Jesse Jackson's Son Is In Jail But His Illegally Purchased Goods Are Up For Sale

(AllHipHop News) Want to dress like a descendant of Jesse Jackson? The chance is now as The U.S. Marshals Service will auction off the items the imprisoned former Congerssman illegally purchased with campaign funds.

Jesse Jackson Jr pleaded guilty to misusing campaign funds in February and was sentenced to 30 months in prison this past August (August 13th). Jackson Jr illegally spent almost $750,000 on cashmere/mink capes,  framed and autographed Michael Jackson Thriller poster 10 other items.

The entire list of the auctioned items are able to be accessed here.

  • therealest1

    Anyone want any of this shit?

  • Executive

    He was just tryin to do what the white man does. Muthafuckas been stealing since the beginning of time can a nigga at least get a mink n shit!

  • hoeyuno

    homie ain’t got shit on my mink cape collection..

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  • wickedjones

    Its amazing how one incident can tarnish a legacy. I mean this guy had power given to him just on the strength of who his father is.

    • They knew he was just as corruptible.

    • hoeyuno

      pretty dumb list of shit to waste campaign money on. But he is a politician and there job is to lie and dictate.. The sentence is a little harsh though….

  • PhilTheGreat

    Lol @ the sh*t he spent that money on!

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  • DesignatedH8R

    This is embarassing