Chris Brown and Jay-Z

Hip-Hop Rumors: Chris Brown Talks Slick About Jay-Z?

Why is Chris Brown talking slick about Jay Z? I’ll tell ya! He’s talking trash, because Jay Z has had a couple bumps in the road (Un Rivera and drug past), but nobody seems to care anymore. Here is what he said in the latest issue of JET Magazine.

“No disrespect, because I’m a fan, but nobody brings up the fact that [Jay Z] stabbed somebody and sold drugs. He gets a pass.”

There is a big difference:

Thugging is one thing, but beating women is another. JUST SAYING! Plus, Hip-Hop ( and general American culture: likes the renegade. And Jay is a rapper. Some things are more acceptable than a singer.

Remember when people swore this was Jay beating on a chick?

I said this eons ago…but here she is – Jay’s cousin Chaka. She brought Jay and Dame to her birthday earlier this year.


What’s Carmen talking about? Jeez, this is Nas’ ex that also slept with Jay Z. Apparently, she feels very important these days.



This ain’t Hip-Hop, but its an update.

For those that care. Antoine Dodson is doing the damn thing. He’s straight and about to get married with a kid.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • TheRoboticHobo55

    so ur saying stabbing someone is better than beating someone up?

    • Thenatural503

      No sadly what people are saying is in the black community it’s okay to be a “thug” commit violence against your brothers and sisters as a “thug” or rap about being one in your past you can even rap about it but if you hit a chick we will never forgive you. Even though half the wanna be thugs on here talk about how they would slap a chick or shake a chick that’s okay though.

      • U r rights, but I never new why Chris got it so bad from the media, but other entertainers like James Brown did the same thing and never missed a beat.

      • Matt Swan

        Back in the day, it was accepted to “discipline” a woman or child and no one said anything or thought twice about it. Ike and Tina are prime examples. You try that now, and it’s spousal and child abuse and you’re going to be doing some time. Break out a belt, switch or backhand and see what happens. Different times, different rules. Showin my age lol, many young uns don’t know about getting the switch on that a$$.

      • JordanFU

        Exactly. Shit that was totally fine (not even that long ago) is now seen as, shit im gonna say Evil. Thats the way a portion of the people/media are looking at guys like Chris, like hes the Anti–Christ

      • Weedras

        back in the day the feminist movement wasn’t as strong…

      • JordanFU

        Thats a fair point. I think people need to not let that fact slide, women and mens relationship and whats okay and not okay has changed a huge amount in a short time period (like 50 years, something close to that). There are more women then men in this country,

    • Crenshaw on my shirt

      That ‘someone’ was a female, so yeah

    • Spadey

      Yes! I understand stabbing a man I don’t understand beating a woman.

    • IToldYoMommaYouAintSh_t

      CBreezy i know that’s u….(mechanical dummy…robotic hobo)Just make hits man…hit after hit…they will forget all about it…u’ll be alright

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  • Casor_G

    It’s funny that all these rappers talk about smacking a b!tch but when Breezy really does it they turn on him. These entertainers are not friends, and will turn on each other at the drop of a dime to maintain their time in the spotlight.

    At the end of the day, Chris B got what he deserved. Some folks get away with the bs and others don’t. No different than what happens to the average american on a daily basis

    • JordanFU

      Yeah but do you take rappers at their word? To me its obvious its entertainment first and foremost, its impossible to know someones background on that level unless you grew up with them and were a friend/close associate. Im not so im gonna take it as entertainment and very little to no place in reality.

  • andone

    jay upgraded his pass thru beyonce… everybody knows it practically saved his career.

    • greenhouse records

      Yeah that n*gga Mr. Knowles

      • JordanFU

        Hes becoming whoever Oprah is f*cking.

  • Chris

    I mean, I don’t “play” with my female cousins like that…but that’s just me, though.

    • IToldYoMommaYouAintSh_t

      haha man we all know he wasn’t playing.

    • Delonte West

      Only because they would beat you up afterwards….

      • Chris

        Oh really??

  • Synista

    Chris Brown better be careful,look what happened to Jay z’s bodyguard!!!
    Don’t mess with blue ivy’s money,it’s almost christmas and she need a lot of presents!

    • his bodyguard killed himself

      • Lamar Star


      • Synista

        LOL yea sure he did….

