Young Buck

Young Buck "Rage"


    The Dirty South Version of 2PAC…Get Em Buck!!!!… Man 50 is such a stubborn ass nigga… Dude would rather give a 10 Mill Dollar Deal to a guy with 10 Baby Mommas (Shawty Lo) than Bring Young Buck Back… I think Buck learned his lesson the hard way and 50 desperately need a buzz … there gotta be a way to work things out like Juve did at some Point with Birdman… It was a one time deal but it was profitable for both of them…. if 50 is willing to bring the UNIT back, just one dude!… it gotta be Young Buck…. In the Unit Nigga been the realest in terms of personality and work ethic … Forget Lazy Ass Yayo and Banks… Shit Drop Yayo and Bring Buck back… mmm yayo = Memphis bleek…. ok forget that… Drop Lazy ass Banks and get Buck Back… That Nigga Banks is taking years to drop a mixtape, Dude been pushing back his mixtape like he was trying to drop Detox or some shit… FOH!… Buck been dropping and will always drop some shit as long as he got the funds…

  • Jody

    Get ’em Buck….the South has real wordsmiths too. King David

  • 7yoyo7

    This track is dope! Buck The World!

  • RichieRich32

    I never understood all the hype that surrounded Lloyd Banks. I really never understood the Tony Yayo hype. Young Buck has flow and has always been hungry on the mic. He is FREE now. I hope he comes out hard as it sounds like he is on this track. He is attacking the song.