Hip-Hop Rumors: Nas' Ex Comes Back With Book And TMI!

Just when you thought Nas was moving past all the old stuff in his life, somebody comes back. Carmen Bryant, the mother of Nas’ daughter, does an online interview and she reveals a bit too much about some stuff that was only rumored before. But in the book, she reveals that she has a new book coming out that will tell a lot more stuff about God’s Son we really didn’t need to know.

Check what Rhymes With Snitch posted:


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  • Dead wrong

    “Because of you i’m on some old f a biiitch shyt!” Maybe Nas’ biggest L ever, a baby mamma so evil she’ll sleep with an opposing MC.

    • $28825362

      Jay lucky this female had a miscarriage.

      • LOL~N

        So true!

      • lethal5

        Fo’ real, or he’d be spending so of that $millions to have her off’d!

      • $28825362

        I wouldn’t be surprised if Jay had somebody slip her something so she would miscarry. Jay foul like that.

  • hogmog

    Chick is beyond bird status a long time ago. But of course, like always, women looove to play victim and buy into the whole gimmick no matter what. Trust that there’s alot of women defending her actions talking about he probably did some shit or believe everything she’s saying. Can some things be true? Of course. None of us know these people personally. Women love that gossip shit though and they always victimize the women and then ironically tell the men to grow up, be a man and all that nonsense shit.

  • YungKizz

    boo hoo who gives a F*** nas aint worryin bout dat Bytch

  • TruthSerum

    I have no pity for him, that’s what you get when you fall for a whore, just seeing the way she acts, anybody with a little common sense should have been able to see her character from the jump. People don’t just wake up one day and start acting like this, it’s in their nature from the start. These rappers always fall for these industry chicks and then stand around acting surprised when they turn around and stab them in the back, should have made smarter decisions on the company you were keeping.

    • She wasn’t an industry chick, she is the cousin of Main Source’s Large Professor, who put Nas on.

    • live and think

      yeah cause u NEVER made a mistake AND you ALWAYS see shit comin…get real u talking about one who is not an avg rapper but then u prolly on child support now

  • So wrong on so many levels, smh whenever the man is flying high there’s a salty b!tch that wants to clip his wings

    • InTheNightKitchen

      Salty human cause men do this too, but then again we call them bitches so I guess you were right from the start

      • InTheNightKitchen

        You voted down the truth b. You’re telling men don’t do the exact same doo-doo?

      • Kyle Meta4ce

        this isn’t about men, and women do it WAY more often.

  • Chris

    “What do you think Nas would have done if you didn’t miscarry and kept the baby by Jay-Z?”
    -Killed himself.

    Damn. She didn’t have to ether that man like that. SMH.

    • pauleyPee

      I like Nas and I think this whole thing is tasteless… And I ain’t one to laugh at the next man’s pain…………………………….. But that comment almost made me ctfu in my Econ class. Daaaaaaaaaaaaamn!

      • Chris

        Real talk. Chicks be so thirsty for attention, though. SMH.

  • Papi Peligro

    Shout out to Child Support checks running out. Extortion. They should make a law where you have to authorize a book just going in on your personal life.

    • Splatter

      Child support stops when a child reaches the age of 21 or earlier if the child becomes emancipated. In New York, a child becomes emancipated when he or she marries, joins the armed services, lives on his or her own and is working fulltime. The non-custodial parent must apply for the termination of child support upon the emancipation of the child… By the way Destiny is 19 and i don’t see her joining no military so Nas still paying. i think 21 is a New York law as most are 18. My loving go hard city make every law more severe.

  • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    This “woman” claims to have evolved yet she continues to write and talk about Nas. Honestly this chick has no discernible talent save for the fact that she f@cked a couple of famous dudes.

  • junj03

    In the mean time, Nas is enjoying life with his Hennessey
    deal & his 17 Million dollars in the bank.

  • Keem

    Their daughter is grown now…… who’s bitter?