      • JordanFU

        Just out the blue like that? Was their a note? The guy was old too, he was 40+ right? Or something close to that agewise. Im sure statistics show suicides occur to younger people (like under 20) much more than a 40 year old man.

      • Weedras

        The stats say. suicide for adults between the age 35-65 has been on the rise since 2009… there’s a cdc report on it and i think the New England Journal of Medicine touched on it last year…. the suicide rates of men specifically white men between 35-65 increased by 59.5% since 09… and this was on the news in early may…

    • Weedras

      LOL! so Jay had something to do with dude being on drugs and dancing with the cops… lol! ok then..

      • Synista

        Hey that mofo was too expensive,and blue ivy needed a new pair of gold and diamond crusted sandals so Jay had to “cut” some of his expenses,Jay had someone lace his Viagra with some pcp.

      • JordanFU

        Jokes right? Personally i never believed Jay was or is a gangster or moved weight. Its all entertainment, guys record is probably spotless (now i dont wanna sound ignorant like having a clean record is bad, cause its not im just bringing it up because he has in the past claimed lots of wild shit about selling drugs and other stuff he witnessed at most. Jay can retire now, its over now man you are to old. Eminem is to old to be releasing MM2LP, what the f*ck is he gonna rap about that he didnt already speak on on that Recovery or relapse CD, whatever its called. Like DR. Dre at this point should just quit trying to release Detox or claim hes working on it. Hes waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to old, Rap isnt like rock you cant be 50+ and making new al bums. Ice cube one of the few guys who seems to be thinking past a few years. He has made a transition into acting, so he doesnt have to make up fairy tales about gun clapping or being in the hood/selling drugs and all that nonsense he either hasnt done for 30 years, or never did. There are other f*cking topics, is it law now that guns and or crack have to be mentioned. Same with Ice Tea, hes on CSI something isnt he? Jay has no other topics, hes uncreative and a biter. He was dying to be like Nas when he came out, hes not hes a poor man’s Nas. Hes Nas minus some intelligence, lyrics, and real topics. No please Jay we want to hear how you had a Kilo of coke in your trunk in 1984, its riveting.

      • Synista

        Yea but on a serious note….Jay and other artist like him are just milking the game like a fat cow,trying to be relevant but the average listener can’t relate to 90% of their subject matter,once you reach a certain point in the rap game you should bow out gracefully and let some other cats get their shine on.
        It wouldn’t surprise me if Jay z is still rapping at 90 years old.

      • Weedras

        have you seriously listened to a Jay z album lately… i’m not his biggest fan but dude isn’t all about drug dealing and all that you’re talking about… and what’s with putting hip hop into a box.. that’s why Rock towers over hip hop because fans allow their artists to evolve… not so in hip hop… when the hell did music have a age limit lol! ya’ll must be joking… fans grow with their artists if you didn’t know hence why rockers are still successful because their fans grew with them and gave them room to evolve.. and stop with the Jay wanna be like Nas talk cause you can’t back that up… you basically wrote an essay hating on older rappers lol! but then proceeded to dick ride Nas who’s also a older rapper man stop with the hypocrisy i respect all those men that are still doing it and have ppl checking for them.. stop being salty…

  • Synista

    Antoine still look fruity as hell,but congrats to that dude,he stood up for his sister gotta respect that.

  • is thuggin one thing tho?? that involves a lot shit…

  • that nigga ant straight, once you suck a duck you gay/by forever.. lol.. there is no going back to straight, once a straight line stops being straight it ant straight no mo

  • brotha_man

    I think its all the same IMO. Selling drugd, stabbing somebody, and can cause similar effects of psychological trauma

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  • I see you

    Y’all really had to post the pic of rihanna though?

    • Yea, dat was fucked up!

    • JordanFU

      Of course, this is Illseed we are talking about man. He cant rely on his writing skills, because he has none and half the time cant spell even with spell check. At this point its mad disrespectful to Rihanna to keep posting that pic up every f*cking time someone does a story involving Christ Brown. It would piss me the F off at least.

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  • chippc

    It’s a well known fact that if you have the talent to back it up, the general public will have short memories. I.e., Jay, R.Kelly, MJ, Robert Downey Jr., ect, ect, ect.

