Rick Ross

Rick Ross Opens New Wingstop Location

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Rick Ross continues his expansion into the restaurant business, with the opening of a new Wingstop location.

Rick Ross has taken ownership of the Deerfield Beach, Florida Wingstop and the rapper now operates four locations.

In addition to the Deerfield, Beach location, Rick Ross also owns two Wingstop locations in Memphis, Tennessee and another in his hometown of Miami, Florida.

“We’re excited about the new team and welcoming fans back to this great location,” said Maybach Music Group CEO Rick Ross.

Today (September 21) the Wingstop location will be giving away free made-to-order wings from 1 to 6 PM.

“Offering free wings for guests is a great way to reintroduce Wingstop to the community and thank fans for making us part of the neighborhood,” Rick Ross said.

Rick Ross is currently preparing the release of his upcoming album Mastermind. He is embarking on an 8-city tour in support of the album this November.

The news comes as Rick Ross and his Maybach Music crew celebrate Maybach Music Weekend in Miami. 

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  • CooL_KiD_305

    That’s a good look, RO$$ is making power moves!

  • dfwricwil

    Great way to invest. Ross is looking out for his future and hell why like sell what you love to eat… Win-Win for him…

  • tha OG

    Fat nigga going to eat

  • Crenshaw on my shirt

    Fat ass nigga would open another food spot lol

  • moonfromsoufcack

    i like it, good move

  • andone

    at this point i think its safe to say rozay been “CHECKED INN” a long time ago

  • king sodomy

    just dont end up like flava-flav

    • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

      On crack?

    • Doubt He Will…See Ross Brought Into An Established Franchised…Flav Tried To Create a New Business…Easier to Fail That Way…Wing Stop has John Elway on they’re Commercials and All

  • Best move so far…if he pays for his own wings…He’ll be rich!

    All jokes aside, good move!

    • DJ7

      Better move would be to buy / start a farm and employ black farmers to raise those chickens and veggies…cut out the middle man…black empowerment…the potential is huge ….can’t knock fat boys hustle…after all he is creating jobs…low wage b.u.t. jobs nonetheless…still….no props

      • Stop Hating!

        What the brother gotta do to get props? Stop frontin’?
        *He can’t stop!

        That farm ‘chet is definitely a power move though!

      • DJ7

        Ok ok ok ok…Joe Pesci voice….mad props to brotha William b.u.t. it’s still mad face to his alter ego

      • hoeyuno

        the alter ego was the problem.. the bawse voice was stupid.. he can rap and woulda won me over as a fan if he didn’t come to the gate the way he did. but even krs did the whole criminal minded shit at the beginning to “get the people’s attention”(will give him the benefit of the doubt)………

      • DJ7

        I get you b.u.t. on the same token….KRS didn’t steal another mans whole persona and keep running with it even after being exposed…the real Ross is trying to do good b.u.t. this cat is keeping the negativity associated with that man relative simply by being in the spot light and using his gov’t….pick another name, stop fronting, give the real Ross his just due and then maybe…just maybe, I’ll give the brotha a break…until then…nooooo props to Fawlse b.u.t I tip my cap to William. ..

      • Donny P

        Do you provide jobs “Dj 7”?

      • DJ7

        You got a problem with comprehension champ…try reading my my post once again…this time slowly…my reply to E was an inside joke…I don’t expect you to get it…stop trying to bait me into engaging with you B…this is your 2nd attempt…now, to answer your question although it’s 0 business of yours or anybody else screening my post…I most certainly do…

      • Donny P

        Just shut up B

      • DJ7

        Stop stalking me like a biter b*tch…since I finally gave you the lil attention you’ve been seeking, from now on, when you see my post, there’ll be no need to continue leaving your peanut gallery pot shots…down vote or whatever you stalkers do and keep it pushing jack…simple as that…we’re not homies

      • Donny P

        FOH Dj no gigs.. Fuk yo kids ni99a..

