Drake Being Sued Over "Knockoff" Jewelry

(AllHipHop News) Another day, another copyright infringement lawsuit, except this one does not involve music. After news broke yesterday (9/11) that his fellow Young Money member Nicki Minaj is being sued over her song “Starships,” today Drake is now in the legal crosshairs of jeweler Michael Raphael.

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TMZ is reporting that Raphael’s Baden Baden, Inc is suing the “Started From The Bottom” rapper over replicas of a $49,204 owl pendant. The suit stems from claims by the company that Drake illegally copied the platinum owl they made for him.

Baden Baden says Drake then gave the copied pendants to his friends. The jeweler is suing for unspecified damages and for the Drake to have to turn over the owl pendants.

Last month a lawsuit was also filed against Drake by his former stylist for alleged unpaid fees.

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  • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

    Drake is an R&B legend, him and Robin Thicke should do a duet…It would be bigger than a Marvin Gaye and Barry White duet…..Respect Drake, he is a true icon in the game…..

    • Blazer

      riiiiiight… wtf!? Your delusional and deranged. What a bad call.

      • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

        Don’t hate on someone you have never met just because they are more successful than you ever will be in your life…Drake is King Of R&B right now, face the facts…..

      • Celz

        He’s the king cuz the game sucks.. Dude is hella talented though.. But Barry and Marvin?!

        *Points finger at you and laughs hysterically

      • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

        He is the greatest R&B singer to ever grip the mic…..He blows Sam Cooke out of the water while shitting on Otis Redding all at the same time when he sings….True and amazing talent, Drake will definitely go down in the History books as an all time great, no doubt!!!

      • Pherb Griff

        You sound like an idiot making those comments. You clearly don’t know what the hell you are talking about!!1
        Drake — Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, etc.

        Dude, just STFU.

      • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

        Look at you!!!! Got your thong in a twist, squeezing your nuts over sarcasm???? hahahahaha

      • Sean Taylor

        WOW you have NO life.

      • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

        And a broken leg and a laptop…..

      • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

        Idiot….after reading this you continue on on other posts….hop off my nuts…..

      • Awesome

        Drake is better than fathafreakin’ Luther Vandross and Prince combined. Ya’ll better recognize the realness of these metros!

        RealTalk, pass my white wine!

      • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

        Finally!!! Someone who recognizes greatness when he sees it!! I commend you!!!! I would love to see him do a duet with Aretha Franklin before she passes away, he is definitely on that level!!!

      • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

        Such fools on this site….

      • Pherb Griff

        Im outraged by your buffoonery. How old are you? You must be a lil kid or somn.. Just scram w that shit.

      • DreamZ

        he sound like a multiplatinum bitch they way he got Drake balls parked on his chin

      • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

        Time and time again, you so called hip hop fans prove me right….Read my other comments regarding the same issue….Why is it, when attempting to insult someone, everyone on this site cannot come up with one sentece without the mention of cokks in mouths and ball sack and shitt that is pure suspect and homo…You guys really need to get dicks and nuts outta your minds, it’s killin rap’s image….I mean…I bet Mr Cee dont got penis on his mind as much as you wannabe’s…..

      • DreamZ

        SILENCE VILLIAGE IDIOT!!!! …………………………………..you mad.

      • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

        okay monkey….have fun

      • DreamZ

        You mad.

      • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

        If you say so monkey 🙂

      • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

        You are an idiot my friend……

      • Pherb Griff

        Shhhhhhh. Just stop it.

    • Pherb Griff

      Drake is NOT an R&B anything. And he certainly is not a legend.

  • JerZeBoy

    Who? Who?…lol

  • MrNoName2K

    Damn lol niggas are gettin hungry.. get that money though..

  • johnblacksad

    erbody wants a piece of the pie

  • Tre C

    so he had replicas made of a real chain for his entourage?

    • jeezuz

      lmao that’s how a real nigga does!

      • Definitely!

      • Awesome

        Ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none.

  • Guillaume Pilon

    they just mad cuz he took the demo to his jew jeweler friend to save money

    • Prison_Wolf_Maleek

      Real talk….

  • PhilTheGreat

    Shiiiiit who knows maybe dudes take a lot of pride in their jewelry work. Would it be any different if someone went to the studio heard Drake’s song idea and then went and made the song without his approval?

    • KLewis

      But if you paid for Drake’s song idea “a la” a Birdman, then record ahead. Basically what I’m saying is, if Drake bought the chain, then he probably thought he had the right to the image..

    • Seriously

      its an owl pendant what damages did they receive???

  • Pherb Griff

    Drake sucks

  • Dubz

    50 stacks for a chain? No wonder yall get robbed.

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  • Megaton

    Wonder if you can get sued for replicating a Jesus piece since no one knows what his real face looked like… FOH, this is trifling for the lawsuit.

    • Seriously

      i agree this is petty

      • melodicmizery

        this is not petty, the jeweler makes his business by designing the specific logo for the person if its custom jewelry. if thats your design and someone takes your design to someone else to get it replicated for cheaper and they havent bought the design then there not allowed to do that. i worked in music, and logo that was designed was bought and contracted outright. music is full of trademarks and patents and copyrights. you cant just take someone elses work and go somewhere else with it. so depending on who owns what will justify what happens. im not taking either side but im just explaining how things work

  • Yall know I always go left with the comments…I just want to say the it would have been great for the readers and the writer of this story to post a pic of this piece of jewlry in question….Out of all the photos of Drake and you all couldn’t find one with him wearing this pendant.I know that this is a “Hip Hop” website but you all gotta do better.

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