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A$AP Rocky Inspires Rapper To Make "Gay Rap Song", Rocky Apologizes For Gay Comment

(AllHipHop News) A$AP Rocky has been the center of much criticism regarding his sexuality and his appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards inspired an openly gay rapper. Rapper Chapman recorded and released “Gay Rap Song” following Jason Collins and A$AP Rocky introducing Macklemore  at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards.

In a statement sent to Huffington Post, the Chicago native cites A$AP Rocky controversially poiting to co-presenter and openly gay NBA player Jason Collins when talking about homosexuals during the Macklemore introduction as motivation to create the song:

I’ve been making fun, less personal music for a while and kinda had all these opinions on the backburner, thinking I’d get to them as my career grew and I gained more listeners. But after the Jason Collins/ASAP intro to the Macklemore performance at the VMAs, it all just kinda came out impulsively and I recorded the rap on GarageBand in my apartment.

The track finds Chapman exploring the hypocritical treatment of homosexuals in Hip Hop with lyrics such as “Why gay people always kept in the background/They build the looks, create the sound.”

In a recent interview with The Stashed, A$AP Rocky apologized and cleared up misconceptions over his seemingly homophobic treatment of Jason Collins, admitting that he has homosexual members of his own family:

I’m mad that my facial expressions was like that because I’m not homophobic at all, and that whole thing just came off real homophobic. I didn’t really notice it until I got home and saw it. I apologize to Jason for that, because people was laughing and shit, and you know… I really don’t think that’s funny. I saw they were making all the memes and pictures and making fun of him. There’s people out there that think I was doing that to be funny, and truthfully I got gay people in my family. I don’t give a fuck if you gay or you not, I just found it odd that MTV wanted to stand me next to this n*gga when they are talking about gay people, that’s all. You know what I’m saying?

Check out Chapman’s “Gay Rap Song” below:

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    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      i was just saying its a matter of time before the gay community takes over officially why ? cause just like dude said the entire image of some of our top artist is influenced by gay folks … gay fashion … gay dances sounds etc…… alot of the behind the scenes folks are gay the stylist, choregraphers, publist etc…. its thier ideas that are elevating alot of artist careers ….. eventually the industry is going to cut the middle man out and go straight to the innovator !! us black folks used to be in that position !!!!!!!! mainstream american eventually gave us the spotlight but its dimming and guess who is about to come over for dinner lol

      • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

        Quit trying to force your gay propaganda down our fukkin thoats….

      • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

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      • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

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      • A Shame

        Actually, nobody wants to hear your bigoted views that are TIRED. People like you will soon be extinct, thank god. You may try and flaunt intelligence, but your ignorance speaks for itself.

  1. Prison_Wolf_Maleek

    What happened to the good ol’ days when these fagggs used to keep it in the closet and beat they wives when they felt sexually frustrated???

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