      • DJ7

        Now you’re getting disrespectful, out of pocket, sounding scorned and desperate for my attention…you need a daddy lil fella b/c obviously you grew up w/out one???…0 gigs??? *edit* I do what I want when I want #BOSS… Lil boy you don’t know me nor what I do…stop fishing…I have nothing to prove to your trolling / maggin’ azz…step off chump

      • Donny P

        peace no gigs!

      • scullyson


  • speedy37

    This fat slob loves chicken.

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  • Havoc Wreaka III

    He can own but should let someone else run the day to day operations..


      dude thats pretty much how it goes, niggaz like him and other niggaz from the street with the bread to buy into a business like this usually play the background man, especially if its a well known chicken joint like this bruh, only dumb niggaz like flavor flav who tries to start their own chain up and pop up around the everyday business dealings will do stupid shit like that

  • A Iracks

    Never been a fan and Ross but I do respect his work ethic he’s a great entrepreneur.

  • WillVetterGoodin

    This fat f*ck right here! Better pay ur taxes or you going to be fat and homeless!

  • Matt Swan

    Now I get it…all those Ricky Sauce videos on youtube had a point. So now no matter where he is in Miami, he has somewhere to eat with multiple sauces. Man Ricky is one forward thinking brotha. Never go hungry..ugh! Man no wonder 50 couldn’t destroy him; Ricky had all the sauces needed to smother him….ugh!! I am kidding folks…except on those youtube videos. Those are seriously funny. Wu Tang said it best…..”diversify your…”wing’s”?

  • hoeyuno

    Fast foods a good investment. I know McDonald’s is about $500,000 per franchise and it can’t be barrowed money either. but buying an existing spot could save half of that. there cash cows but the only reason anybody would ever let go of one is if it’s failing. how long can rawses celeb hold this wing spot down?? E-40 had a fat burger until the recession hit.

    • CooL_KiD_305

      Wingstops are everywhere and the food is pretty good, RO$$ made a good investment.

  • hoeyuno

    That’s gotta be the gayest picture of him I ever seen…

    • Mike Rogers

      gay recognize gay

      • hoeyuno

        有人 默默 的喔阿 海鷗染色 破讓你

  • scullyson

    Wings is the thing…..! Got me curious……….Give me a 24 piece spicey hot and a fountain pepsi ….word up…I aint playin

    • Donny P

      u fat homie? 24 tho? dam lol

      • scullyson

        Nah…..no where near but I can put it down. Some of my peeps hate that too. Lol….last physical was good. I just don’t f around when it comes to the grub. Pops like 6 ‘ 1″ 215 moms bout 5’ 3″ …

    • Oh You Never Had Wingstop…That Shit Live Down Here In Miami…My Homeboy Manages One So I Be On It Heavy…But They Be Taxin…That Same 24 Piece and Pepsi will cost you almost $30 no bullshit lol…but its good though…just too small

      • scullyson

        Nah I never had it but for some reason them sh*ts sound legit. always got down with some hot wings. $30 is steep as *&^% tho. I gotta get down there. Been thinking bout hittin up Tampa to see my fam. I know they have a wing spot.

      • lol they good as hell though…its a pretty big franchise, they have John Elway as a Spokes Person and all

      • scullyson

        they look Good…i checked out the website last night and I see they are opening up one in the northeast…(Phila)…Im definietely feastin on them ishts. lol

  • Crenshaw on my shirt

    Show ur police/sheriff badge to get 70% off wings.

    • scullyson


  • Synista

    Not a fan of rawse but the ni99a stay on his hustle,and if the rap game don’t work out he can always get into the food business ….people gotta eat.

  • originalcru

    Ross got that work

  • Bosshogg973

    Hate all you want but rosay is that nigga! He making moves

  • The Legendary Troll

    I hope hes really getting paid for this and not just opening them for publicity. I know franchises are hard to profit from unless you have like 4 of em

    • What Type Of Lame Nigga Steals a Woman’s Pic And Put It As a Profile Pic??? and Before You Bitch Ass Niggaz Jump Up Asking Why Do I Care, Its Because Thats My Peoples In Real Life Not On Social Media

      • The Legendary Troll

        Lol nigga the girl in my pic is a porn star. Get yo frontin ass on somewhere unless you work in that industry

