BREAKING NEWS: Chief Keef Sentenced To Jail For Skipping Child Support

(AllHipHop News) Depending on how you view Chief Keef, his song “Go To Jail” is about to get either really ironic or really sad. According to TMZ, Chief Keef was ordered to jail for missing a court-mandated child support hearing.

The hearing was set for September 5th, was to address Keef’s failure to pay roughly $20,000 in child support payments. Chief Keef reportedly no-showed the hearing and a warrant has been issued for his arrest.

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The 17-year old rapper recently had two shows in Texas canceled by concert promoter ScoreMore over his legal troubles.

More details on this story will be provided as they are made available

  • Celz


  • El moreno de Queens #Dominican


  • El moreno de Queens #Dominican

    chief keef is 18 yo not 17

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      why are u checkin how old a MALE is u lame? oh yeah ur profile bio is not the same as mine u fraud ass nicca!!!!!!!!!!

      • cromthelaughinggod7

        Are you bi polar? You are a weird ass dude forreal! You post gay comments came from worldstar to a realhiphop site and talk to yourself in the comments. You are f*cked up in the head! You smoke dust don’t you?

      • El moreno de Queens #Dominican

        no, im bisexual: i like dicks and dicks

        put it in my anus

      • johnblacksad

        so you’re calling yourself a fraud? you’re a bipolar azz b!tch n!gga

  • Sean Taylor

    I’z kool. I haz a video of me buying some jewlzrey from that chineze guy johnny dang but iz can’t pay child support.

  • not sticking up for the kid…but child support is a joke, why don’t the moms go to jail for not working, their the ones that choose to make the baby’s, a baby is not a pay check, if the moms don’t go to jail then the dads shouldn’t either

    • The mother is paying everyday for everyday shit.They both made the baby.They both gotta pay for it

      • MrWindyCity82

        Agreed… It takes 2 to make a baby. A mother doesn’t choose some random man and say “you’re the daddy”

      • TALK_BOSS

        A lot of them definitely choose who they want to get pregnant by

      • Matt Swan

        They damn sure do on Maury

      • Celz

        Real shyt.. If you buy your baby some Jordan’s for $40 bucks that only counts for $5 since you could have got normal baby shoes for that much. But immature bum ass niccas don’t see it like that..

    • Reynolds

      Please don’t believe what you just wrote. Intensely dumb.

      • El moreno de Queens #Dominican

        look hoe shut the fu(k up and get a job

      • Reynolds

        Wow, thanks….i am unemployed.

    • Thenatural503

      Did you really just say she choose to make the baby? So Keef didn’t put his dick inside her without a condom bust a nut and help at all? Oh okay. Also who said she don’t work?

      Child support is there so the child get’s the upbringing financially it would of gotten if both parents were together. Now I’m not saying it’s always fair but come on now don’t fucc without a condom if you don’t wanna pay child support.

      • First off There are over 3 dozen forms of birth control for women, if they didn’t want to get pregnant then they wouldn’t
        second, it takes two to make a baby but only the father has to pay for it or go to jail, I bet his kids mom aint working, it needs to be equal for both parent not just the mothers

      • Calico Joe

        Not entirely true as far as who pays who. I work with a chick that’s paying child support to her baby’s father. Didn’t believe it at first, but she showed me the paperwork.

      • Celz

        You sound stupid my nicca. Cali is harsh when it comes to the law an one a boys get’s Child Support from his baby moms. He holds his daughter down and has her 4 days out the week. If you make an attempt man up to your responsibility they will work with you. Of course some niccas get fucced over, that’s life a chick just died goin on a rollercoaster. But niccas that buy they kid an ipod touch and some J’s and think they did something is stupid as fucc. Like kids don’t eat, sleep, bathe, and shit every day.. Stop excusing this shyt fam

      • Man i went to court for my children and won, i also help other men get there paper work together to get visitation/custody of there children, van u say that, probably not, I’m not here to insult u I’m just letting u know that fathers get the short end of the stick when it comes to children

      • Celz

        That’s good if you won you are a good dad, and if you are good dad than you know this nicca isn’t. So stick up for niccas like you and my boy who holds his daughter done, and not niccas like this. He IS the reason why good dudes get the short end of the stick fam..

      • i feel u, like I said in my first post, i’m not sticking for this guy, but the system is built to keep fathers down in a whole

    • So if she’s working in Wal Mart, while he’s making it rain $100K at a time, his daughter should do without while Momz goes to school?

      C’Mon Son, that ‘chet is mad corny. I could see if he was broke & spending time with his kid, but not flossing while not looking out, on some RaeKwon ‘chet, IG’ing pics of $500 a plate meals, with daughter going hungry.

