Hip-Hop Rumors: Big Meech Coming Home?

At first I thought Big Meech was coming home, but there is something else happening. If you know about BMF, then you know about “The White House.” The White House is owned by Demetrius Edward Flenory aka Big Meech of BMF, who the Feds say is an infamous drug dealer. BUT, I should say WAS the owner, because I am hearing that it has recently been sold to Atlanta Attorney, Catherine G.  McCauley. McCauley ALLEGEDLY had a very cool relationship with Meech back in the day and this purchase is raising some eyebrows. Its getting some people to believe that the big homie Meech may be coming home and this is the set up. The White House was close to being turned over to the government, but my sources say this lawyer got it! Its a beautiful space, valued at about $358,000.

Maybe she’s setting up for Meechie’s return!?! Or just now owns a dope home. Literally!

Meech's House (front)

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  • Jonathan Bacher

    thumbs down for illseed once again

  • Casor_G

    wow what a stretch

  • Carlos

    damn, thats all its worth, my single family 3 bedroom was 225k, i need to move out of Massachusetts, get me a mansion like that

    • johnblacksad

      I thought I was lookin at a million dollar crib…

      • Troll_E_G

        Prolly sold lower due to a gov confiscation….I.e drug dealer cars in the auction

    • therealest1

      You have to account for the fact that Georgia area homes are cheaper. I heard even big houses are cheaper out there.

      I heard that’s why there’s been an influx of black folks who began moving to Atlanta since the last decade due to cheaper housing in good areas. And there’s still so much land out there despite new properties being built. It also offers a comfort level for black folks to move out there since Atlanta is a majority black town.

      • Casor_G

        most “cities” are majority black. the white folks live in the burbs

      • therealest1

        Based on research, Atlanta has lots of affluent black families living in suburbs and gated communities. I believe there are more wealthy black people than wealthy white people in Atlanta.

        But you’re right, it is that way in lots of cities around America. But Atlanta seems different.

  • johnblacksad

    “I got apartments you can put your home in”

  • Donny P

    iLLseed, you need a visit from some BMF dudes for this dumbass article

    • johnblacksad


  • How are you gonna refute the title of the article in the very first sentence of the article?? damn that shit’s wack!!

  • illness

    Illseed, you really, really suck as a writer. Stop with the flimsy, weak ass, half-baked ass, false conclusion drawing rumors and start gathering more facts and reporting some real, proven shit. Please!

    • trilltalk1

      it is called allhiphop RUMORS key word RUMORS. lmao yall need to get a knife and cut it out.

  • RichFromBX

    dude is personally responsible for the killings of many black males and has ruined the lives of many black families – dude should never get out of prison.

    • dope stash

      Meech had a positive impact on alot of people . its easy for people who only know what they have been told to pass judgment. Meech was not known for promoting violence. there organization promoted the values of trust , honor , and loyalty. they sold a product that was questionable but never forced it on any one ( the people who bought it choose to do so and could get simular products from a doctor and pharmacist ) and in doing so provided economic security for many people. Meech personally advocated for men being men and taking care of their families. They did not always play by the rules , but what person that achieves wealth does? Meech’s crime was empowering black males to take control of their economic destiny by selling a product that in some circumstances is illegal. Pick any billionaire of your choosing and I can show you how they are guilty of the crimes Meech is accused of , they just get a pass for having the right friends or making money for the right people.

      • Casor_G

        Dude sold cocaine…

      • RichFromBX

        “Pick any billionaire of your choosing and I can show you how they are guilty of the crimes Meech is accused of”

        okay, show me where Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs, Oprah and Bill Gates sold drugs and had people murdered…go

      • DJ7

        May not have been drugs directly b.u.t. the money came from somewhere and best believe some of it has blood on it…

      • RichFromBX

        c’mon now, are you really saying that Oprah and them are just as bad as Meech or any other drug dealer? and then people wonder why there’s no progress…

      • DJ7

        Depends on who you ask fam…. for example Bill Gates / Steve Jobs…those precious components vital to electronics has Afrikans losing lives….as I type this…may not seem like much to you b/c it does’t affect you directly b.u.t. I know plenty of Afrikans that don’t take too kindly to the genocide being committed…as for the shot about no progress…it’s examples that I just mentioned that contributes to the lack of said progress….depending on what side of the fence you’re on

      • RichFromBX

        the Africans losing lives are at the hands of greedy Africans and crooked governments that do nothing to protect it’s people. You have Africans creating what appear to be legit mining operations but in reality they’re hiring rebels to kill and run people off their farms so no, Bill Gates is not directly responsible for the killings in the way Meech is…while the US is the largest consumer of tantalum, Canada and Brazil are it’s largest importer and companies in the US are hiring their own inspectors to ensure that what comes from Africa isn’t from rebels who are murdering people…

        Big Meech is a drug dealing savage who is no different than someone like John Gotti who for whatever reason was also praised and admired – they do nothing to bring people up and help communities…

      • DJ7

        Again…depends on what side of the fence you’re on…it’s not as simple as you’re making it out to be…nothing ever is b.u.t. I digress….

