Gang Member Arrested In Killing Of 6 Year Old Tiana Ricks, Snoop Lion &Game Donate To The Funeral

(AllHipHop News) Over two weeks after six year old Tiana Ricks was fatally shot while visiting family in Moreno Valley, CA, a 21 year old admitted gang member has been arrested in connection to the shooting.

A collaborative effort between the the Moreno Valley Police Department’s Special Enforcement and Gang teams, the Investigation Bureau and the Sheriff’s homicide investigators placed Keandre Johnson as a prime suspect in the murder and he was arrested on Tuesday (September 17th).

Johnson is on parole and was arrested on suspicion of murdering Tiana Ricks as well as attempted murder for wounding Tyrell Ricks, Tiana’s father.

Tiana Ricks funeral was held this past Saturday (September 14th) Snoop Lion and Game donated over $20,000 to the funeral costs.

Snooop expressed his sorrow in a written statement obtained by the LA Times following Tiana’s death:

Little 6-year-old girls are not supposed to die from a gunshot. But it keeps happening, From the mass shootings in Aurora and Newtown, to gang violence in the streets and murders in our own backyards, too many tears are being shed, too many young lives are being cut short. We need to come together to change this.

  • Sean Taylor

    But I thought that was gangsta??

    • Guest

      Your momma psy is gangsta that sht killing niggas

  • MrNoName2K


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  • PhilTheGreat

    Sad man. What a beautiful child too.

  • Thenatural503

    So why aren’t we out there marching and holding protest on Cali? Why aren’t we demanding this gang member get the death penalty?

    • Celz

      Cuz he’s done for.. He’s not gonna get off on stand your ground..

      • Thenatural503

        You obviously don’t understand the point. The point is we should be just as outraged that a baby/child was killed by someone. Regardless of who did the killing or what happens to the killer we should be just as outraged. Otherwise we’re nothing but a bunch of racist hypocrites hiding behind the internet.

      • Celz

        The outrage is for unequal protection under the law, you know a violation of the constitution. And people did protest you were just too lazy to look it up. There were hundreds if not thousands at her funeral doing just that.

  • Celz

    Niccas need to step it up man.. Niccas is bangin in Moreno Valley when there is no need to.. Shyt is ass backwards, I got love for the city still.. There was a problem long before this unfortunate incident..

    • 313Hiphophead

      Moreno valley ain’t got shit on the daily violence I see out here in detroit ! I’m not glorify at all tho.

      • Celz

        1. It doesn’t

        2. You for damn sure wouldn’t say that in Moreno Valley.. Or anyone else from Detroit for that matter..

        3. It’s worse in a sense cuz Moreno Valley is the burbs.. Most a the niccas (and eses now too) come from families that made it out the hood.. So niccas is really out there active when there isn’t as much of a need to be.. Real shyt I seen drive bys on 3 story houses if that’s not a new level of ignorance I don’t know what is..

        4. Why you bringin up Detroit? Is that shyt a badge of honor.. I’m not proud of being witness to murders.. I never even said it’s the roughest city cuz it’s not, San Bernardino stays in the running for the West Coast murder cap and that’s 15 mins away..

      • 313Hiphophead

        I’m just saying we in places like detroit, chicago etc would rather have y’all crime rate then ours .

      • Celz

        That’s my point why are you saying that? What does that have to do with the article or my comment. Yes it’s safer and nicer that’s a given. BUT you will still get robbed and niccas from Compton, NY, Watts, Detroit, or wherever who come through thinkin this the burbs I can do what I want end up 6 feet..

    • DJ7

      I used to go to that outlet mall in MV when I stayed out west yeeeears ago…back then it seemed like a safe (er) place to raise a family as opposed to it’s neighboring towns/cities…I stayed in Palm Springs near the mall area (military / minimal drama) b.u.t. maneuvered all throughout SoCal and MV used to be my shopping spot…other than the swap meets in Compton and the joint in Inglewood

      • Celz

        It was nice back in the day.. But being kinda cut off from the rest of the I.E. means low job prospects for many and then when people found out you could sell a 3 bedroom 1 story in Compton and get a 5 bedroom 2 story in Mo Val it was a rap..

      • DJ7

        True…you can take a cat out the hood b.u.t. you can’t take the hood of a cat…

  • Tre C

    R.I.P. to the fallen, and the family of the little girl as well. I feel for the family of this 21 year old killer too. Always tough to watch a loved one throw their life away.

    On another note, Game stays glorifying gangs, drugs, violence, and stayed in confrontations. Him donating to the funeral, cool, but the money he used for it, comes from the same bullshit he endorses. Guess it doesn’t matter though, as long as the money is there huh?

  • 313Hiphophead

    Stop involving innocent family in bullshit violence niggas nowadays have NO standards at ALL!!

  • yung cut up

    these people are crazy, to many crimes are happening. everyone wants to be tough and set an example in a negative way. god bless that young girl and her fam.
    I am an indie artist/military vet with over 40 videos and thousands of views each. with a highly anticipated mixtape for my core following. it looks like I could be that next new name people will be talking about in 2014. check out my material on youtube..search YUNG CUT UP #godbless and tweet me

    • Dadon850

      Man how you ain’t embarrassed putting some bullsh!t like that on the internet?? I hate to be cruel dude but rap ain’t your thang. Try school, you might love it.

      • TALK_BOSS

        Damn I’m in tears laughing right now cuz that was brutal

    • Donny P

      I jus checked u out on YT.. “Hold me back” is tragic man.. College my ni99a… Word of the day “College”

  • speedy37

    These niggaz promote gang life in there music but they buying coffins smh.

    • Matt Swan

      Yeah but our dumb a$$es support them and glorify “the life” and the streets. Who’s the actual fool?

    • Gary C. Booker

      Snoop has been making a concerted effort to change his image for quite some time now. Give credit where credit is due.

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  • king

    Ni$$er $#!+ at its finest

    • Anthonyd Smith

      Shut your devil ass up. You talking about niggers? You rape sheep and cows and do it like you’re all holy. Shut your ass up

      • king

        Devil lol it is ni$$er $#!+ we constantly destroying our youth hey why don’t be part of the solution not the problem

  • Obi Won

    Sadly, this is the way of life for some. Gang violence, will continue. As much as we would LOVE this nonsense down to a minimum, as long as people have the mentality that Money is King, people will still act like savage animals and still kill for it. Turf wars to me are bull ish, if NOTHING is done, when the city takes it to build a Condo. I think a lot of brothers went all Muscle and the Brains went to the curb. Literally!!! Either way, ish is sad.
    On Snoop and Game, I know the older we get the smarter and more peaceful we may become, Snoop I can say showed this with his LIFE transition. Game could be genuine and it always helps to donate to something like this, but u never know he might be beating some rappers a$$ and then throw his flag up. Who knows.

  • hoeyuno

    Sad….good look on game and snoops part. Let the coward spend the rest of his life in a over crowded cell. he don’t deserve to die.