Irv Gotti & Ja Rule: We Admit 50 Cent Gave Us An L, Talks Prison Life + More (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Something I, as well as anyone over the age of 15, never thought would happen actually happened on The Angie Martinez Show Thursday afternoon (September 19th). Irv Gotti and Ja Rule admitted to losing the epic battle between 50 Cent & G-Unit in the early 2000’s.

Speaking candidly during Ja Rule’s first post-prison interview, Irv explains how hearing 50 Cent’s megahit “In Da Club” signified that they may have bit off more than they could battle:

We were in my office, me and Rule. Flex was about to play In Da Club [Laughs]. So Flex played In Da Club and that record was so dope. I looked Rule like ‘we have a major problem.

Irv says they are in such a great place that he could say “yeah, we took an L.”

I compare it to Diddy, I was the same dude [as 50 Cent] but I just didn’t want to beef with nobody. But I was watching Diddy when he was reigning terror. I love the music and I was vibing with it but I want that spot.

Ja Rule also revealed that at the height of the beef, 50 Cent’s connections to Hip Hop power players Eminem and Dr. Dre resulted in Murda Inc getting blackballed in certain senses from the mainstream media:

There were things that were behind the scenes that made us seem more irrelevant. We couldn’t go to award shows. They would make calls. ‘If Murda Inc is in the building Em is not going to perform’. We would get word from MTV, shout out to MTV. We would get calls from BET, shout out to BET. They’d say ‘we love you guys but they’re doing their thing this year and we don’t want y’all in the building because of this.

Irv Gotti & Ja Rule Speak on “Taking An L” To 50 Cent

The Rise and Fall of Murda Inc:

Ja Rule Talks Prison Lifestrong>:

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  • therealest1

    As much as I don’t like Irv Gotti and Ja Rule because they try to front as tough guys who are really softies who are constantly surrounded by legitimate thugs and goons, at least I respect them this time for owning up to the fact 50 killed their careers and successes 10 years ago.

    • johnblacksad

      same here… i never bought that “MUUUURRRDA!”

    • Casor_G

      They about as real as your average rapper – Puff, Jay, Nas, etc

      • Matt Swan

        They’re better than anyone on MMG (except Wale) and anyone on YMCMB. Does the Mtv music awards even have a category for “most fake rapper of the year” or “moved the most ye in a year on wax”? How about “Lifetime Coon award”?

  • dfwricwil

    Politics is a bitchh! Well at least they told the truth.

    • therealest1

      I agree politics is a bitch, but Murder Inc. brought it upon themselves if you look back on it. They always tried to front like they were hard, I’m quite sure that drew the ire of many influential peeps in the music game.

      To be fair, Irv Gotti was a good executive and had a good business acumen, but he compromised it by trying to be something he wasn’t. He tried to come off as a mafia figurehead, its pathetic that him being a black man even took the moniker of a known gangster who did not like black people. John Gotti was even heard on tape dropping the N-word.

      If Murder Inc. had stayed in their lane and kept making music, they probably still would’ve been relevant since they were churning out hits.

      I don’t know the truth due to no concrete evidence, but if they really tried to have 50 stabbed up in that studio, and killed in that shooting, then they deserve what they got because they put out negative energy on an individual who survived, and that is the result.

      Ja Rule was also stupid in putting Eminem and his daughter in his mouth.

      • dfwricwil

        All true. I never understood why Irv did that move.

      • therealest1

        What move?

      • dfwricwil

        Playing mafia boss instead of just being himself

      • Same reason Officer Ricky, 50 Cent, AZ, David Banner, etc. pretend to be some one else who is gangster or tougher.

        The reality is, almost down to a person, the people who are really ‘Bout That Life, are constantly looking for a way out of it.

      • dfwricwil

        True story for sure. Good point.

      • PBM1986

        Good point but I dont see it that way in the hoods I been in… Most the people who are “bout that life” are products of what they’re being fed. They think ignorance & violence are requirements for being “real” or “manly”… Stupidity is the new intelligence these days, homey… I dont see too many folks searching for a way out… and the ones who are, have a legitimate reason to do so; usually fear… The media, education , internet, etc… is selling kids an image, but they’re forgetting to sell it as a costume and not a reality…

      • They fronting, and will continue to do so, until their doors or legs are replaced by steel, then after much soul searching, they will admit that they were only fooling themselves.