      • dope stash

        Meech was covicted of killing anyone

      • What’s the difference between Meech & Budwieser…minus the alleged violence, which they stopped committing after PROHIBITION ended?

      • dope stash

        im not saying any other drug dealer . im saying i know Meech personally and he is a good guy not every drug dealer is a bad person. Meech sold drugs so does phizer, the U.S. government ( google iran/ contra ) and star bucks . We dont judge them the same way we drug street pharmacists because we say they dont kill people directly but neither did Meech or any of the countless other non-violent drug offenders in our prison system ( which is modern day slavery but that is aanother subject) Meech sold a product some people dont want everybody to be able to sell . Meech committed the same grime as someone who sells a cigarette but does not own a tobacco company he is not Al capone.

      • dope stash

        they all have companies that participate in businesses that involve drugs or killing people. which is actually what Meech is accused. for example Buffet has a stake in GlaxoSmith Kline ( forgive me if I misspelled that) which is a drug company prescription drugs kill more americans annually than all illegal narcotic combined. any where you find a corporation if you look deep enough you will find a crime or injustice that has helped that company prosper .

      • therealest1

        This gets me, “they sold a product that was questionable but never forced it on any one
        ( the people who bought it choose to do so and could get similar
        products from a doctor and pharmacist )”, what doctor or pharmacist sells cocaine, weed or other illicit drugs? Please show me.

      • DJ7

        Not to advocate drug dealing b.u.t. the brotha has a solid point…as for the Dr’s in question…stop being so naive and do a lil research, you’ll be equally disgusted as to what many are truly pushing…

      • That’s some totally other ‘chet about DR’s pushing drugs….over his head like the water in a 16ft diving pool.

      • Rite Aid sells Novacaine & ProCaine, as well as Siz Ziz Zurup, Oxycodene & Oxycontin, while supplying jobs to support the community…or accessories to destroying it.

      • dope stash

        coca and opioids are used in the production of several prescription drugs for treating pain depression and other conditions. Prescription drugs cause more deaths anually in the united states than all illegal narcotics combined

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        In some circumstances? Empowering black males? C’mon son, you sound foolish.

      • This is about the realest spill in the comments.
        Ninjaz will talk ‘chet about Meech….in Rite Aid & CVS or Duane Reed “LEGAL” drugstores, to get cigs….after leaving the Beer store.

        Beef isn’t good for business, even if it comes with it, so I doubt Meech was starting ‘chet, even if he was finishing it.

        In the “illegal” game, violence is just a form of corporate litigation.
        Gangsters use violence as a business tool, Thugs use violence as a social tool.

        Chances are, BMF had business dealings with THUGS.

      • dehova

        I don’t agree wth you but I like the way you put that bit about social tool and shit. You taught me ‘sumink’

      • What Ninja? You don’t agree with me?

        >>Swings on Dehova while yelling “THUG LIFE!”

        Like the RAP industry, the violence is committed by soldiers trying to earn stripes, but don’t have any earning potential.

        Even broke, although quicker to get into it, beef rarely improves the situation.

      • dehova

        >>Stops, pauses, swings back like Math Hoffa, pushes EDOGZ818 over and goes and does a blog about how I was provoked and hungry!

      • Oh Mayane!


        Hecould have salvaged something if he would have dropped Jones!

        SMDH @ The Blog!

        These Ninjaz be KILLING me!

      • dehova

        And yeah, according to the book I have, the main book available on BMF, much of the violence was carried out by associates….with the exception of Wolf and his partner and the needless killing of Prince Drummond

      • dehova

        I can’t even cuss you homie cause you’re doing what I do with Pac, choosing to take the positives and run with that. I see you, What I will say with BMF it they’re a bit like Don King. People wouldn’t really say much if it was Italians. It would be glamorized. When it’s black people, cats get opinionated. Is it right? hell no. For me their biggest crimes were 1) Spending all that money with white owned businesses (Jacob the jeweler etc) and 2) Telling Bleu Davinci he could rap. Meech deserves to stay in jail for that last one!