  • Phillip Green

    someone sounds bitter. i agree wit Sir Salty Mcginty, she said she evolved but is coming out with a book with details from like 15-20 years ago?

    you really can not take what she is saying as truth. she has a motive and it is to make $$$$. and how will she make that money? by creating drama by dropping the names Nas and Jay Z.

    their daughter is prolly 18 or almost 18. and guess what? the checks will stop coming.

  • RapItUp

    Takeover verse directed at Nas + Super Ugly >>>> Ether

    • Live Well

      You’re high.

      • live and think

        no sir u looking in da mirror bruh bruh

      • Live Well

        You get no props for goin to the Superhead tactics when you’re losing a battle. Nas reprogrammed Jay on Ether.

      • Dubz

        So, clowning someone with Jokes is better or gets more props then spitting the truth?

      • Eli Pinilla

        Where didnt nas also speak truth though??? So dame wasnt dancin like diddy??? Jay didnt name himself after jaz? They didnt name themselves rockafella(street dude who died of aids not Rockafeller like the family) he wasnt eatin foxie puss?? Eminiem aint murder him on his own shit? He aint keep nas name in his music? Russel simmons aint run them? Biggie rhymes dont come out of jay-z mouth? Jay dont look like a camel? Jay fans are delusional when they say there weren’t any facts in ether.

      • RapItUp

        Annnnnd, Nas calls(/ed) himself Escobar, when we all know otherwise…. Dissing Dame is dissing Jay how, exactly? Rockerfeller died of AIDS, OOOOOOOOO!!! **school yard chant.

        I know there is truth to what Nas was saying (outside of the stupid jokes, ‘Tae-bo Ho’, whiskers like a rat? etc. etc.) but.. dude.. the fact is, Jay MENTIONED Nas in one verse of a song, Nas made a 4 VERSE song completely aimed at Jay.. and then Jay put out a song that (talk about facts, look at ya girl up there still cosigning) really put the kids to sleep. Ether was good.. But Jay didn’t get got!

      • Eli Pinilla

        Jayz facts is nas dropped 4 albums in 10 years(false)..nas was using his voice wrong(opinion) 2 of nases albums was garbage(opinion) nas had the worst verse on oochwally(opinion).

        Im a jay fan so I dnt wanna bash ol boy….but he got destroyed on ether. He admits it. Its just fact at this point. The man damn near shed tears on the angie martinez show. And when new york voted on ether vs super ugly, ether won. Theres a reason people say “he got ethered” and not “he got takeovered”….prodogy?!?!? Jay end ended his career imo….nas?!?!? He shoulda just left nas alone

      • RapItUp

        Lol @ takeovered, haha. Well the ether was supposed to make it burn slow, and I heard about Jay getting emotional on Angie Martinez… that’s rough man.. haha, To me, he got very personal with Super Ugly. So personal in fact, they made an article about some of the very circumstances mentioned on that track in this article 12 years later.. Nas was poppin slick (and I’m no NY nigga but I wish I could’ve seen the energy out there at this time!), but.. just in my humble opinion, I don’t think he won the battle. Based off the evidence provided to me via wax. Lol

      • Eli Pinilla

        To me, super ugly is what someone does when they gettin dissed sooo bad that they gotta get more personal, Dig deeper… “ngga, u ugly” *everybody laughs* response is “so is your dead momma” *everybody pauses*…..everybody paused when they heard super ugly. And not in a good way either…….it was def a classic time though. The best hiphop battle of all time. And I dnt see it being topped anytime soon

      • RapItUp

        Yea I feel you, I definitely felt that way about digging deeper when Pac came at Biggie like that, to me it seem unwarranted.. but I am bias-ly giving Jay the pass for putting Nas BM out there like that.. haha, it was a nasty cut.

        He did tear poor Prodigy up too. I still get down w/ P after Takeover, if Pac can wear a tu-tu and get away with it, damnit so can Prodigy! Still making that grimey NY sound!

