Drake Confirms Wu-Tang Collab, Upcoming Video; Plans To Drop More New Music

(AllHipHop News) It is officially Drizzy season as Drake prepares to release his third studio album Nothing Was The Same on Tuesday. To rep up talk about the LP, the Young Money emcee sat down with Elliott Wilson for his CRWN interview series.

According to reports, during the Q&A Drake confirmed that he teamed up with members of the Wu-Tang Clan for a collaboration to drop in the near future. The singer/rapper also revealed that a video for his latest single “Hold On, We’re Coming Home” will hit the net sometime this week.

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Drake also reportedly told the crowd that portions of his song “Pound Cake” were originally supposed to appear on Jay Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail, and while he respects Kendrick Lamar he sees Kanye West as his only competition.

A version of NWTS leaked earlier, but Drake announced on Instagram that he has more tracks in the chamber that were apparently produced by Hit-Boy. He posted a photo with the headline “Wait …Drake Still has More Songs To Drop??” which included the caption “Wait on it. @hitboy87.”

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Nothing Was The Same will be released September 24th.

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29 Responses to “Drake Confirms Wu-Tang Collab, Upcoming Video; Plans To Drop More New Music”

  1. El moreno de Queens #Dominican

    Drake and Wu-Tang are cut from the same cloth. They both always try to innovate hip-hop. The Wu repped the grimy sound of NYC; Drake the mellow dreary sounds of Toronto. Drake returned hiphop back to lyrics when everyone was making tracks lacking any real lyrical intellect. Both artists are 100 percent real and always make joints that take risks. The combo of both would be a great..you fuckers hate on Drake because u are memorized by his percieved image. His light-skin. His clean-cut looks. Listen to the mothafucking music. He’s one of the most innovative to ever do it.

    • Ann N. Rolon

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  2. Synista

    What d phuck !!!WU -tang say it ain’t so,Don’t tell me i will be forced to pour gasoline on all my WU merchandise and burn away one of the most influential groups in the history of hip hop?

    • JLlama

      Calm Down. Just cause you don’t like Drake doesn’t me WU can’t. I’ll still be rocking to Wu-Tang Forever (the double cd).

      • Synista

        No,it is not that simple,I grew up listening to the WU-,I grew up learning to not compromise or accept certain forms of BS,I am from the generation up keepin it real,and I thought the WU was also but after RAE co-signed Justin BEAVER I was expecting his next move to be on Dancing With The Stars,but he further lost my respect and all credibility when he did a song with Rick Rawse,now Rawse is a good rapper and I respect his hustle,but the realness in mean will not allow me to force myself to openly support such a mockery.I used to have respect for the dudes in the game who had self respect and would never sell out but It appears they no longer exist,rap is become so bubble gum that it is not even worth downloading for free anymore,I can see why Nelly is doing country music now.Some cats need to realize that when you have a loyal following or fan base you need to maintain that fan base,now I know some might say you gotta branch out go commercial/global but once you start changing so will your loyal fan base,but guess some people have no principles when it comes to money any more, If DEAD PREZ sign to young money and KRS 1 starts hosting American Idol I’m will delete my entire hip hop collection

  3. Ike's Mood


  4. MildManneredReporter

    ghostface i can see. he did a track on childish gambino royalty album…rza was on earl sweathshirt’s cd and meth is a sell out he will soft shoe in black face if you pay him enough…either way im sure its gonna be ok.. cept when drake start singing


    today is the day… is he really going to sell 1 mill the first week?… I doubt it but dude is going extra hard with the promo… wearing them jaden smith t shirt and shit….

  6. s dott

    All y’all complaining about the wu collabo with drake really need to lighten up. You sound bitter and grumpy. I grew up listening to wu since ’93. This was the era where they was no sucka shit allowed and you either came hard or went home. But times have changed and people change with it. Everybody know drake ain’t exactly the hardest dude in the world but the dude can spit. We know it and the wu know it. So for that he gets a pass. Now if y’all wanna question some rap vets selling out it should prodigy for allowing waka flocka n French Montana to remake hell on earth then jumping on the track with them. Hiphop blasphemy

    • Synista

      Prodigy is Irrelevant!!!!!!
      After TRU-life went after him,it was nothing but L’s hell more L’s than yung berg and that hey luv r&b shyt was a nail in the coffin,now back to the WU they had their internal conflicts but they could be at the same level they were in 95-97,they put a lot of cats on maybe too many,but when original cats like the WU start giving passes to lames I can’t support that,that’s like someone who taught you how to read coming to you one day and telling you stop reading and become illiterate.
      WU tang forever??
      More like Wu-tang NEVER …..Never again!
      Drake and YMCMB fans can disagree all they want.
      Drake might have the masses fool but not this ni99a!

      • DesignatedH8R

        It’s not that serious. Raekwon and Kanye did a song with Justin Bieber. Kool G Rap did a song with Hillary Duff. Every rapper makes bad moves. I’m not going to boycott one of the best brands in hip hop for a bad idea here and there.

      • Synista

        It is quite serious to,nothing by that lame will ever sully my ears!
        Guess it’s money over principles these days,went from keeping it real to keeping it RAWSE!

      • DesignatedH8R

        I agree with you 100%. Seems like everyone abandoned their principles when nobody stood up against Rick Ross, making money preaching nothing but this reckless gangsta s**t when he was working for the opposite side of the law. But if I disliked everyone that worked with Rick Ross, there would be no one left to listen to. Corporate America’s iron grip on mass media is why Rick Ross is still all over the radio, even when it came out he’s a phony. In 96, when rappers got exposed they never came back from it. Like that female rapper Boss from detroit.

      • Synista

        Well you are right corporate amerikkka is the main problem with music and how it is given to the masses,and the more you listen to some of this BS that is plastered on the airwaves the more you begin to except it,but I know there are talented people out there with better substances who will never get a chance to shine in the same way as some of these modern day coons,but I will support the struggling artists before I ever buy an album by %90 of the artists who allow themselves to become industry whores. rap has gotten to the point where it is cliche and comical,it’s gimmicks over lyrics and the trends are just being recycled. I will keep bumping DEAD PREZ,MOS DEF,FREDDIE FOXX,GANGSTAAR,KRS and all the other real MC’s who have kept it 100 from the beginning.

      • s dott

        Prodigy irrevelent ?!? Albert Einstein erased all doubt I thought he had lost it. One of the best albums of the year

      • Synista

        Don’t get me wrong,HNIC still has lyrics but he hasn’t been relevant for quite some time,and after that blood on the wall by Joe Buddens he has been…”A shook one”

    • DesignatedH8R

      Whatever I’ll still listen to Wu, but this is a bad move. Letting Drake exploit the brand. I never thought his raps were that cold.

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