Ja Rule – Fresh Out The Pen

  • Jorge Vazquez

    still sucks

  • This dope!!

  • BrotherMan21

    Yo lips yo eyes iiiiiiiiiiii…. and I cant deny iiiiiiiiii (love it when you call me baby)

    • Lamar Star

      What would I be without yoooooooooooooou !

  • Rule BabyyyYYYYY! Is still wack, but Glad he’s out!

    Good Luck!

  • LexxBrown


  • bigdoe6

    Nah this aint it.

  • Doc Franchise

    Rule is one of the few cats I always hope can get a win…..dude was killin’ at one point (singles and albums) and anyone who says he wasnt is lying…this isnt it though….he needs to link with a female r/b and make a hit forget the street songs.

    • andone

      man i cant really front on atkins either no matter how lil respect i have for him… ur making good points, even tho i was never really a fan dude had “HITS”…

      real talk if i was his manger id be trying to get him on songs/remix’s like sean kingstons “beat it”… whoever is handling jeffrey’s “music career” slept on that it came out right after he was released and had his name written all over it if u ask me…

      as u said this type of rule wont garner/entice recognition/attention and is not gonna be heard… radio ja has a “formula” and thats the type of sound he needs in order to shine while he still has a chance!

  • Matt Swan

    I’m feeling it. Has the feel of Rule when he first came out. And it’s better than the pop hop that’s out today.

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  • dehova

    Kane, Rakim, G Rap, KRS, Slick Rick, Ice Cube, Cool J. That could be considered the heights. The bar’s been dropped so low now midgets are doing 360 dunks

    • PhilTheGreat


  • ja rule about as gangsta as kirk cameron

  • did he also mix the track? cause it sound terrible

  • necklace rhymes with breakfest duh…… lame ass rhymes

    • beavis

      I’m a closet Ja Rule fan

      • im sure u are in the closet

      • beavis

        I’m a closet Ja Rule fan

  • RichieRich32

    Come on Rule. You have to come better than this my dude. The beat was lame and so were the rhymes. He has to get it together and fast.

  • Freebe Jackson

    this on the level of everything else thats out now…..need to be mixed down better

  • Quintin Williams

    Rule, you dissapointed me…smh

  • Quintin Williams

    He was suppose to come out with a party song or do something w/ Ashanti

  • overlooked

    rule doing it big, this is just a reintroduction for the haters, soon he’ll drop a pop record and they’ll hate on that too, lol Ja been hott, cats are too lame to have their own opinion, its murda!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jason Mazur

    I don’t know how I felt about that…….

  • Samuel Haye

    rule is going hard he better than most of these new niggaz he deserves another shot real talk a lot of yall are full of shit hating on a nigga who making money while u talk shit if a soft nigga like drake can run the game y hate on ja what other rapper you know actually put his hand on 50 win or lose no body so quit hating