      • Eli Pinilla

        Pac and big was very personal. And biggie never officially responded so it wasnt much of a battle…..prodigy lost it on the infamy album. Thats when he switched his flow up to that slow shit hes been doin since. But when jay said he had money stacks bigger than him, I almost cried tears of laughter. Its funny that people say nas was just clownin and thats not good enough but jay destroyed prodigy just off of clownin him…..

      • RapItUp

        I think Prodigy just got humiliated by the Summer Jam screen.. lol. Notice Nas tried to string Jay up w/ the noose at Summer Jam but.. did he get stopped, or did he have a change of heart? Nas was the one who’s soul was burning.. lol!

        Speaking of digging deep, what did you think of Nas vs. Cam? I think Cam got VERY personal, and .. wait a minute.. do people think Ether was a more personal/scathing diss than You gotta love it?? Speaking of Cam, I think the only person who got close to best’ing him was 50.. but he just got fronted on a fiscal tip..

      • Eli Pinilla

        Cam smashed nas on that song. I aint even gone lie…..

      • RapItUp

        Cam didn’t play back in them King of NY days.. lol he wasn’t really a contender in terms of lyrical aptitude, but .. he brought those diss tracks out though!

      • Splatter

        camron is garbage. so is every single member of Dipset. including Max B. i don’t care what any a yall say. that off beat fashion rap was not New York Hip Hop…actually they should come back now to fit in.

      • Eli Pinilla

        I was never a fan tbh. Cam got wordplay though….and he took it to nas on that shit. Not sayin he better, but he got off on that shit.

      • Splatter

        he used to be good, back in the late 90’s but soon as you started hearing dipset being said all over thats when lyrics and even flow got terrible and annoying.

      • Eli Pinilla

        Thats kinda how that beef started….nas called him out on come home bein s wack album. Cam was ill back in the children of the corn days

      • Dubz

        Thats the thing tho….Nas attacked saying Jay-Z was gay…so you come back and let people know whats up…thats the ultimate diss…I’m clowning you and I got your girl….”Put it together I rock hoes yall rock fellas” Apparently Jay-Z was rockin you baby momma…”you though I was bonin’ Vanette
        You callin Carm a hundred times I was bonin her neck”
        Come on man…this dude Jay-Z went in.

      • Eli Pinilla

        Its all relative….I say nas won cuz the rhymes were better, the song was better, it had a bigger impact. And the fact that it was a response when people thought he was done……u think jay smashin this smut is more impactful than anything nas could say. We just view it different. Pac f*cked faith, dnt make him a better rapper than biggie though. When history looks back at it, nas won with ether….and this chick is a smut, so yea, jay went in on that, but the fact that other duded did too kinda mutes that point. If marcus houston disses jay tomorrow and says he f*cked beyonce, it wouldnt make him the winner in the battle cuz of that…..especially when this chick is sayin jay fell in love with her too……..

      • Dubz

        Thats why I said Nas came with the Jokes…clowning…Jay-Z came with facts. I did think it had a bigger impact…especially when throughout your track you calling dude ugly…can’t get women, gay….then turns out he smashing yo girl. I do believe Ether was the better “track” classic song…but I can’t say he won…especially when you had industry cats confirming stuff Jay-Z was talking about “I showed you your first tec on tour with Large Professor then I hear talk about your tec on your dresser” I guess we can agree to disagree about this one.

      • Eli Pinilla

        The thing is. They both came with facts in a joking manner. Jay was clownin on takover. The way he through the laaammeee in there and callin him escos trash…when nas came back with ether, jay got his feelins hurt and had to get personal. I get how u lookin at it, like from a real life perspective of I fucked yo baby moms, but so did iverson. And pete rock(thats why they only have one song together). It dont mean that jay a pimp and smashed nas bm behind his back, it means his bm is a smut…….agreed lol

      • RapItUp

        I really hope Jay didn’t fall in love w/ her.. He had to know the consequences behind that.. must’ve been spitting those Cashmere thoughts at her. lol

      • Splatter

        hahah you brought up the Marques Houston! good point! i would not get tight if that nigga talked about my smut baby moms. probably only thing id be upset of is my daughter hearing about her mom in that way but Destiny grown now so she gonna figure it out.

