist! We on it! #boutthislife