      • Co-Sign on being an accessory to Blue Divinci’s ear crimes.

    • Neither should anyone in Big Pharmaceutical’s industry; IE: CVS, Duanne Reid, Rite-Aid, Wal Mart, Kroger’s, etc. ….for the exact same reasons.

      (Percocet, Oxycontin, Morphine)

      Who was Meech’s victim?
      A customer who was unsatisfied with his product or the STATE that didn’t get a percentage of the profits?

      • dehova

        Anthony “Wolf” Jones

      • dope stash

        they did not convict him of that because wolf was the aggressor and shot at Meech and his crew first

      • dehova

        EDOGZ818 “Who was Meech’s victim?”
        My response was in answer to that. Regardless of what you say, he was still a victim.

      • Wolf’s nick name was well WELL earned….hence he doesn’t count.

        I think Wolf shot Meech 1st?

      • dehova

        Still a victim playboy. Id like to know more about Wolf though. Seems to be something of a street “legend” but finding info on him seems difficult. Can you help? Would have thought Don Diva/Feds would have done a big piece on him and his misdeeds by now.

      • On the low, Diddy is mad gangsta, but he’s still a B’ish @$$ ninja, on a personal level, but he got his power by being ruthless.

        Diddy’s pops was mad large, and Diddy lost him to the game, but grew up with his “inheritance” back when Ninjaz looked out for theirs, (Peepz) like they looked out for theirs.(Own Family)

        So Diddy grew up on some OG ‘chet, as far as rules of the HUSTLE game, and he applied them well. Part of his “INHERITANCE” was “Street Cred?” and all the unsavory characters with connections & muscle that come with it.

        Diddy was wishy washy with his iron fist, and as a result, didn’t have all of his soldiers under tight control…or his soldiers are his soldiers because they are “Bout it” (*Whichever you chose to believe) so the soldiers functioned with enough longitude & latitude to complete the mission, short of “By Any Means”, but well into the realm of legal issues.

        IE: Wolf was the shooter that hit bystanders in the club, not Shine.

        Wolf wouldn’t have been a victim if the REAL Pistol Pete ( Not the Officer Ricky versionin Terror Squad) had “Peter Roll’d” him. It was a different time back then. Watch Menace 2 Society & New Jack City….in fact, New Jack City was based on a true story…the Movie / Documentary Paid In Full / Game Over + Street Dreams , Harsh Realities – The ALPO story &

        “Where Scarface left off, King Of New York begins.”

        “King Of New York” official movie slogan.

        Watch King Of New York & keep in mind, Diddy grew up during that time, idolizing Scarface & living out Paid In Full, trying to be the “King Of New York”, and very few of the open roles were glamorous.

        Make a few $ & kids, go to jail, come out, get murdered or be the one that survives, while enjoying the music. That pretty much sums up life for any one that grew up fighting the crack & gold chain wars. (83 – 99)

        If Wolf was alive during Pac’s Qaud shooting, he probably had a hand in that too.

        Lil Kim’s boyfriend is charged? with murking Mike Tyson’s homey “Hommo”, who damn near murked 50 cent.

        (Dude ( Lil Kim’s man) was “accused” of being on some anybody killer type ‘chet after they murked his brother….literally murking everything moving.

        I think Hommo just happened to know some one who was cool with some one, who knew some one, that dated a guy, whose sister, over heard someone talking in the restroom, about they knew some one who heard a rumor about…….Str8 Kaiser Sosay @$$ Ninja after that…*Literally)

        >> In 50’s voice : “Hommo shot me, 3 weeks later he got shot down, now I know I’m here for a real reason, ’cause he got hit like I got hit, but he ain’t fuggin breathing! Many Men,Many Many, Manyyeee Men…wish death ‘pon me, but I don’t cry no more, don’t look to the sky no more..OOhhh Ahhh UhhhOOOhhhhhh…!”

        Surviving past 21 was considered old age, 26 was a blessing, retirement was 35, with the realization that you weren’t going to end up shot dead in the streets, unless of course you got pulled over for driving while Black.

      • dehova

        PS I thought New Jack City was loosely based on Supreme Team

      • Maybe, but the Carter House was actually Alpo’s spot in real life. I think 50’s movie was more based on the Supreme Team, although that era was based off Alpo.