      • Mongo Slade

        Nigga none of yall niggas ever mention Jay Z the BIGGEST fake street nigga rapper ever the nigga is the softest ever and none of his shit is verified in any hood — yall dick riding niggas diss whoever is convenient if u gon speak the truth speak the truth my nigga and quit hatin on Ross as I bet u wouldn’t say shit to none of these nigga face — as for me I don’t hide and I say wtf I want in person and if niggas don’t like it get your team together (and I ain’t talking to u per say bcuz I ain’t one for beefing on no blog but I feel like typing right now) Anybody that know me know my motto my rep speak for itself so on that note FOHWTBS!

      • Ease back playa!

        Is Jay Fake?

        Here is the thing, so far, that’s ON CAMERA, his RAP persona, where as, think back to your idol Officer Ricky, denying he was a C.O., throwing Trick Daddy (A real dude by any standards) under the bus.

        Either way, this whole over saturation of fake dudes pimping the culture, like Culture Vultures, is the type ‘chet KRS was talking about when referencing Real Hip Hop vs Fake $lave$Hip Hop, which caused Nelly to take offense & step up & get bodied on the MIC.

        Your other idol, Nelly, admits he sold out str8 off the Muscle.

        It is what it is….

      • Mongo Slade

        I like how my reply to this comment is no longer visible — like i said i don’t have idols my nigga and i ai’nt got time for all this back and forth so we gon leave it right there

      • >>Just Fuggin witcha’ Playa!

      • Casor_G

        All these dudes are some gumps – 50 too

      • If true?

        Ninjaz admitted to stabbing Fif & getting him shot.

        “Never do a minor injury to a major enemy” applies.

        No patching up this beef & the Inc has to wear that “L”.

        They finished.

      • RealSpit

        You pretty much hit it on the head. I remember All that stuff when Ja Rule was running around talking about he’s tupac and dissing snoop dogg & dmx and hanging with Suge Knight talking all that shit. That slick shit about 50 a snitch and whipping 50 ass in the studio. All that tough guy shit came back and bite them all in the ass.

      • Casor_G

        He did whip 50 ass though

      • beavis

        50 got his ass whooped at least twice by Rule or murder inc one in atl they had a show together, then another at the hit factory which resulted in black child poking 50 up he had to get stitches for that, then the whole shooting took place an you know the rest


      Same Politics is Biting 50 Cent ass… What goes around?…

  • junj03

    Actually 50 Cent didn’t KILL Ja rules career, at the peak of their “Beef” Ja rule was still going gold. Now when he mention Eminem’s daughter Hailie and Eminem got involved then his career went down the drain. Cant fuk with a juggernaut that big and expect to survive…

    • therealest1

      I agree with you on most points. But it was definitely a lethal combination, 50, Eminem, and Aftermath did kill them.

    • Casor_G

      He got killed when he made that weak a$$ blood in my eye CD and stopped making hits.

      the average fan is just a d!ckr!der and doesn’t comprehend who is real and who is fake in a situation.

      • He got killed with GRODT…”Back Down” was the nail in the coffin.

      • Casor_G

        Go check Ja Rule’s record sales he still did more than the average cat in this game and is still paid. He got away from making hits and that’s what ruined him.

        Ja Rule should have played it like Ross and kept making his style of music. He let 50 take him out of his game

      • Ja got Ja Rule’d.

        No way around it…same argument could be made for Nelly’s lo$$ to KRS.

        Did Ja still eat? Yes

        Did he fall off?
        Yes X2

      • Mongo Slade

        Nelly’s loss to KRS 1 — u mean when Nelly was selling 10 million and KRS started talkin bout Nelly tried to diss him with his “#1” song? nigga u sound retarded as KRS did when he said that bullshit —- Nobody was checkin for KRS so that’s what he came up with… I remember that PR stunt he pulled and I wasn’t really a KRS fan but respected his contribution to hip hop but that fake shit he did was dumb and then i found out back in the day he dissed a soft hippie rapper for no reason and threw him off stage — nigga’s don’t get points for shit like that sorry homie

      • Nelly was selling 10 Million, KRS spoke about REAL HIP vs the commercialized BS we have now. Nelly took offense, asked KRS, & KRS clarified that he wasn’t talking about Nelly.

        Nelly, not content with the clarification released a diss track naming KRS, singing a diss, to be exact. KRS responded…a few times, until Nelly apologized & fell off the scene for 5yrs?, returning with Nelly 5.0, selling a dismal 60K the first week?

        Down 9,999,940’s from the 10’s of millions you spoke about.

        PM Dawn won the 1st Grammy for Best Rap artist, with a commercialized George Michael / Wham sample (True ) & then started talking ‘chet about being the best, etc., before coming to NY, during which KRS rushed the stage, with the “BLESSING” of the event’s security, and proceed to literally throw the wack rappers off the stage.

        In the words of one eyewitness “They got tossed like salad!”

