Hip-Hop Rumors: L.A. Law Set to Make an Example Out of Kanye West

Kanye West isn’t the only celebrity known for attacking paparazzi but law officials in L.A. are planning to make an example out of him. Yeezy is getting prosecuted for messing with a photographer’s equipment at LAX over the summer and the reason why he’ll face criminal charges is due to his history of attacking paps says TMZ.

There was a case filed against Kanye for a 2008 incident but those charges were dismissed after Kanye paid for the repair. A lot of cases like this get dismissed. However, this time around Ye faces misdemeanor charges (criminal battery and attempted grand theft for grabbing at the camera), each of which carries a penalty of up to six months in jail or a $1,000 fine.

Dang Yeezy.

I still don’t get how someone so anti-paparazzi got mixed up with the Kardashians, though.

  • therealest1

    Make an example shit.

  • Kanye gets away with a lot!

    • DJ7

      Other than his “rants” (which is not criminal in any state, incl the District of Columbia, to my knowledge) would you care to shed light on just a few of that “lot” the brotha gets away with? I must have missed them…..

      • uuuummmmmm I believe destruction of property is a crime in every state unless you live on another planet…and to my knowledge he has done this shit more than once. He shouldn’t be “Kanye West” if he doesn’t want the flashing lights……..

      • DJ7

        You made it seem like the brotha had a list of offenses by your post yet could only site one…I guess AHH ain’t the only ones to sensationalize when speaking on subjects of limited knowledge…..smh….point made

      • I didn’t make it seem like anything, thats just the way you perceived/comprehended my comment…is that my fault or your’s?? It’s not my job to make your brain interpret things the right way. That’s your job.

      • KolBeast

        you literally said “he gets away with a lot” what else could that mean?

      • that could mean he gets away with many different things or the same things many times…..comprehension is a bitch isn’t it? Plus I wasn’t just talking in reference to the law either.

      • KolBeast

        lol being condescending only works when you know how to do it. He asked you for examples of what u were talking about and you had none. now your adding shit because the point you initially tried to make had no backing. Just stop it

      • obviously you can’t read….like I said before comprehension is a bitch isnt it… Im done, this conversation wasn’t even for you anyway…stop back up dancing… *ugh* I can’t stand bandwagoners. Im sure he can handle himself he didn’t need a cosigner.

      • Negro Peligro

        Yeap ya’ll gone be Fu(king and drinking country time lemonade after all this.

      • Get over it….Can a person leave a comment without you roaches feeding off of it? #justsaying

      • thank you!

      • DJ7

        What are you doing??? This is the comment section lil buddy…you know how sh*t go down…you’ve been around long enough…ol compassion trolling ass dude

      • DJ7

        Say word…sh*ts pathetic…Slim and the botty boy running to her defense know it as well…

      • Negro Peligro

        Ya’ll gone end up Fu(king this is how most make sex starts.

      • Thats how they are in here..They twist your comment, when they can simply just not read it and move along.

      • I see..lol n*ggas always feel they gotta say sumthing..seems like a complex issue smh, when in all actuality they just need to stay in their place.

      • DJ7

        No one pulled your chain Capt save em…your input / rebuttals would be best served in the Mr Cee threads seeing as how that’s right up your alley…as for reading and moving along…what did you just do???….always the botty boy trying to gain allegiance with a female in the wrong…

      • DJ7

        There’s no other way to interpret your statement…it’s not deep nor thought provoking…your job was to back up your erroneous claim to which you failed miserably…rule #1…if you’re going to slander someone, at the very least, be able to prove it or keep it moving otherwise you look foolish when called out…end of story…good day Ms…

      • shut up , you talk too much….and you are to desperate to prove a point….none of what you said still doesn’t take away from the fact that your comprehension is off. Does Kanye have u on his pay roll? If not he needs to because u campaignin for that n*gga hard AF.

      • DJ7

        Why the disrespect sista??? What you fail to realize is that I campaign for all my brothas and sistas on a daily, sometimes in the form of constructive critism b.u.t. I figure our people get enough negative energy from the enemy, why help facilitate and validate???…as for shutting up…don’t get upset when pulled to the carpet and you start moonwalking, I have good intentions…if you stick around long enough, you’ll find yourself in agreement with the majority of my post vs being the subject of one….btw…my comprehension stays on point thus the avi…get familiar

      • WTF of all fucks are u talking about???? Your comprehension obviously doesn’t stay on point because u took a general statement and turn it in to a all day conversation about how your quirky brain interpreted my comment, in which I really don’t give two shits about in the first place. I may agree wih u on sum other post in the future down the line sumtime but right now today, I dont agree with you on this one, Like I said kanye gets away with a lot, thats my opinion. My comment is not going to change to appease u. I mean what I say and I say what I mean. POINT, BLANK, period! If this makes you unhappy then so be it.

      • DJ7

        You are officially an overtly sensitive moonwalker…you stand by a comment with shakey legs and use condenscending tactics as your defense mechanism when called on it…weak…that’s the true definition of a shallow individual that lacks credibility…contrary to “your beliefs” you are the one struggling with “basic” comprehension…no need to rebut b/c you’re saying the same things over and over….*newsflash*…it’s not helping you…

      • Blah blah blah another four page letter…are you done yet?

      • DJ7

        We were done after your 1st incoherent reply b.u.t. YOU decided to keep it going by trying to defend the indefensible using child like tatics and that didn’t set well with the GOD…You hate to read b.u.t. love to pot shot…typical adolescent behavior!!!! Girl go play…

      • womp womp womp, NO, I was done when I made my original comment, you just came along to add your measly 2 cents which wasn’t needed, and with CONSTANT persistence, kept trying to tell me what u think when I didn’t give a shit to begin with soooooooooo while u still over there reachin, reach up a smack yourself pls!

      • DJ7

        Check mate….

        *The End

  • junj03

    This week Hip Hop top 50 charts:

    #2 Weeknd Kiss land 97,985 I know, not hip hop.

    #3 2Chainz BOAT 2 60,664

    #18 Jay Z MCHG 17,324

    #27 Juicy J Stay Trippy 12,668

    #36 Big sean HOF 8,922

    • That Magna Carter has staying power!

      • junj03

        Jay Z got that power.

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        what did u do this week besides comment on things u will never accomplish? QUEENS!

  • He simply thought that he could continue to destroy peoples property becuase he has the means to pay, but much like all celebs he is forgetting that paying money is not always an option. You wanna talk smack and act crazy and expect people not to ask you questions Kanye? What was he thinking?

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  • KolBeast

    Let me be downtown in my own city n just run up snappin hella pics of unexpecting people even when they want me to stop. im goin to county prison in 15 minutes flat.

    • Negro Peligro

      Oh no the police would shoot you and wouldn’t even get a ticker on the morning news.



  • Jail time for Yeezy?!!! No way, protective custody or house arrest. Damn Ye hopefully Kim doesn’t go astray if locked up.

  • lock dat nigga up. so he can come out and act gangsta for wrestling a pap ahahahahahahahaha kanye sucks doe yall nigga actually bump dat shit?>??

  • timwest1000

    Amanda Bynes did more than Ye

  • Hazewritings

    LMAO @ “I still don’t get how someone so anti-paparazzi got mixed up with the Kardashians, though”.

    • Deeznuts15

      Exactly .