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Hip-Hop Rumors: Man That Was To Fight Gucci Speaks!

Big Tigger is doing this thing down in Atlanta at V103. And he locked in with the dude that tried to to KO Gucci Mane. Lo and Behold…he’s talking and there is more to it than we thought. Look below and see how it went down.

“I do want the world to know that Gucci is a very, very disrespectful brother.”

“This goes back to when my wife was working for DA Gucci grabbed my wife’s behind.”

“I saw him at the Lenox Mall and I was selling my CDs and I walked up to Gucci and said what’s up Gucci, with the cd in his face, and the first thing he said when he recognized me was, “Make a move man. Throw your hands!”

“That’s the first thing that came out Gucci’s mouth. So I said hey Gucci I’m not here to fight. Then he said I don’t do pictures. I said I ain’t ask you for not picture cuz and then he said I’m not no homosexual! I like women! I said hold on Gucci you ain’t got to disrespect me and then he said well throw your hands!”

Looks like Gucci encouraged the fight. But the dude’s wife jumped in.

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“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

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  • Guest

    LOL! Gucci doesn’t play the radio, what did he wants? we are the world speech.

    • dehova

      WTF are you talking about?

  • mike malarkey


  • Lamar Star

    Yeah Gucci is an a**whole but he should have known that he wasn’t going to be able to have any kind of straight foward intelligent conversation with him after the behavior he displayed after getting dropped from Atlantic, and going on his little Twitter rants.

  • MrNoName2K

    fight? you mean slap box…

  • DJ7

    Sh*t was on wshh 3 days ago…why drag this situation out…it’s over…Gucci is chilling comfortably @ his home away from home and the other dude is basically on a promo tour for his home made R&B cd…you want juice…check out Waka’s interview on the breakfast club…he’ll give your site more ammo then a sweet Tigger interview

  • JerZeBoy

    Gucci does have issues. Dude is bipolar. Major ups and downs. He needs meds before something happens….

  • Gucci gets it in…don’t fugg around!

  • Tre C


  • Papi Peligro

    Gucci need to stay out the MALL. Wack dude did all that posturing after dude grab his WIFE. Gucci right either see a nigga or don’t speak.

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  • $31339281

    hahaha he didnt want your bum ass cd- and apparently u look gay hahaha GUCCI!

  • Obi Won

    In other words Gucci was wondering WTF you want when he was chilling

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  • LB_Stay_Keyed_Ent

    that type of shit will get u shot in the face where im from