        Have you ever went to a PM Dawn show?
        Trust this, you would have tossed them ninjaz off the stage too!

      • Mongo Slade

        I hear u but then why that nigga ain’t throw other wack niggas off a stage? I’m sure that nigga couldn’t been the only wack nigga there’s NEVER just one wack nigga — wasn’t MC hammer out at that time? Heard niggas ain’t want it wit Hammer bcuz he was a real street nigga that ran wit real niggas—- my point is niggas be making convenient gangsta moves if they know the other nigga ain’t coming back — why wack ass KRS ain’t throw Master P off stage???? That nigga woulda came up missing bcuz P one of the realest ever to play the game that’s why?

      • PM DAWN started the beef with KRS.

      • Mongo Slade

        well I can’t confirm or deny who started but when u google PM Dawn he def looks like a soft weirdo that wouldn’t start an argument with a retard but if u say so — my Uncle Rock was the one who put us on to certain things and hip hop history and he said KRS was on some sucker shit for that so that’s what I remember BUT again I can’t act like I was coherent about like I was during ETHER / TAKEOVER now that was a BATTLE and niggas did get ethered….

      • PM Dawn are weirdos…so how did they win the first ever Grammy for “Best Rap Group?”

        Them Ninjaz made SoulJah Boi sound like Big Pun.

        Ask Unc if they deserved to win it.

      • Mongo Slade

        Wow they won best rap group grammy’s? They ain’t got no hip hop classics!?! which is another reason why if u really be honest KRS shoulda been focusing on bigger fish to fry… U know I always hear the older guys talk how hip hop ain’t this or that no more but here’s what I want to know…. WHAT DID THEY DO TO PRESERVE IT…. or was it just all about them and they never thought they would get older or played out or not be the hottest one day? Hip hop is an ego driven thing, I get it but I question a lotta guys who always be talking this “for the culture” bullshit… there is no culture that can thrive and survive without economics so seems to me somebody shoulda been focusing on creating real companies instead of real raps… don’t get me wrong I love hip hop and the essence of what it stands for, where it came from — hip hop is a direct response to the post Malcolm and MLK era, hip hop came from nothing it was and still is powerful…. the hate between generations of what’s real and what’s not is counterproductive and NOT the real issue IMO the real is is hip hop is a multi-billion dollar business that few pioneers are making an impact in… WHY? Too much ego maybe, too lazy maybe? IDK but I don’t be beat for what constitutes REAL hip hop — Drake makes dope music regardless of what some old school out of touch guy looking for his glory days says, Meek Mill = Dope, Kendrick = Dope, Big Krit, Killer Mike are dope! 3 Stacks legendary dopeness the same for Luda and TI but if u listen to old stuck niggas talk ain’t nobody been hot since 1984 or some shit

      • Tossing the wierdos off the stage & out of Hip Hop was KRS’s attempt at preserving the culture. #IJS


        You on point with that, but keep in mind, there are only 5? Distribution licenses, so who really controls the music?

        The dudes you mentioned are alright,even Weak Mills, if they could actually release some flavor consumerate with their talents.

        Bummy @$$ Meek Mills, battling for free on NYC corner is better than Weak Mills the MMG kingpin.

        Old heads tried to stop what it’s become today, not shut down anyone, because they respect their hustle, just trying to prevent the culture from being abused.

      • Mongo Slade

        LOL! @ tossing weirdos off stage to preserve the culture… well he’d have been tossing niggas off stage every month bcuz the game was full of wierdo’s then as it is now… game just lacks balance and clearly u favor a certain type of rap and that’s cool everybody got they preference — balance and intelligent biz strategies that lead to making money is all I care about and for the record I love Nas (the best) but I also love Luda (one of the best) and I def rocked hard wit Nely on some songs bcuz a nigga like me loves party music ain’t no chicks dancing to a song about a veggie burger

      • Hahahah! So true @Veggie Burger

        No reply for that one….I’ll take that “L.”

      • Mongo Slade

        nobody taking L’s we just beefing on a blog 🙂 yo wus good wit Irv tho damn he be extra sometimes (JESUS) I actually liked Rule tho and that’s when I saw how fickle people are because I thought 50 album was crazy (it was undeniable actually) but I was not one who threw away my JaRule album… I never understood how people could be so fake — Ja will prob admit he shoulda never made that Blood In My eye album bcuz he totally abandoned his winning formula…. easy on pimp @EDOGZ818:disqus

      • Not going to TAKE that “L”…I’ll just ROLL it!

        Ja went down swinging, but fugged up taking it to the street & not finishing 50, or rather joking about it.

