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Lebron James Childhood Friend Shot and Killed In Akron, OH

(AllHipHop News) Last week Lebron James celebrated his marriage to longtime girlfriend Savannah Brinson, but two days ago (September 18th) he mourned the death of a longtime friend. 28 year old Alfonso Golden was shot dead while driving in Akron, OH.

According to reports, Golden was shot around 8:30 a.m. inside his 2005 Dodge Magnum driving west of East Waterloo Road by an unidentified driver inside a tan-colored SUV. Golden was shot dead in a “hail of gunfire so loud it awoke neighbors from their sleep” according to 19 Action News reporter Blake Chenault.

Golden had an extensive history of legal infractions as he was charged with 21 crimes in the past decade, half were felonies which included guns and drug offenses.

Lebron James went to his personal Twitter and Instagram accounts to show his hurt to the news:

  • therealest1

    Tragic indeed. Wow, 2 people who definitely went in different directions.

  • johnblacksad

    “Because the streets is a short stop
    Either you’re slingin crack rock or you got a wicked jumpshot…”

    RIP Alfonso Golden… smh… life’s way of showing you this could have been Lebron

    • therealest1

      I know right! What an eerie similarity to B.I.G.’s rhymes from his classic first album regarding these 2 brothers’ lives.

      Its tragic that their lives definitely imitated art.

      Not to go off subject, but although LeBron James is a great player in the current era, his game is a living contradiction to that “wicked jump shot” lyric because he has never had a great jumper based on his primarily great inside game. But he has indeed improved his jumper. He’ll never be considered a player with a great shot though.

      • johnblacksad

        I wasn’t, of course, tryin to dirt homies memory, but there are chances this could be streetlife related

        I do agree that, although it has improved, Lebron’s jump shot is not his best weapon

      • therealest1

        I know you weren’t trying to taint the dead guy’s lifestyle. But it was his choice that got him killed unfortunately.

        Had he stayed on the right path, perhaps LeBron James could’ve helped him get some legitimate and safer work like with Nike or some of his other endorsements. I know James has his closest friends working at Nike for sure.

        This dead man seemed to have a good connection to James if he acknowledged his passing like that. Too bad he didn’t take advantage of trying to legitimately come up on James’ opportunities.

      • golder1

        what elite player best eapon is their jump shot? People with limited bbal knowledge should stick to just playing 2k12 and leave commenting on basketball to those who know

      • The analogy was Basket Ball…or sports.

        “They want us dancing, cooning, & hollaring, only respect us for playing sports or modelling!”
        Civil War – Imoortal tech Feat : Chuck D, Bro Ali & Killer Mike

        >> In Big’s voice: “If you don’t know, now you knowwWWWWw!”

      • Tre C

        he shot over 40% from 3 last year and it’s improved every season…

    • Oh ‘chet!

      i just posted the exact same ‘chet!



    • Bumpy Johnson

      They could have been boxers, ball players or rap singers,
      instead they bank robbers, and crack slingers,

  • MrNoName2K


  • Damn!
    “Things Done Changed!”
    “If I wasn’t in the rap game I’d probably have a key knee deep in the crack game, because the streets is a short stop, either you’re slingin’ crack rock or you got a wicked jump shot!”

    Biggie (R.I.P.)

    • Bumpy Johnson

      what im askin is…your childhood friend , long life friend and you lebron james and the nigga only driving a 2005 magnum….?????


      • Lebron’s on the court, not him.

        Either way, he should have been in an 88 Honda with a racing engine & mix match rims on some low profiling type’ chet!

        “The nail that sticks out…gets hammered.”

      • golder1

        So, its Lebrons responsibility to buy him Benz and shit!

      • Bumpy Johnson

        if im lebron james my friends would not be riding in anything before 2012…..well im a loyal ass friend and my niggas are my niggas….not some guys ive known for a few years or chill wit becoz of common interest.

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