      • Like I said, i’m not sticking up for the kid, i’m saying you shouldn’t go to jail for none payment of child support if the mother also aint working

      • That might be when the kid needs it the most, the flip side is, if you aren’t working, then I don’t believe you should have to do time.

        I guess it works out in the end, but if he would have looked out str8 off the muscle, it wouldn’t even be an issue.

        Some people like to get $$, some people like to get $$ together.

      • Celz

        A poor nicca who is trying to help his seed shouldn’t and wouldn’t get locked. He’s 1) well off (compared to people his age with jobs or hustlin) 2) ON PROBABTION and 3) HE VIOLATED A COURT ORDER.

        You can’t ignore the court while you are on probation. You can skip on 50 and Wiz, you can even skip on your own flesh and blood, but when you agree to probation, which says you agree to obey all court orders to get out early, you can’t ignore no fuccin judge. An the nicca is on probation for pullin out on cops?! He should be dead period. This nicca would be blessed to be the shift manager at McDonald’s..

      • ZUBU

        @EDOGZ818, I concur with you bro I want to be clear, my comment is not directed to you bro we good my brotha! Regardless if the chick works or not, he need to do his part to care of his seed. I don’t condone chicks using kids like a paycheck, but if you know thats the type of chick you dealing with then don’t bust in her, bring your own condoms, etc.

    • king sodomy

      i think the mom/child is only 15 and still in school so yeah if she was an adult but who gonna take care of the child the grandma

  • cromthelaughinggod7

    How many years is this guy 17 that was 2 years ago 17 haha? I keep hearing every year he is still 17.

    • YungKizz

      he 18 now

    • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

      He’s been 17 for four years….

    • PorchBoySlim

      man I was just thinking the same shit lmaoo

    • MidWestFlyest

      They like repeating that he is 17 like he is some sort of phenom because he is underage(adds controversy) and does more dope than most junkies. And oh yeah I guess he raps too

  • OSBKE3000

    I’m glad this kid is gettin locked .. if ever a dumbass deserved it … HE DESERVES IT

  • king

    This is typical n!gger $#!+ bring a kid in the world and expect to not be responsible for him or her this definitely a reason why crime is rampant in our communities not the only one but a factor..

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    I don’t understand this at all.

  • YungKizz

    keef keeps ef’n up boy

  • Synista

    ni99a in videos showing racks but can’t show up for his baby???

  • Emily

    My Uncle Tristan got a superb Mitsubishi Galant only from working parttime off a home computer… why not try this out………

    • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

      fukk your douchee bagg uncle….

  • Me

    When. Keeping. It. “Real”. Goes. Wrong.

  • remy730

    he doin this to keep his buzz cuz he out off rhymes.. he only had like 3 to begin with, tho.

  • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

    I hope he does his time out and levels his head, so he can get out and continue dropping classic gems!!!!! KEEF!!!

    • king sodomy


      • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

        Yes indeed…pure fire!!!! Nothing but classic after classic!!! He on his way to becoming a Legend in the game, respect his hustle!!!!!!

      • Matt Swan

        Dude yesterday you were suckin off 2chainz and now you’re on chief queefs Johnson. Every “young” or new rapper is an instant classic to you. Did Prision_Wolf get next to that booty hole Maleek?

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        this kid was commenting on shyt that i was posting over on complex. he’s clearly a troll…or a moron…probably both.

      • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

        Everyone that says something you disagree with, is either a troll, or a moron, or a dikksucker, or nut rider….Maybe you are the troll…..90’s rappers rollin with these guys, they know whats good, its the washed up fans that are in denial….

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        ha ok son. cool. chief keef got bars yo. damn son.

        its not that i disagree with you, it the straight fact that you are making some ignorant comments. 2 chainz is top 6 alive… chief keef is a legend in the making. cmon on son, you know you are making some lame ass statements. THey may have some hot tracks but cmon, even here in chicago no one is checking for keef. he had his 15.

      • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

        Did you not read my comment to Matt Pigeon?? “if you didnt see the drippin sarcasm salivating on that comment, that is not my fault…if you honestly believe someone could actually type that with a straight face, than you are beyond me”…..anyways, have a good night…..

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        you said that 2 chainz was top six alive so what should anyone believe, and there isnt and s at the end of anyway.

      • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

        Wow!!! You resort to pointing out typo’s now? After I say I was being sarcastic, you resort to that? C’mon you wanna be madd at someone for being down with 2Chainz, go holla at Raekwon, Bun B, Jay Z and other hip hop “legends” who are down with him and do tracks with him….The 90’s rappers down with this era, but they fans aint, not my fault…….

      • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

        No….I am the Prison Wolf……

      • Matt Swan

        It shows…it really does….not!!

      • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

        Do you know what a prison wolf is boi?

      • Matt Swan

        Well being that I won’t ever be in prison, I have no need to BOY

      • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

        Yeah, good for you, cuz you would get your boodie hole stretched, and shanked witha sshit covered blade in the pancreas in the shower….Swan…..

      • Matt Swan

        Thanks for the blow by blow Prison_puppy.

      • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

        Always talkin about cokk and blow jobs, some “hip hop” fans you guys are

      • Matt Swan

        Umm you’re the one with “Prision Wolf” in your name, not anyone else

      • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

        Yes, because I am a Prison Wolf…..but I do not have my mind flooded with images of ball sacks and niggas sukkin each other off when I try to think of an insult….Every insult that has been thrown at me on this site has always consisted of talk of gay activities…You guuys need to pipe down with the homo sshit….Thats why I threw some ggay talk at you, see how you take it, and you will probably say, “how could you say gay shitt like that, u a homo!”….Pathetic….

      • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

        86% of closet homos are hip hop fans…..Down low music…..

      • Matt Swan

        You are on a “hip hop” site, and go to clubs where they play “hip hop” music, so that puts you square in that 86 percentile. Go ahead and just continue twerkin. It’s all good

      • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

        Twerking? That is for your white sister to do, when she grindin on niggas in the club……Its the dudes who listen to that aggressive, washed up, 90’s wannabe hardbody bullshit acting hard listening to their “hard core” music to make up for their softness, their insecurities and inner homosexuality……I’m where the bitches at, not no sausage fest like you busters with your back packs on…..

      • Matt Swan

        I think you’re just mad because you missed the 90’s while playing house in prision with the AB’s, so the only era you can relate to is the new stuff and everything’s a classic. Listening to “hard core” hip hop disguises nothing, but shows faults in the world, healing in the world, and the desire to live a better life. I apologize that you’re not into where hip hop roots lie, and only want to be where your “bitches” at.

      • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

        Please buddy…I actually lived the 90’s, bought the tapes, went to the shows in NY, I wasn’t a toddler like you watching cartoons and sucking my thumb…I lived 90’s NY, I experienced hip hop, I lived it, I saw it blossom, I didn’t research it on wiki and google and youtube than claim to be some hip hop head….I love New York Hip Hop, but times have changed and I mellowed out, I even listen to Bob Dylan from time to time now, so am I fukked for that too? Sounds like you guys missed out on the 90’s cuz you were all toddlers and you feel like you missed out on something and now you are trying to live an era you were never part off, or you are just bitter and trying to relive your glory days…Raekwon does songs with Ross, Nas songs with Ross, Jay does songs with Drake, Jadakiss does songs with 2chainz, Meek Mill, Raekwon does songs with 2chainz and Ross, Bun B got tracks with Drake, I could numerous songs, of your beloved 90’s niggas riding with the new generation, itz just the bitter fans that are living in denial…..Off my nuts, kid….

      • Matt Swan

        Man I bet you used your last two brain cells to come up with that doozy. I never said when I was born you’re still a$$uming and still getting it wrong. I never asked you who you listen to, nor do I care. I’m only speaking off what dumb ish comes out of your a$$hole and ends up on this site,

      • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

        Okay buddy, maybe it is hard for you to write a paragraph or two, maybe that is something you struggle with…..But it comes quite easily……You are dumb enough to take that shit to face and get your panties in a bunch, so how retarded are you?….you are foolish…..and again, bringing up a part of the anatomy during an insult, this time an asshole…last time it was nuts and cokks……geez….

      • Matt Swan

        yadda yadda yadda….

      • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

        Elaine Benice…..

      • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

        Sounds like a struck a chord…where is Jack Nicholson, cuz you cant handle it….All your beloved legends are down with this generation and making numerous songs with cats from this era, but I guess you won’t listen to their new material, since it may feature an artist from this era, shiittty….Did I ruffle the swan’s feathers…..back off me…..

      • Matt Swan

        Come again a lil harder…I know you can

      • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

        harder? do u think I am angry or something? haha, this is entertainment….. only idiots would get uptight or be bothered by anything on the internet…I am smoking and reading, like I say, quite relaxing…….If you gonna hate on someone for listening to this era of music, than I suggest you hate on Nas, Raekwon, Ghostface, Bun B, Jay Z, Jadakiss, Styles P, and numerous other 90’s rappers down with the cats from this era….Go throw all their shit out, I guess they aint real anymore….I guess they bitchess and clowwns too, or how else could they do songs with artists like that, if they so real? Get your head outta your ass…..