      • IToldYoMommaYouAintSh_t

        WORD! LMAO…real shit

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        dont forget jays flunkies dropping bars at nas too … nas had to bomb hard cause in his own words he was battling dudes by the football #s at that time

      • RapItUp

        Lol @ Jay’s flunkies, haha. Speaking of flunkies, remember Nas boy Jungle?? Lol!

        Yea that’s right, NY was really poppin back then.. isn’t that around the time fellow QB affiliates Nas and Prodigy fell off too?

      • Dubz

        Ether was a dope track…but really the only thing you posted that was hard was the Eminiem murder you on your on ish line….So Nas said he was eating Foxy out….so what he was banging Nas chick…when Nas was still with her….Not just Jay-Z but Allen Iverson too…..

        “When does reality set in or does it not matter?Gotta hurt, I’m your baby mama’s favorite rapper” -Jay-Z

        That line hurts bro. Especially cause Nas was still with her.

      • Eli Pinilla

        I thought that ” is he dame diddy, dame daddy, or dame dummy? Oh I get it! U biggie and he puffy” line was effin hilarious…..

      • IToldYoMommaYouAintSh_t

        NaS made Jay look like a clown all over Ether…bruh the people already spoke on this…listen to the Jay Z interview on hot 97 right after the battle…Jay was in tears

      • Live Well

        That ain’t hurt that bad. She just exposed herself as a snake hoe who got used. NY chose Ether.

      • Live Well


      • RapItUp

        LOL!! Superhead tactics, hey that was cold business.. But Jay warned him in Takeover… “You know who, did you know what, with you know who, let’s keep that between me and you (for now)” He told him to chill out! Then Super Ugly he had to enlighten us about that baby seat! Lol!!

      • Frank

        wow he said “reprogrammed” lmao.

      • RapItUp

        I might be.. but that doesn’t change the fact that Jay finessed Nas in that battle! Nas had just a little more gimmick (the beat of Ether, actually embroidered w/ anti-Jay sentiment, plus it was like a 7 minute, I’m-making-a-whole-retaliatory-song-based-off-your-one-verse track) and If you listen to Takeover, then Ether, and Super Ugly directly in the order, back to back, the victor will emerge from the smoke. The silly roasts and name-calling just didn’t do it for me (it’s a gutter track and I even purchased hard copy Stillmatic when it dropped as well, but for all intents and 2001 NY battle purposes)

    • Don Surf

      Yup! Everybody forgets Jay(Takeover)broke em’ down and mobb deep, maimed prodigy and sent out warning shots all on one record.

      • IToldYoMommaYouAintSh_t

        Last real nigga alive closed the casket on Jay Z as far as that battle goes

    • IToldYoMommaYouAintSh_t

      You can’t rewrite history lil homie lmao…the shots were
      Jay: Takeover Summer jam (Nas line bait)
      NaS: H to the O.M.O (freestyle)
      Jay: Takeover (album version)
      NaS: Ether
      Jay: Superugly
      NaS: You’re the man (a few shots)
      Jay: Blueprint 2 (song on second cd when he was whining like a lil bitch and thought he finished the boy…it was wack so he took it off when he made Blueprint 2.1 like he never even did it.)
      NaS: Last real nigga alive (closed the casket on that nigga…what Jay thought he was doing with Blueprint 2.)

      History is already written my friend good try though. I’m a fan of Jay too but they both through shots and in the end he made Jay look like a bitter hater. Everybody saw that. Then he did him like Scarface did Monolo

      • RapItUp

        meh.. this is good info, the subsequent (and off the grid) tracks with continued diss.. I remember last real nigga alive too. I am curious to check out BP 2. Lol @ whining, haha. but.. I’ll say this,

        1) please tell me what clubs you are in and Ether comes on?
        2) Just in my humble opinion, the shots fired at the Roc from Nas didn’t go in vain, but I think the “bitter hater” moves from Jay really got to Nas. Look at his dating resume post beef… to this day, he still can’t keep a chick in check.
        3) The big picture is, if that battle w/ Nas, and the song Ether are the biggest blemish on Jay’s record, then… **looks at Jay’s catalog/accomplishments/accolades/being Nas boss/etc… I’d say Jay did ok!