        GRODT was undeniably classic, but with Em & Dre on Ja’s neck….prison was the best thing that happened to Ja..

        Ja has a clean slate now, not even 50 going at his neck…but 50 is spiteful & still in power, so any chance he gets, he will trip up Ja.

        Peep how he did Young Buck?

      • Mongo Slade


      • >>Dapz

      • P.S. :

        Youtube : PM Dawn – Set Adrift On Memory Bli$$

        Their “HIT”..that beat out Krs The Bridge Is Over, Paid In Full By Rakim & Big Daddy Kane’s ” Ain’t No 1/2 Stepping & Public Enemy’s Rebel Without A Pause

        Then tell me you wouldn’t have tossed them ninjaz off the stage too!

      • P.S.

        On the low, Queen Latifah was there too, tossing PM Dawn’s female dancers off the stage.

        PM Dawn was dissing KRS 1 & Conscious “RAP.”
        (Treach & Just Ice were also some of the tossers.)

      • Pirate7X

        Ha, Latifah knocking hoes off stage.

        What was truly punk-ass was Prince Bee pulled that corny crap speaking to foreign press, thinking he was safe (pre-internet).
        Not! They slippin’ Joe! They slippin’ I don’t care no mo’…

      • “You better chill out like Chuck! I kick like 3 Norrises, one of my 16bar rhymes is in your choruses, of course it is, ridiculous, WATCH OUT!, I be in the club inconspicuous!”
        KRS- Nelly Diss (Ova Here!)

      • Pirate7X

        Pardon me if I may interject:

        The sample for “Set abliss” by PM Dawn was from UK band Spandau Ballet’s “True”. Everything else you said is right & exact. Continue the lesson, Akhi. And thanks for the deeper details of the event.

        (returns to 80’s rock/pop nerd archives fact-checking part-time gig, pushes glasses back on face…)

      • My Bad!

        PM Dawn are some George Michael @$$ Ninjaz though!

        >>Raises 1 eyebrow like the Roc @ Pirate for knowing that ‘chet!

      • Pirate7X

        Ha! Hey bro, as I said I’m an 80’s MTV pop-rock nerd. I know all the words to Duran Duran’s “Reflex” and Jazzy 5’s “Jazzy Sensation”, smell what I’m cookin’? ; )

        And I wouldn’t diss George Michael like that heh, “Careless Whisper” the sh!t.

      • Jazzy Sensation was the ‘chet, the rest…

        >>Raises 1 eyebrow

      • Pirate7X

        All good, no he-cipher-monkey-cipher.

      • Peace!

    • 50 Ja Rule’d him…literally.

    • Ghost

      Wanksta hurt him, the success of GRODT killed him, Eminem, Dr Dre, Busta Rhymes D12 etc getting involved ripped his soul out of his body

  • digitallife

    Lmao at folks saying Ja and Irv were pretending to be tough guys…well let’s examine that. Let’s look at the artists of that period. 99% of their competition was straight azz and soft as baby shyt. Hell we have artists from that era who are still doing their thing who have an image of being tough but have been herbs their entire lives. Hell the two biggest mofo’s out of New York have been life long gumps with money…people don’t accept it even though plenty of evidence has been laid out to prove it.

    • lethal5

      Ya but, what makes Ja different is he had absolutely no shame in blatantly trying to take pac’s image.

      • Pirate7X

        Umm, who hasn’t taken Tupac’s image? 50, DMX, Ja…too many others. And Tupac was simply playing his Juice role full time anyway.

      • lethal5

        DMX? Dmx said he wasnt even really a fan of pac. I believe it, not everyone was influenced by pac.

    • Who is the second?

      • Matt Swan

        Diddy? Ma$e? Da Band? who?

      • I don’t think Diddy counts…as an artist.

  • lethal5

    Irv comes off as hella annoying in this interview. He’s running his mouth like a corny-ass version of Damon Dash. Sometimes even Ja has a look on his face like “could u please shut up”.

    • Capbussa

      Cocaines a helluva drug

  • NewsFlash:

    There is no need to admit taking an L…when you got K.O.’d by the reigning Champ…..for your belt!

  • PBM1986

    I honestly think 50 dropped a hood album during a climate full of hip hop/r&b hits…lol… He didnt kill Ja Rule… He found the void in the market… Simple mathematics… Cuz if you notice, this nigga only had one maybe 2 bangin albums… He only still relevant cuz of everything besides his rap skills…

    • justus182

      And then the irony of it all is that 50 cent started dropping the same type of music, which ultimately led to his downfall as well, which is still funny because if you look at hip hop today, the more soft/r&b rappers are what’s “hot” again.