    It ain’t that people won’t let Chris forget the mistake he made. Dude damn near had everybody back on his tip after that (BET MJ TRIBUTE). Its just that he compounds what he did by doing MORE dumb shit, which in turn makes people reflect back on how much of a knuckle head he is.

    I swear if this dude keep making song like Fine China, and keep his nose clean folks will let all that die out.

    • Weedras

      EXACTLY!! dude stay getting into drama whether twitter or in general…

      • Ray

        that cunty (country) singer, CM punk, Brian Mcknight, Anderson Cooper, and Jack Osborne all started with him first. He not “getting into drama” when he going about his business doing a performance or coming out in a movie, then some attention whore tries to get at him with some slick shit, He has every right to defend himself.

      • JordanFU

        You sound smart, you gotta know that the journalist (who are doing this for some attention whore type of bs) are trying to get him to act like he did, even if its him defending himself. There is no way he can win or have a real talk with attention whore journalists. They come to the table with the idea of him as a woman beating psycho with anger problems and wont change that opinion even once hes done with what the courts asked of him (community service, im sure anger management classes, shit like that). They are so shitty at their job that instead of reporting on news they gotta try to MAKE news, I didnt even watch the video because based on what you said i think it would just piss me the f*ck off the way they are portraying him. People like that wont ever accept that hes not that type of person anymore or that hes grown/changed from the experience. They are gonna put him in a really shithole category and nothing he can do is gonna change idiots like jack f*cking osbornes opinion. Guy is a sponge with regards to using his dads money and a drug addict, he may not be using right now but if your an addict you are one for life. He im sure wants to be seen as a clean….. well dont know what the hell he does to make money i would assume nothing, but whatever that is he wants to be known for that not how much of a retard he has been and how he f*cked up even after being born with a silver spoon in his fat mouth. Who the hell is CM punk by the way? I get the other people i just never heard of a dude named CM Punk. He a music guy? Actor? What?

      • Ray

        CM Punk is one of the top WWE (wrestling) guys, he started attacking brown via twitter and youtube after brown was defending himself against Miranda Lambert. Funny thing is, he never spoke about Steve Austin’s abuse of his wife which happened several times.

      • JordanFU

        Twitter seems to be a real bad thing for rappers. Its really gay honestly, well gay is misleading i dont mean people who write on twitter are sucking dicks but Its just not hip hop at all. Must be some research that backs up having a stronger twitter presences equates to more sales or fans. And Ray i agree he has the right to defend himself, and i hope the people writing a bout this article support that, im just saying hes bringing up the issue and sorta making it his Achilles heel by his actions when someone asks him about the Rihanna thing. BY him being so defensive (again its not wrong, of course defending yourself from slanderof some type is agood idea but i think in this particular case he cant win by arguing/defending himself. Should just be “thats not me, im doing what the courts asked me to do plus other things so i can grow as a person and learn from my mistake”. If they cant understand that or want to talk about it more then they are just trolling him and are dying for him to flip out and give them a story theyh can twist and make him look like a crazy hothead.

    • JordanFU

      You put it down perfectly. At this point hes his own worse enemy regarding the Rihanna beating. All he has to do is be a good guy, not beat women (which i really doubt he ever will again), and when people bring the shit up keep your emotions to a minimal. Or atleast dont flip out and get violent, that sends a weird message and people will jump to conclusions based on your reaction. And hes gotta know how bullshit media is, they will edit shit in a way that makes it look the worst possible way for him. Stop feeding them ammo and prove you arent that type of person with your actions not words. Words are essentially meaningless these days, everyone is all about the im not a snitch i dont snitch stuff but snitching is at an all time high. Look at the Cosa Nostra (American Italian Mafia). They are on the ropes and at the lowest point ever (such as power, money, fear). What led to this? Well Donnie Brasco and “making” an undercover FBI agent obviously is one of the biggest catalysts for its demise, but the real reason is the fact that everyone is snitching so they dont get death. I use Cosa Nostra cause they do f*cking religious ceremonies based on “dont snitch ever”. Sammy Gravano, John Gotti’s under boss, or concierge i dont remember which, turned states evidence (he was either second in charge or third in the most powerful NY Mafia Family). Say dont snitch and stop snitching is one thing, but in general most criminals (street gangs, not affiliated, or organized crime) are snitching at record rates. Of the people who are in a position to know something the feds want: Important and believable enough information to give you a reduced sentence/charges are 95% of the time are snitching in some form. The sentences for drugs are so crazy now, probably has alot to do with the level of snitching by people in organized crime/street gangs.

