[VIDEO] Is there such a thing as “Black Innocence”?

Jonathan Ferrell, was shot and killed by a Charlotte police officer while  running to the officers for help, after a serious car accident. He was unarmed.

I originally wrote this poem, as an intro to a photojournalism project called “Black Innocence”. After hearing about the death of former FAMU football player Jonathan Ferrell, who was killed by a Charlotte police officer, even though he was unarmed and running to the officers for help, I decided to record it and put it out.

Last week, a 8 year old Black boy, was shot in the face while playing tag. A week before that, a 16 year old unarmed teenager, was shot by police in Georgia while surrendering, after he skipped school. Is there such a thing as “Black Innocence” in this society? Take a listen to the above video and you be the judge.

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  • RBG4Life

    Every time one of us get killed and some bs excuse comes up, that just lets more cops know they can use us for target practice and get away with it. Its getting so blatant that its ridiculous! Its time to figure out an answer to this sh!t. We already know not to look in one direction for any kind of help or compassion. Time for something else..

  • Slaughtr

    Is there such thing as “WHITE INNOCENCE”.?!!!