      • IToldYoMommaYouAintSh_t

        These kids are the Gods of rap man they are going to be alright no matter what…u see how quick Nas came out with Made NaS proud at 40…they are both built for hip hop so they’ll be good no matter what.

        As far as his girl situation goes…that’s probably just his fate man. Some dudes can’t be with a girl too long. I chilled with NaS and Q tip in St. Maarten with my girl and thank god she looked worn out from the trip because that kid is smooth…he bagged the chic that was behind us in line…he just seems like he likes too many chics. But dude is more humble than ME and I haven’t sold 1 record. He doesn’t seem like a real dominating dude. Not enough to have the patience to control a chic when they need to be in certain situations. But u never know what someone’s personal life is like with girls man so i can’t speak on that.

        Ether plays in real hip hop clubs from time to time. The ones where u will actually see cats breakin or where REAL hip hop is played. They still exist lmao but you do have to look for them.

      • RapItUp

        Real hip hop clubs, haven’t been to one of those in a while.. I copy you though bruh! Like a hip-hop coffee club. I’m out here in San Diego, and the market ain’t poppin like that. You want to go see some cocktail dresses, 5-6 inch heels, and drunken sorority girls tear shit up, that’s all out here. I admit, I’m super Jay-biased (but Nas supporter as well) so I really just wanted to heat this page up, spark some interesting convo. I’d say I had the most controversial comment on the page. Lol

        In the mix of that, I learned a few things and people shared some interesting perspectives on the battle. Now ya’ll got me feeling like Jay was scorned and bitter.. lol! That’s crazy you saw Nas in action like that. And humble too! I guess when you reach that level of fame, you can either be a straight up dick, or be a humble Joe and it doesn’t matter! As long as you blew up, they will blow ya!

      • krow132

        Plus its well documented that Nas is the one that was cheating on Kelis. Some dudes are not one women men, no matter how good their intentions are.

        As far as everything else homie was saying, some people have more business ambitions then others. You can’t judge the battle with all that other shit that really has nothing to do with going toe to toe on wax. Jay-Z learned how to work for himself and built a business sense because no one would sign him. So Jay and Dame had to do it all on their own. On the other side, everybody and their moms was coming to the hood trying to sign Nas cuz he was a prodigy. I read a complex Nas interview where he said he is not interested in the business side of things, and that he was offered the presidency at Atlantic when they were first trying to sign rap artist back in 96 or 97. and Nas passed on it because he has no idea about that shit and he did not want to deal with artist and it would completely take away from him as an artist/musician. Lets say Nas did accept that Job and learned as he goes, whos to say where his status would be now as a mogul but whos to say if his legend as a rapper would be as big.

        At the end of the day, Nas is still a multi millionaire, still living comfortably, and yeah hes not Jay-Z rich, but not everyone wants to be Jay-Z rich believe it or not. some people just want to be comfortable

      • beezy

        Don’t forget “Is that your B…”Nas and Bleek also traded barbs.

        BTW-The interview could very well be fraudulent; seems a lil extra.

    • IToldYoMommaYouAintSh_t

      LMAO then why is it when Ether comes on in a club people are like OHHH Shit!!! When Takeover or SuperUgly comes on nobody wants to hear that shit man. If Nas performs Ether at a concert that bitch will go wild…but he won’t cuz it opens old wounds

    • Edonus

      Ahhh man…. you was serious.

      I just thought you didnt know what this (>) symbol meant.

      • RapItUp

        Good one!

      • krow132


  • Live Well

    Sounds like Nas ain’t breakin her off no bread now that their daughter is grown.

    • Homegrown Chicks

      He can deal DIRECTLY with Destiny now, he ain’t gotta have shit to do with Moms at all really. Shits gotta burn a little! You can tell he’s in a good space right now.