      • Matt Swan

        this is entertainment….bout the only thing you’ve gotten right so far lol

      • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

        Oh please…Everything I said is the truth, except for Keef and the classic shit…if you didnt see the drippin sarcasm salivating on that comment, that is not my fault…if you honestly believe someone could actually type that with a straight face, than you are beyond me….But what I said about New York and the nineties cannot be disputed…run along….

      • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

        When were you born, late 80’s?….wannabe….

      • Matt Swan

        um nope

    • Charter

      Uh… “classics”…? Perhaps you mistyped.

      • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

        Please, read all comments before you make assumptions……

  • Terrance Goodman

    Well this dumb ass back in the clink .. 26th n California now no kiddie joint .. Crook county.

  • MrNoName2K

    dug his own grave… sad.. i kinda had hope for the lil nigga

  • Chris

    I know n*ggas in their 30s that look up to this dude. SMH.

    • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

      They still drink OE on they mommaz stoop?

  • TimeWillTellu1

    Queef Chief LOL

  • Ike’s Mood

    there is a god!!! i hope this nigga stop making that horrible-ass noise! i am glad he got jail time! lil-ass kid. i’m from chicago & they never play his crap!!!

  • VentKing11

    Dam dudes 17? He looks 29…I bet if he took a date to a prom, he’d get arrested.

  • chosenxeno

    Promoters hate So-sa/cause he don’t show up/no dough for his daugh-ter/now he got fucked o-va

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  • bigdoe6

    Always making videos shopping in the mall buying designer shit but ur baby doesn’t have clothes and food. This is what u call a bitch nigga.

    • Charter

      & that’s that shit I don’t like….

    • J. Smith

      Owing court mandated child support, does not mean his child goes without. It just means that he didn’t pay whatever ridiculous amount was set. Unfortunately, in our society, you can spend money on your child everyday, if you don’t also give money to the mother every month, you are considered a dead beat. And if you give the mother money every month, but don’t spend money on the child everyday, you are also considered a dead beat. Women are always considered victims in broken relationships, and men are expected to take care of them. Child support has absolutely nothing to do with the support of a child. If it did, there would be a set rate across the board. My 7 year old and Diddy’s 7 year old should require the same amount of support. Unless Diddy’s kids can only survive on gold flakes, and diamond dust. The rest of the money goes to giving the “children” the same lifestyle the father has. Which means, you have to make sure your child’s mother has a comparable home, and vehicle. Which also means you are supporting her, as opposed to the children. Don’t automatically assume that he does nothing for his child.

  • AK

    something dont add up hes been 17 since i dont like came out a year in a half ago…

  • Charter

    Maybe it’s just me but he always look like he just got done wrestling in the grass.

    • Celz

      You know how sweaty lil boys smell before they get old enough to get musty? Keef look like he smells like pre-must..

  • Bossladi Thomas

    chief keef beware of those GDS lol not gonna b pretty

  • ceelo727

    “Prison Wolf”

    Prison slang for someone sexually-oriented to females on the outside,
    but becomes sexually-oriented to males on the inside.

    • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

      You damn right!!!! I was smuttin on niggas face in the Penn worse than Mr Cee!!! I did a stint mid 90’s on Rikers, I had Tupac washing my laundry and folding my shit wearing cut off prison pants as booty shorts and his shirt tied up like Daisy fukkin Duke!!! Why you think Pac called it Thug Love, niggga?

    • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

      Names, and avi’s usually go together dumb ass….it’s a play on the pic, quit strpking your ego just because you googled the term “prison wolf”……

  • IToldYoMommaYouAintSh_t

    They been waiting for this fool. He has a target on his back and they won’t be happy until he is locked away for good. He did it to himself I guess

  • david3528


    • Synista

      This just in!!!!!!The sun shines!

  • El moreno de Queens #Dominican

    Keef ain’t nobodys bitch. He can ignore child supprt. Keef and gucci r the realest rappers in the game

  • Steven Wright Montgomery Of Co

    I imagine Chief Keef going to jail will boost the IQ of every nigga until he gets out on some Of mice and men shit

  • stinkmeaner1906

    Like this comment if you are NOT surprised by this news. LOL

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  • Dani

    Please don’t come to find me and kill me Keef. I blame his mom for this. Why didn’t she get that chick that statutory raped him. She was about 30 when she made a 16 yr old underage boy knock her up. Then she’s trying to get him for 20 thousand a month. She’s a predator in more ways than one. Sorry Keef don’t kill me.