        LL Cool J admitted he stole Po’s swag, and Po even appeared on Eric B & Rakim’s original artwork for their debut “Paid In Full” album. (*Classic)

        WTF was Po’ doing with Rakim?
        The real AZ even made a record, (Not Nas’ buddy AZ, the real one, Azie Faison)

        Back then, my Gym teacher even cut a record, so did the HOMELESS KRS ONE, along with American Gangster feature Larry Davis, who shot 9? NYPD cops, 6 above the neck.

        ‘Chet was real on the battlefield, no matter where you were, during that time. I bet if you in your 20’s, your parents still are G as ‘chet!

      • dehova

        Nah, I’m in my 30’s My mum…can’t talk about that here…my pops was associated to the Yardies from what i know of him.
        I know bout AZ. Mobstyle ish. OMFG I wrote you a long epic and AHH haven’t let it through ffs

      • Edit out the links…

        Even in 30’s…..parents were just trying to chill in the 90’s, just old enough to know better, but still dabbling in the game.

        The Yardies?


      • dehova

        Seen! Yeah
        Pops is from Jamaica … was, mum IS Guyanese. Now, do you have enough info to make a fake passport?!

        I just bought the Don Diva digitally so gonna read that.
        I would like to know more about them 90’s NYC cats. All to me seemed to be some shady c***s. Jimmy Henchman and Haitian Jack in particular. E Money Bags, Troy etc
        What I’d asked before is how were Wolf and SMM Pistol Pete connected? Was Wolf SMM?
        A lot of the time this street ish confuses me. You see guys on a musical level, doing work with each other and what not but on a street level, their respective camps might have beef or in some cases killed one another.
        I always wondered if Zoe Pound and BMF had beef. Just don’t seem logical that the 2 could co-exist.

      • Not sure about Zoe & BMF, but Wolf & SMM weren’t connected, as far as I know.

        SMM started across the street from me, and two of the main dudes are on my FB, but they TOLD.

        Flipside is, Petey knew is was a wrap, and had them dump everything on him, one of them still looks out.

        To succeed in the 90’s, you had to be ruthle$$. Everyone was in the game, and KINGPINS were on every block. It was like hanging out with Officer Ricky’s ChinPlay…. a dude couldn’t take his lady out to dinner without having to step over some “KINGPIN” knocked out in the street.

        Not all dudes were shysty, just the ones that made it BIG.The low level soldiers were, and probably still are, some of the realest, most loyal dudes around.

        The consciousness in music, and subsequently, the population that listened to it, was changing. This is why the industry pushed lollipop RAP to the forefront.

        The Karlton Hines Story – (YouTube) is a good watch, sadly, Petey murked Karlton,and his crew. By the time the documentary was done filming, all but 1 of KH’s team was dead,and between the time filming was finished & the movie was made, the last one got murked too.

        It was like the http://WWW…Wild Wild West. Terrible environment / time to raise a child in. Even sadder is the fact that…the circumstances were manufactured to be like that.

      • dehova

        You should perhaps write a book. I don’t understand everything you read straight away but you’ve got a distinct writing style.
        I knew about Karlton Hines (wtf has happened to Troy Reed though??) but didn’t know about his crew getting murked.

      • Not sure about Troy, back then…everybody’s crew got murked.

      • dehova

        LOL Nah bro, Troy Reed is the cat who did the Karlton Hines documentary. Also did the Alpo, Game over, Guy Fisher and Larry Davis stories. I’m sure he’s still alive. You know about “Von Zip”? That’s who I was gonna ask you about the other day. Apparently this guy was the guy behind Puff. Turns out he died a year ago.

        yo, in Get rich or die trying, that old cat is meant to be Chaz Williams right? The one Majestic kinda sets up if memory serves me?

      • Majestic = Supreme
        Not sure about Von Zip, I know there was an OG who looked out for Diddy early on, but Diddy ‘chetted on him after getting large.
        (Didn’t fit Diddy’s new image?)

        Troy Reed = Street Stars

        I know / knew dudes from the BX, but only in pa$$ing, as I wasn’t about that life, but had friends who were…RIP.

      • dehova

        WHAT?!?!?! Bro, you saying Troy Reed IS dead?!!
        No way man, he can’t be…can he?!! I ain’t seen no dvds from him in a while but I’m sure I would’ve heard if he’d did die.

        Yeah, that’s the guy. I think his name was Earl Martin. Should be able to find info on him (if you’re interested) by Googling “Uncle Zip Puff”.
        So, do you think Puff was involved in Pac’s death?!

      • Nah, not saying Troy is dead, just that I’m sure many of his friends are.