  • Spadey

    Chris…real talk……Lots of people sold drugs, lots of people still do, and you are right nobody cares. (Even Americas War on Drugs was BS) People only care when bodies start poppin up. And yes, Jay stabbed a dude, and even they are cool with each other now. But you beat a woman up, and cried to the police when bottles were flyin in the club, so yeah you are wack and Jay gets a pass.

  • Guest

    He is definately hitting the girl in the video. Are you idiots or is “all hip hop” scared to tell truth about the “all powerful” Jay-z? Scared hov wont do business with yall if u report the truth huh? lol. shame. Look at the obvious aggression in his face, look how the girl reacts and protects herself after the first hit, look how his hand comes back as a fist after the first hit, look how jay’s mouth is mumbling saying, “Bitch…..fuck out my face.”, look how Jay look obviously irritated. There is obviously nothing happy or friendly about this video (which I know is from the Backstage dvd). So you now say, “Why would he put that out?” He wasn’t Ultra Super Mega Star Jay-Z back then, whoever cut the video probably thought it made him look “street” or “hood” like the hardcore hip-hop was in the late 90s. Not that I care that he hit the girl cause Im from the hood and Ive seen worse growing up. But I hate when people act like this obvious hit is a friendly play fight between cousins. Cut it out. Jay-Z still my dude either way, but stop the nonsense. Probably was an out of line groupie, either way, Hov punched and smacked that girl.

    • Delonte West

      haha, stfu…that shit is old and has been explained so many times now…

      • JordanFU

        Yeah, Joey to retarded to explain it to him i guess.

    • KingsCountyCrooklyn

      i think the girl he was shoving in the picture was his cousin shaka in the picture below the gif video clip.

    • This is Crazy

      you know how many times i mush my female cousins…stoppppp your reaching

  • Ray

    He wasn’t talking slick about Jay, you know damn well this headline is misleading.

    • IToldYoMommaYouAintSh_t

      Yeah he is man…this shit is dry snitching at it’s finest. Opening up dudes past to possibly either help himself or fucc up someone else’s money.

      • hoeyuno

        Dry snitching!! Fucc outta here. these are things jay built his career around and went to court over already.

      • JordanFU

        Yeah i dont think it could be called Dry Snitching, i mean Jay settled out of court right? Its certainly well known that Jay supposedly or did stab Un. Its not dry snitching its just acting like a stupid kid, and i dont think Chris is stupid. He certainly doesnt come off as sounding stupid,

      • therealjjohnson

        Jay never stabbed un. They both made that story up for street cred. Un did an interview on this very site explaining. Im sure you can still find it. Thats when i lost respect for Jay.

    • JordanFU

      Yeah i dont get how its slick. Its snitching, well i dunno if you could even call it that cause its pretty well known that Jay stabbed un is it not? EIther way its got nothing to do with Chris so he shouldn’t speak on it. And its never a good defense to say well look this guy did something really bad so the slightly less bad thing i did is fine. I know he doesnt mean it to come out like that but thats what it sounds like, or reads like, and it is allhiphop so most of this is probably made up shit.

  • moonfromsoufcack

    don cornelius beat up his WIFE the same year,and he was at the BET awards (same show breezy was allegedly black-balled from) doing the O’Jays tribute…the nigga was 74 years old…breezy was 19. and while i agree that men shouldn’t haul off and whoop a women’s ass, there is a thin line between battery and self-defense. if y’all can be real with yourselves, you don’t believe that breezy just up and decided to whoop her ass that day…that shit came from an accumulation of shit…I’m not 100% but I’m willing to bet she “wilded out” on him first…and it wasn’t the first time…you see in the end he had to cut the bitch off COMPLETELY.

    • therealjjohnson


    • Guest

      I heard Chris got the results and it came back + for herpes and that’s when he went ballistic on that hoe.

  • IToldYoMommaYouAintSh_t

    Jay falls under Jordan rules bruh

  • I get what Chris brown is saying, but he really need to just shut up and take a vacation for a very long time….He is in the news EVERY week.

  • hoeyuno

    I like breeze but you can’t compare a crime againts a female to any crime. just the way it is homie. he shoulda used Mystikal or Pac as a example if anything.