  • great mother you are Carm. Set the example for your daughter.

  • Eli Pinilla

    C*nt b*tch muthaf*cka!!!! I hate hoes like this. And the interviewer should get they ass whooped for even entertaining that shit…..if hes such a piece of sh*t, then why u feel the need to talk about him all the time? Whats that say about u…..

    • Homegrown Chicks

      She’s “evolved” but he’s the only thing she has to talk about….lol

  • scullyson

    not a good look…..

  • Madstacks520

    Damn she crazy!!!

  • PMC aka PrimeMC

    Anybody can see this ho just thirsty for some attention GTFOH

  • ES408SJ95127

    Scorned bitches are the worst.

  • dehova

    I remember when Nas did the song “Daughters” she was saying how out of order Nas was to be putting stuff out there. So someone please explain to my KFC munching arse how talking about your childs father and his former wife wanting a 3 some is any better? See, the most important job in the world is that of the nurturer, the mother. And sadly so many women become mothers before they’re ready for the task.

  • Jahb1911

    That’s way more than I wanted to know.. her and Floyd baby mama should have a pity party.. #WomenScornedKills

  • The Real Will Cannon

    Does anyone have a glass of water for this bitch?

    • LiddyBug86


  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    i wish all female friends thought like her lol

  • IToldYoMommaYouAintSh_t

    Damn what the hell did she ‘evolve’ into. Nas is the truth so I won’t disrespect his baby mom but sheesh.

    • FRUKOH

      Fruk his bm, stop being a groupie

    • LiddyBug86


  • JINX

    evolve should mean acting like a grown women you are only relevant because of nas st

  • king

    This broad is another angry bitter person who mad how there life turned out.. She is all happy giddy being jay z`s sperm bank where deposited in all of her open holes.

  • chosenxeno

    Someone flash the Tommy Sotomayor symbol lol

    • Man Tommy would have a fukkin FIELD DAY with this…LMAO Corey Holcomb and Tariq Nasheed too lowkey.

  • Oh I see why she’s mad at Nas.I never read that book just heard shit.A woman scorned……

  • LexxBrown

    Carmen is like a roach, she will never go away

  • Why does any idiot get a book deal or a reality show?

  • $18916246

    Misguided aggression……..pray for her.

  • BossmanL

    Get hoodrats pregnant……

  • EniggaMA

    bitch jump off a building. when dude was laying low this broad aint make a sound.

  • RichFromBX

    damn, someone want to get this chick an Evian, some Poland Springs…at least a glass of tap water…

    • krow132

      the worst is how she talks about Jay-Z when this nigga dusted you on wax and is now married. both of them niggas moved on and making money together, Nas still smashing when he wants to obviously… shes playing herself big time

  • junMaf*ckn

    Damn I Hate Cornball Broads, B.

  • Guest

    wtf are my comments not going through this is bullshit one more n I’m headed to another site out of respect i wont say the name but starts with h ends with x

  • PhilTheGreat

    “Low key to the fame cuz I know these b*tches thirsty/ earn it then I keep it, ya’ll aint finna work me”

  • ChicagoWeOn

    She said all this shit in the first book already..smh. Nas gotta get a gag order on this chick. So annoying…loser


    Wack broad…..and she like a 5 1/2 smh

  • AndTheWorldMayNeverKnow

    dirty bird smh you can’t trust anybody especially these broads. What’s the saying about a woman scorned? smh

  • Hazewritings

    When the money run low so as hoes.

  • Obi Won

    Wait, how old is this bitter lady?
    Whats funny though is, no matter how much she tries to bash Esco’s name, no will look at the Legend different, so stop seeking attention and enjoy your last days of child support.

    • Da Bo$$ DON

      her child support days are over, thats why she’s seeking for attention. her daughter is now 19

  • redviagra

    NY niggaz take another loss this week!

  • Three 6 said it best, a bitch’ll be a nigga’s worst downfall…

  • krow132

    what a sloth. smh. who needs enemies with baby mommas like this. Jesus!