        I don’t think Puff had anything to do with Pac’s death…beyond Quad shooting. I think Pac was killed for being Pac, if not, the government had him under surveillance & took advantage of the situation.


        LAPD may have had something to do with that!

      • dehova

        Okay, fair enough. The Quad shooting, Henchman all day. Probably coerced Puff, Big and them or played them which I think is more likely. Funny how, in the Notorious flick, Gravy (come on, I can’t call him BIG) says Pac was hanging with undesirables. I didn’t think this line could have made the film without Puff letting it happen.

      • Pac was hanging with unsavory characters.

        Haitian Jack, who the character Birdie, from Above The Rim, was based on, was a snitch & thug.

        Brooklyn dudes are known for getting non Brooklyn dudes.

  • ZUBU

    AHH yall be creating so-called news instead of reporting it. If Meech was out you wouldn’t be saying shit about his business. Not saying everything BMF did was correct, but leave the man alone.

  • Eli Pinilla

    Goddamn!!!! U can get something like that in ga for 325k?!?!?!?!? No wonder all these duded out there talkin bout livin big. Property cheap as f*ck

    • dehova

      You’d be lucky to get that tree for the equivalent in London. Jokes aside, I saw a 1 bed apartment above a supermarket going for that price.

      • Celz

        Cali isn’t that high but it’s not much better.. In LA county 350K will get you a 2 bedroom shack.. maybe..

      • dehova

        Strange. I just saw a story on this site about Chris Brown/Jay z. Was about to go in on Jay but thought “Nah, Celz will be on my arse”!

      • Celz

        Man I lost some respect for him after that MCHG.. I haven’t even heard the whole thing yet…

      • dehova

        LMFAO! Bruh, that’s all I was tryna say before. It could be that the competition aint there like it was before. When Big L, Pun and Biggie were alive, Jay was marginalized in the New York rap scene. He was good but could never have called himself the God MC. Actually, I was surprised Wu Tang let him get away with that but, he’s made the most of his opportunity

    • Some behind the scenes type ‘chet, hence the rumor.

    • Tre C

      yup,,that’s what it’s like down here

  • Keem

    This is got to be placed in the top 10 worst rumor

  • jacksjus

    $358k my ass.

  • junj03

    Thats a 25% down payment in NY for a regular House.

    • DJ7

      Around the same in N.Va

      • junj03

        Sh!!t sucks, thats allot of people move down south. cheap as hell compared to the big big cities.

      • DJ7

        No question…more bang for the buck…that is if you already got it tho

    • They offered my Aunt $500K for her crib near Yankee Stadium, that she bought in 1982? for $35K.

      • junj03

        I would take it and run, That area does not have value anymore unless you have a business. To much “things” happening there all the time if you know what i mean.

      • She’s holding for $1Mil, like the old lady with Donald Trump.

        I told her to take that $500K & move out here, buying 10 rental units for residual pocket $$$ ($4K per month) & buy a “White House” to live in, with pension & social security going toward replacing the diamonds that fall out of her Versace jogging shoes every day.


      • junj03

        Lmao! I do hope she gets it. She could very well set herself up else where. Rent out some houses and live very comfortable.

      • Indeed, the property is worth 1Mil if they tear the house down & make a parking lot.

  • digitallife

    So the real point of the story is he sold the house before the feds took it from him..ok.

  • Crenshaw on my shirt

    Nigga look like Timbaland

  • MrNoName2K

    #1 bullshit headliner.. #2 I doubt he is anywhere near coming home..

  • Obi Won

    I feel like everyone else, $358,000 IS THAT ALL. Here in DC that’s nothing but a 1 bedroom condo WITH NO LAND. I need to get to GA.

    • DJ7

      Depends on the section of DC fam…SE still got plenty of cribs for the low (for the DMV area of course)…since the gentrification alot of DC heads tried migrating to N.Va just to find out they’re better off where they came from or headed N to bum ass Md

      • Obi Won

        True, I stay on the Southside, and i’m not paying NOTHING over 200k in SE. Maybe the Capitol Hill part of SE, but not across that bridge where I’m at lol.
        Any spots that look like that would be in NW, waaaaaay up NW, and 1 point something and up would be he cost. Far away from the bull ish though. N. VA is cool, has its expensive part but Manassas got some good spot its just that commute is bish.
        LOL @ bum ass MD