  • JordanFU

    On a chance of lethality scale Jay z’s crime was way worse. So i get thats what he was going for. But he didnt stab a chick, and if Chris really doesnt get the difference or why some people are always gonna label him a woman beater then hes alot dumber then i thought. Also hes just re-dredging this topic up, everytime he does this you gonna see an article with Rihanna’s busted face like this one. So it serves him best to just prove with his actions that he isnt an evil person, which in large part i think he is doing. Again some people will never forgive him, just like some people will never forgive Mike Vick, its the type of crime that people get real sensitive about for obvious and sometimes not so obvious reasons. He should count his blessings that Rihanna didnt want to crucify him and ruin his career, that she went out of her way to try to reduce the amount of damage the “incident” did to Chris’s career cause if she held grudges or was on some f*ck him im gonna ruin him shit then she could have really roasted him to the point where he would essentially lose everything he worked for (meaning label signing, his level of sales, that kind of stuff). She must really of love(d) him honestly to not hold a grudge, it takes a big and wise person to do what she did for him when she could of left him out in the cold for the wolves (media) to devour. Hes gotta try to limit shit like freaking out when someone brings up the incident, like the shit where he bugged out throwing chairs up in NBC or whatever network building he was at. Also i’d bet she could of gotten him an actual jail sentence not just community service if she poured the gas on the fire right after the beating. Also its a bitch move to bring up other peoples actions and try to get them in trouble essentially. Jay z stabbing UN has nothing to do with your situation, so leave that alone as you had nothing to do with any part of that, the incident or the parties included. He just has to come to the conclusion some people will forever think of him as a woman beater first and foremost, is it right or fair? No, not if you really believe that our justice sentence actually reforms prisoners/defendants.

  • water_ur_seeds

    But Jay didnt stab Un, and selling drugs before your famous is not as bad as beating a female so bad she looked like ‘The Elephant Man’, and the fact it was Chris Brown and the female he beat up was the international superstar that is Rihanna makes the whole situation more media scandalous…

    • therealjjohnson

      Selling drugs leads to mire crime and danger than that one beating chris gave out. That being said…comparing sins in itself is an useless act. Wrong is wrong.

      • water_ur_seeds

        yes jay apparently sold drugs… and chris is a woman beater, both arnt great, but jays thing was BEFORE he was famous, and has since turned his life around, but chris was beating rianhna whist he was famous…

        domestic violnce is a cowardice crime, weak men do it because they are pussy’s or powerless in a mans world or the streets, its looked upon as worse the drug dealing…

        anways though we not talking about what leads to what, otherwise you could say chris woman beating could lead on to him eventually murdering a woman, or his future kids seeing him beat their ma dukes which could lead on to them copying and do the same against their girlfriends or wives…

      • nicole

        no what J did was while he was Jay-Z they both wrong,but that’s how the industry is

      • water_ur_seeds

        the un stabbing was when he was famous, but he didnt stab him (apparently) and the apparent drug dealing antics with jay wasnt whist he was a commercial success, he wasnt a ‘proper’ rapper back then, all that schitt was before rap or for him and his team to get into the rap game…

  • El moreno de Queens #Dominican

    Here’s why Drake is better than Chris Brown:

    1. Drake greets women while chris brown beats them.
    2. Drake knows how to make a woman desire sex. Chris Brown turns girls awway.
    3. Drake is about to go platinum while Chris Brown’s album may not sell 100k opening week.
    4. Drake had a tough life with his twin brother on degrassi so Drake turned to being a real gangster. Chris Brown had the richest life anyone can think of.
    5. Chris Brown is ridiculed everywhere while Drake, while straight, appeals to gay people everywhere.

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  • “Like I toldja sell drugs. Nah, Hov did that, so hopefully you won’t have to go through that!” – © Hov

  • Pirate7X

    If that’s a true quote from Brown, he better have his money stacked, Jew lawyers on retainer, and 24 SAS security. ‘Cause Jay-Z may say “ya know what? enough of this clown…” and push the button and shut this negro down. Get his songs pulled, push his release dates back, screw with his shows & tours, and literally get Brown beat down worse than he did Rih.

  • MildManneredReporter

    not buying that shit that nigga super gay

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  • #facts

    no war bytch u was just ammo