      • No She’s Not You Fuckin Idiot She’s A Mother Of 3, From Miami name Shica and That Was a Old Modeling Pic of Her That People Have Been Using For Years…That Pic Is Literally 6 – 7 years old…I Bet You Can’t Pull Up One Porn That She’s Supposedly In…Because It Doesn’t Exist Idiot

      • scullyson

        Yall wildin ….LMAO !!!…straight comedy…smh

      • Nah It Be Crazy Cause You Be Scrolling Down Reading Comments and Then You See Your Ppls Pic Like “Wtf You Doing On Here?” Then You See That Its A Random Lame Nigga Pretending To Be A Woman, Then The Nigga Try To Say “The Person Is a Porn Star” vs Just Sayin “Yeah I Found a Pic Of A Bad Bitch Online and I Used It, Thats Just What Us Lame Niggaz Do”…But He Ain’t The First To Do It, People Do It All The Type, But Don’t Try To Check The Nigga Who Knows Them For Real When You Know That You Don’t Lol #ThatNiggaStillLame

      • scullyson

        lol..Yo that is Crazy now that you enlightened me on that ish because one of my relatives has done some modeling photos on several occassions for some catalogs and now on some deeper thought I think I would probably spazz TF out too if I peeped her photo on somebodys profile.. smh…But the funny part when I first peeped it was the back n fourth and the fact that he tried to have an alibi for it like they were face to face on the block or sumin….lmao….That ni*&^ got issues foreal..

      • read this idiots response lol

      • The Legendary Troll

        As much as you going out of your way to pull out pics you got saved on your hard drive and put this girl information online, I hope you at least fuckin. its not that serious.

      • interestingly enough you were the one putting up pics of ppl you don’t know and swearing by them to be someone else, but then tried to check the person for telling you your wrong for what you did??? you get lamer and lamer every post, just stop it dude…and the reason why i even said something from the beginning is because ppl make fake pages “FB, IG,Twitter” etc, then they do/say things to ppl and the real person ends up getting into shit behind someone else…it happened to someone else we know, someone made a fake fb page, and was talking shit to a guy, and the guy showed up to the real persons house and beat her ass and cut her face, so thats were all of this steamed from..im not gonna allow nothing to happen to my folks because another nigga has a problem just being themselves in life.

      • The Legendary Troll

        Another titan graph. Nigga get a life.

      • Just Realized That I’m Going Back And Forth With a Lame As Nigga Who Steals Women Pics and Use Them As His Own and Admittedly Loves Prostitutes…Have a Good Day Sir, Hope You Protect Yourself While Having Sex With These Prostitutes Smh

      • The Legendary Troll

        Her name is Lacy Duvalle. Nigga goin ham like he gettin p**** from her or something LOL. Friendzoned ass nigga

      • thats not Lacy Duvalle You Retard…But To Your Credit At Least You Really Did Believe That It Was Somebody Else And Not Just A Nigga Grabbin Sexy Chicks Pic…Wait A Min…You Did Do The Same Lame Shit…You Just Were Wrong With Who You Thought It Was…Bull All Back and Forth Aside, Thats Not Lacey Duvalle Her Name Is Shica As I Stated Before, She’s Done a Few Music Videos As Well…I Take It Yo Lame As Realized That Its Not Lacy Being That You changed The Pic To Someone Else, Which iS Just As Lame By The Way…Lol

      • scullyson


  • Donny P

    Good look Ross


    I just can’t mess with Ross but good for him.

  • Cold Hard Truth

    Good for Officer Ross. The GD’z love free wings.

    • scullyson

      ah man thats cold ….smfh….lol

  • David Gonz

    from donuts to chicken who can hate on that

  • Vuyo Manisi

    ok fat boy.

  • $74220002

    My Uncle Hudson got yellow BMW 5 Series
    Sedan from only workin parttime on a home computer. look here w­w­w.J­A­M­20.c­o­m

    • scullyson

      F that ! Why stay hemmed up in the crib and settle for a little a** BMW 5 series when you can own yo own wing spots and rock a Benz S Class Maybach ? Better peep that Ricky Ross blue print ….LMAO

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