      • DJ7

        I’m paying for “convenience”…near 95…straight shot to R’mond or DC… $2, 300 mo…yeah it’s steep for some b.u.t. decent for the size / area, besides my options are pretty limited…I’ve checked around for better deals b.u.t. this one was one of the few to suit my needs…rush hour traffic ain’t noooooooooooo joke fam and I stay in a rush….you already know tho

      • Matt Swan

        Why anyone would want to live in PG county is beyond me. I remember when Ft. Washington was up and coming in the 80’s and that place is damn near unrecognizable now and not for the better. Bmore IMO isn’t much different than living in DC, and living in NVA, has it’s perks; better homes, better school system’s, and depending on where you live, location cannot be beat. But as with anywhere NVA has it’s issues with high crime area’s like Woodbridge, issues with illegal’s and drugs, but I’ll take both of them and live in NVA than to ever go back to Mayfair Mansions in DC or anywhere in PG.

      • DJ7

        You hit the nail on the head…better schools…better homes / living conditions and location location location…convenience is expensive b.u.t. in my case, worth it

    • It is cheaper.

      Some places in NY charge $1,500 for a NO bedroom.
      (Studio / Efficiency / Kitchen, Living room, dining room, bedroom all one tiny room.)

      In Pa, $1,500 will get you “The White House” + a butler named “Leroy” if he’s Black, or “Jeeves” if he’s White.

      In this economy, folks are downsizing.
      (Since the 2009 stock rip off)

      Are you looking for a bigger place that’s cheaper, or a smaller one that’s more expensive?

      Folks pay for the economic segregation, but this economy is making it continuously harder to afford racism.

      • Obi Won

        NY can keep that 1500/month for that studio ish, i’m good. We got those here too, uptown & downtown and I don’t even consider them joints (one reason being b/c of my sons).
        I never knew about PA lol, but that sounds like a good move with the right job or hustle.
        Trust me homie, they turned a damn School here into Condos, Taxing these fools 1500/month and up. I’m looking like “yall know this was a school right, dog i’m not paying all that to live in no damn OLD CLASS ROOM!!

      • LOL~N

        With high @$$ ceilings that cost a fortune to heat.

        Then again, they could be duplexes?

        It’s the convenience.

        If it’s a 2hr commute to work without it & you making that Guap???…or Sect 8 is paying it + utilities? = Different story

        Out here,it’s a gold mine if you from NY.

        For the price of renting a ghetto 1 bdrm apt, you can BUY a 5bdrom house.

        They have one for sale now, $15K, (asking 20K) 5 Bdrm,yard & off street parking, newly renovated…only catch, it’s on a “Bad” block…..but how bad can PA really be?
        (*Even the NY Ninjaz acting up….really don’t want it, or they would have stayed in NY. )

      • dareal504

        Man that’s a 1500/month storage unit in NY ppl be staying in.. A mf could pay my rent and I still wouldn’t live in those closets they past off for apt’s.. That’s the epitome of sh^tting where u sleep… Might as well be doing time..

    • Matt Swan

      “Im not sure if you all knew this, but if you are a resident in DC, you’re not allowed to own the land that your house is on, even if you own it. I, being a DC resident, have never fully understood why that is, but I know it has something to do with DC being the US capital. What do you guys think” I’ve lived in or near DC damn near all of my life and my fam is from DC, and this has been said for years. I got this off a blog on google, and if it’s true, then owning property in DC isn’t worth the money it took the time to make the deed or the fake smile the relator gave you when you take the keys to “your” new home. I also saw “The foundation of this nation was real property ownership. That’s why the settlers came here. To insure private ownership of land, the nation’s founding fathers made it unlawful for government to own land except for the ten square miles of Washington D.C., and such as may be needed for erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dockyards, and other needful buildings. (The Constitution)”. Another google search. So I guess you really have to research where you live or want to live before you make that jump into home ownership. Where ‘s there’s one case of this, there is more, and that’s not taking into account the states owning land.

      • Obi Won

        Damn that’s cold info, I never heard that before, but i’m definitely going to do some research. If this is true, it makes me wonder if the low income folks that were “given” vouchers or had those vouchers to move out forced upon. If this not really owning land is true then it makes sense now why people take that couple hundred thousand to move to the out skirts in PG County MD. Next time you get free time in the city go to the Library of Congress and they should have the information there. Imma check that out to see the accuracy of Land ownership in DC.

      • Matt Swan

        But it makes sense. They took most of the old projects down with one major exception that I know of and that’s Rainbow city Barry Farms. Capers near 8th n I has been gone almost 15 years now? Anacostia has been a target for “clean up” for the last 20 to attract a “new” crowd? DC is changing IMO for the better, but in this change, it’s pushing some of the problems into PG and that’s one big reason I would never live there let alone MD again. NVA has been touched by other issues, but not on the scale that PG has. But you have to love their cops; shoot first ask questions later. They really don’t take no ish from anyone. But let me know what you come up with.

