Fail of the Day: Drugs Got This Man Like Smokey in Deebo's Chicken Coop

Most of us know that drugs are bad and all that good stuff but some people just refuse to compute that message. As a result, said individuals get caught out there, and by out there, I mean literally on the internet looking crazy. The following video depicts a man high on something rolling around on the ground in front of a Popeye’s.

The man with the camera seems to think this guy is high from popping Mollies. I doubt it. I vote either bath salts, crack or pcp. If it’s bath salts everyone within a few yards better run before he goes angry zombie.

  • Donny P

    O.G dont make u do this bullshyt.. jus saying

    • Jared

      Smokey’s shit was laced though

  • Kyle Meta4ce

    Definitely PCP.

  • Vinsanity

    Spice or K2 bullchit

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  • Imperial

    Fail of the day goes to queerseed for stealing videos from other sites.

  • Lamar Star

    This sh*t was on worldstar yesterday. Fail should go out to the a*swhole camera man for deciding to film this sh*t rather than help the guy out

  • Dougla Cat

    Meh boy crawling around like Spidah Man!