      • Matt Swan

        Everything once hot, goes cold. Then it’s “discovered” again and made “new” for a newer generation. Cycle of life. But I give Rule his due; he was not inside blogging through letters or visits (lil gayne), so far hasn’t come out and did something else stupid to put yourself back in (Tip), and really seems hungry to do his thing and get back in the game. He won’t have the same success as before, but Rule will make some noise. I gotta hunned guns a hunned clips, up here in New York New York….then we slump to Empire state of mind. Bring it back Rule

      • eddieknucks

        Right! Singing hooks and all.

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  • jubileeshine

    um didn’t the federal prosecution aided by interscope extinguish inc?
    or some rather cover up..
    for the record aftermath &c&c is trash today.

  • Low Down

    Can’t really say 50 fell off. He just diversified his talents and investments. If you hold all of your eggs in one basket things get ugly when you drop that one basket. Multiple avenues of money was the smartest move he ever made. There is only one 40 year old icon in the game after that the rest are just holing on because they can’t do nothing else to fall back on.

    • BigHomie337

      Couldn’t have said it better. The market for gangsta rap is gone because its now and underground form, while backpack and emo rap is in the forefront. 50 used rap to open up other avenues to get money that way he won’t be like the Jadas, Fat Joes, and DMXs of the rap game. Rap has the most unlovable fans so thinking u gonna be hot and eating 4eva just off rap checks is crazy.

  • YungKizz

    man this y i love & respect Ja Rule so much tru to the game admittin mistakes
    an all i hate to say it but 50 never end it his career dre ,Em, and iovine made 50 hotter than ever and ja knew suthin was goin to happen.Ja gettin nearly 40 he doesnt have time for bullsh*t negativity its all about positivity now. plus Blood in my eyes was a classic it was a street album. 50 only got him on one album thats it not his career.

  • Jason Mazur

    Good Interview. Handled well.

  • http://www.swagscent.com

    50 murked them.

  • Super-Khalifah

    I think it was a combination of things that made Murder Inc. take an L but the beef with 50 was a big part. Honestly, Jah had better albums though. 50’s first album was the hottest one after that he started getting corny to me. 50 is still doing his thing because he capitalized off his image better than Jah and ventured outside of just making music. Jah had his acting thing going on but even that stopped after 50 hit the scene. I think 50 was just hooked up with the right team in Eminem and Dre so he had more power behind him. I don’t thin Jah or 50 can ever get back to the point they were at their peak.


    If “RULE” didn’t start with all of that singing crap, then I don’t think his career would’ve ended the way it did!!! But, “50” had a lot to do with it also!!!

    • Mongo Slade

      if Rule didn’t start singing he wouldn’t have never blown up what are you talking about? His biggest songs were when he sang! I wasn’t a fan of his until he made every little thing and then Always On Time made me get his whole album…. niggas got selective memory

      • Pirate7X

        Word. Folks needs to remember he did the singing first…then 50 Cent did it and tried to diss him for it.

        50 employed specific techniques of using your opponents strengths & weakness against them on Ja Rule. Check The 48 laws of Power and you’ll see exactly how 50 did Ja; 50 even did the 50 Laws of Power with the author

      • Mongo Slade

        You already know @disqus_ltBsMrjyFm:disqus people be having crazy amnesia out this mufuka

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  • Pirate7X

    50 Cent destroyed Ja Rule by using the basic principles of the 48 Laws of Power and applying it Ja. Can’t quote specific laws now but the basic idea is to spread negativity and rumors about an adversary whether true or not and remove blame from yourself. aligning with powerful people (Interscope head Jimmy Iovine, Dre, Em, etc.) and rallying them against your opponents (Ja, Irv, Murda Inc., etc). Also dissed Ja for singing hooks (which Ja did first) then took that and did the same (Wanksta, Window Shopper, Magic Stick, 20 Questions w/Nate Dogg, etc.).

    The book pushes very selfish opportunism which is standard in the music industry. I’m not advertising (not consciously but whatever) and much of it is negative but certain ideals are used by corporate America. In former Source mag senior editor Kim Osorio’s autobio, she said when she dated 50 that if Ja knew he was following that book’s rules, he possibly could have countered some of the negative results.

    50 being the driven business hustler, opportunist and pure capitalist he is, used that to crush Ja & later Murda Inc. and gain major leverage in the corporate America. Did it to the tune of around $150 million plus when he was hot, likely knowing he wouldn’t be within a few years. He went as far as to co-author his own 50 Laws of Power with the same writer. Not bad from petty scrambles & being lit up with 9 bullets to multi- mills. To paraphrase him: love it or hate it the underdog is (was?) on top; get rich or die trying.

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