      • Obi Won

        True ish, I hear its like that in other cities too where the projects are coming down for more “appealing” condos. Can’t hate it is for the better but imo humble opinion they could at least make some of these spots affordable for the everyday working man. I used to walk past Caper everyday in Jr high, that was back in 97-99, but the Marines snatched that spot up quick, it makes sense being so close to the Navy Yard. I hear they got something special for the Farms, such as a Town Home Community which is going a be another GRIP being on that Anacostia waterfront, and its going to be a walking trail o the Nats Stadium. The blueprint to that is CRAAZY!!! PG definitely got problems & I feel u on the PG county, those cops are always busy and never come less than two cars, 4 cops deep. N. Virginia cops don’t play around lol, whether black white Chinese lol.

  • c x

    There is no way that home is under a mil in Atlanta.

    • Outside Atl?

      • c x

        Just Zillowed it. Pre-foreclosure price was $1.08 mil. I stand corrected… the house is actually ~$300k. (It’s in Lithonia, GA on the corner of Evans Mill Road and Belair Lake Drive.)

      • My peeps is out there in Marietta?, paying $900 a month, for a fuggin mini mansion. They never coming back…moved the whole famz out there & living large.

        I was gonna move into a jawnt out there, but in the hood, by Crystals, (Fake White Castles *with Mustard ) a 5 Bdrm shack, with large yard for pits, for $350 a month.

        My peeps wouldn’t even go to the ‘hood out there, but ‘chet looked cool to me. Not to far from Creflo Dollar’s church or Atlanta’s USP.

      • dareal504

        U right bout that EDOG, I remember when I first use to hit up ATL in the late 90’s early 2000’s I seen there projects and was like damn these mf’s clean as shit. I’ll move in one. Certain hood’s look like well groomed communities. Coming from the N.O. being in places like the Magnolia and Calio them ATL joints was looking like Buckhead in comparison.. I stayed in jonesboro tho for a min out there.

        I’m in TX now, they give a shit load of house and land for the money out here especially in the suburbs. You can easily come up on a acre or 2 for 250 – 500,000 and a mini mansion on man made lake of golf course. Shit’s insane…

      • I was looking at a shack with 6acres for 22K,in Rock Springs, Tx. Power MOVE!

      • dareal504

        They blocked my last msg for some reason, don’t feel like retyping all that sh^t .. Anyway u ain’t going to snatch up them 6acres sh^t sounds like a steal foreal…

      • Wifey vetoed it!

        I was dayum sure with it!

        Cartels running mules through, etc. one grab enough Reggie Miller to chill……for a dip!

      • dareal504

        Word I just looked where it was on the map… Haha.. I see where u going at with it… Wifey probably made the best decision tho homie..

      • Yeah,of course, they always do, that’s why they wifey… single, no kids & $25 racks?

        I’m out so fast I’m making the “PEOUN” sound!

        Granted, it wouldn’t end well, but it would have been 1 helluva run!

      • dareal504

        haha @ “PEOUN”..Word homie I feel ya,… helluva run my nicca, helluva run…

      • Mike Davis

        Late 90’s is after they tore most of the projects down in time for the Olympics. Pleazzze believe they weren’t disneyland pimpin

      • dareal504

        Word you may be correct homie, all I know is that the niggas that was acting as my atl tour guide was like this the projects and I was tripping on the manicured lawns and satellite dishes and shit.. I don’t doubt u tho homie it makes sense what u saying..

      • Red Boy Jocko?

      • Guillaume Pilon

        ur not gonna find a house that big in the world for that price

        but yeah ur right he probably did a deal for legal fees

      • Get the specs, I’m selling 100 acres in Upstate NY, Keeseville, for $100K & can build you a house for $250K with more square feet, albeit, not as fancy.

      • DJ7

        You still sitting on that joint B?

      • Yeah man, not actively trying hard to sell it or the 1bdrm condo in Mt Vernon ($150K) but will snatch up the right offer. (The asking price or above. )

        Looking to start a program to train ex offenders with Paradise Gray of X Clan or??

        Want to partner up? Write the grant & we’ll submit it!

      • DJ7

        Not my field of expertise B…not gonna front

      • Obviously, not mine either, but with only 6 degrees of separation, we have to know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone, who knows someone who whose expertise it is!

      • DJ7

        Since you put it like that…you are correct…can’t think of anyone off top b.u.t. it is definitely something to ponder…Actually, I do know a grant writter b.u.t. I couldn’t get that chicks help with a simple task once before…mad lip service tho…tryna hi style in front of the fam @ the reunion and whatnot…called in a favor and….crickets since…you know the type…all style no substance

      • All sizzle & no steak…living with baby moms, on Sect 8, bought a late model Benz…cause not allowed to have a PitBull @$$!

        I know the type well, but here’s the carrot,tell them to write in their own position & compensation.

      • Mike Davis

        It’s in Lithonia…and no way the value is $358k…maybe it bought at auction for that price.

      • Or hook up for legal fees?

      • Nemo hos

        macon, ga if i recall it right

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      we are seeing old pics of the outside I’m sure the feds ripped that house up


    The only reason she bought that house is because Meech probably told her that he has money buried in the backyard….

    • Or in exchange for upcoming legal fees?

    • why would he tell her that?? all she gotta do is dig it up and she got money

      • If the money is actually there?

      • yeeeerp


        in the words of Charles Cosby, “Is a million dollars worth your life?”

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    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ THA WORLD IS STILL BMF’s $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    • Is that you Blue Divinci?

      • 0_BMF_MADE_NIGGA_0


      • How do you feel about Officer Ricky & Jeezy beefing about trying to ride Meech’s nuts instead you?

      • 0_BMF_MADE_NIGGA_0


      • Every time you post, I think about that Lux vs Calicoe line, about being a BMF flunky. Be a father to your child instead of sucking Meech’s dick!


      • LUGLIFE

        dick sukka mtf meech aint do shit 4 u


      Nigga, stop acting like “Big MEECH” was the first to floss!!! Yeah he had long doe, but what “BMF” was doing was nothing new!!!

      • 0_BMF_MADE_NIGGA_0




      • 0_BMF_MADE_NIGGA_0


      • LUGLIFE


  • The Black Fist

    WAIT!!! ONLY 358K FOR THAT HOME??? if it was mines i’d be asking $1.5 Million for it

    • $20848444

      Real Estate is dirt cheap in Atlanta.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        it aint that cheap theres million dollar homes in atl

      • Nemo hos

        some areas and right now the banks will take anything as long as they get money asap

    • JordanFU

      Yeah but you gotta live in Georgia

  • tha OG

    Free big meech!!!!!

  • $20848444

    Houses are cheap as shit down there because they don’t pay nobody shit. 350, 000 will get you a townhouse in Maryland, or a 2 Bedroom flat in DC.

    • With single layer, 3/8th inch thick drywall that can break if you bump into it.

    • yup

    • Nemesis_Enforcer

      Real talk. That’s why I live down here, lol. I get paid good money though. Stay in school, kids.

  • this shit makes no damn sense.

  • $21384666

    Woow that is only 358 Gs? Are u kidding me ?? In vancity that house would worth millions woow houses in the nazi lands are fukin cheap

    • hoeyuno

      th garage to that house would be a mil in Vancouver. every house West of commercial is valued at least a mil.. only city in the country where a house is a privilege not a right.

  • You Northerns didnt know its cheaper to stay south? smh


    the state of Georgia got some nice ass homes for the LOW any other major city would break a foot off in ur azz on the price end, and im sure it’ll be somewhere around 2 or 3 million somewhere else, but u can’t beat that with a stick for what that attorney paid WOW

  • Isaac Hayes

    They pay lower salaries in GA than LA,NY and DC so it evens out in the long run. Plus those houses are made of cardboard a good tornado will destroy a neighborhood of those type house in minutes

    • Gameboi107

      What does that have to do with his lawyer buying his property? Sounds like you just wanted your irrelevant statement read!

      • Isaac Hayes

        Well 85er I was replying to other comments about the cost of living giving an opinion and a fact about houses down there sorry I hurt your feelings since you replied to my statement you must be slow because you don’t reply to irrelevant statement thanks for reading it and replying. You are a disgrace to the “Asiatic Black Man” Plus you don’t know your math Wisdom Understanding you faker!!

  • NE DC Original OG


  • dbfromdc

    if this house was in washington dc it would be worth a few mill,but for 358gs in dc you will be living in the ghetto

  • meechie Smith

    the picture above is not the white house. the white house is in the ga the picture above was a house meech bought when the went to miami

  • meechie Smith

    the white house 6086 belair lake rd Lithonia ga