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EXCLUSIVE: K-Ci Talks about Jodeci, Diddy, and New Album

The 1990’s garnered many R&B groups but none quite like Jodeci. It was an era dominated by New Jack Swing where Jodeci married R&B soul and Hip Hop to create a sound that is classic and timeless even today. You can’t talk about R&B, soul, and New Jack Swing without mentioning Jodeci, the Bad Boys of R&B; the Black Guns and Roses.  “Forever My Lady,” Jodeci’s first album introduced us to two sets of brothers, Cedric & Joel Hailey and Donald & Dalvin DeGrate, all respectively known by their stage names: K-Ci, JoJo, DeVante Swing, and Mr. Dalvin.

K-Ci of Jodeci and the duo K-Ci and JoJo recently sat down with AllHipHop to discuss Jodeci’s church upbringing and its influence on Jodeci and K-Ci and JoJo’s sound, Jodeci’s most iconic moment, DeVante Swing’s genius and much more.


Watch the video interview:

  • Tony G.

    would love to hear some new stuff from these dudes

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  • Live Well

    I’m ready for some real R&B cats that can actually sing. We been missin male vocalists that sound like men when they sing instead of whiny lil’ simps. Jaheim, K-Ci and Jo Jo, Donell Jones, and R Kelly are all active again and I’m thankful. Frank Ocean, The Weeknd, Trey Songz, and Drake ain’t no real R&B singers. They sound like they pee sittin down.

    • Zino

      Real talk alot of those new kats are openly on the Rainbow Bright shit…

    • Lamar Star

      It’s like all these cats have the same people writing for them and damn near the same exact voice.

    • Travis

      Get ready for a group called Vincent Clark out of Atlanta. Check out some of their vids on Youtube. Album almost finished. Just looking for which label it’s coming out through. Real R and B



  • Zino

    is K-Ci Drunk???

  • Brian Bitch Why?

    how come your favorite artist is either on Crack or an alcoholic sad,,,, these niggaz look bad

  • youonknowme

    Kci has always sounded like this. He’s not drunk. It’s just that the years have caught up with him. Not to judge another man’s looks but K-Ci has never been a pretty boy.

    • Zino

      naw I have heard other interviews with him back i the day he did not sound drunk or like this maybe the years have caught up but he is not sober in this interview…

      • youonknowme

        if he is drunk here then he is drunk all the time because this is how he sounds in every interview. find one he doesn’t and send me the link.

      • Zino

        found 3 of them but the site says comment needs moderation every time I try to post them so to each there own…

        Jodeci still my Favorite R&B group sober or not …

  • $74220002

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  • Marvin B.

    KCi ain’t drunk he been sounding like this

  • Trica So Blessed

    He’s not drunk and does of you that likes to judge ppl bases n ppls past check ur past and those dumb ass rappers you listen to before commenting he’s in his forties he’s not going to sound like he did when we was twenty. Judge not be judge.

    • n n

      This guy is a women beater and a drunk that is why he is tore up.

    • Lamar Star


  • BrotherMan21

    That’s Mr Cee’s woman doing the interview…

  • Jared

    He drunk but what’s even worse is the camera man in the interview…classic, LOL

  • pauleyPee

    ………. Apparently, people on this post haven’t been around too many alcoholics. This dude is obviously intoxicated. lol That’s still my ni**a though.

  • Lamar Star

    There’s a difference between being drunk and tipsy. The niggas just a little tipsy givem a damn break please. Believe me if the nigga was drunk he wouldnt have even been able to conduct himself In anyway what so ever during the course of the interview. Most of you niggas would rather see the glass more than half empty rather than half full, I mean that figuratively amd literally

  • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    I worked on a video for those cats in Chicago back in 2000 I think. They were cool as f@ck but KC was drinking like a fish at about 10am in the morning. Dude was drinking those little bottles that they give you on the airplane. Had a bag full of em. He was drinking Tanqueray straight. Bottle after bottle. It looks like he hasn’t stopped. That sh@t gonna be the death of him.

    • digitallife

      Devante was no better bro, I auditioned at swingmob back in the days…dude was lit like a firework at 9 am guess the party the night before just never ended.

  • VinJoy

    She should’ve asked “where you gonna put that booger on your thumb?”

  • digitallife

    Had the pleasure of auditioning for a job with them in the 90’s before it all fell apart. Guys were amazing during their era, sadly the substances destroyed them all.

  • Lonnie

    I am a di-hard Jodeci fan form Father MC period til now,,,,,but…..he is drunk

  • I was smoking bud with this fool KC at a spot in manhattan, and instead of taking a regular pull this nigga took a nostril pull, idk if he was trying to impress the women burning with us or what but we all looked at this nigga like, nah go head keep that famo…

  • Monishan

    I love Jodeci!! But for years they have only been a small fraction of what they used to be..I met Devante and K-CI at different points in LA where I lived at that time but I know in my heart they will never ever be sober enough to give us what we really want..Devante, sad to say was so cracked out, not only in appearance, but grinded his teeth so much and so loud, I could hear him distinctly over music playing in a store, we spoke briefly as he sought me out for my singing ability and whilst we exchanged number, I never called him bc I knew I couldn’t take him seriously. he also had enablers…K-ci was also extremely drunk and invited me to a studio he was recording and I too passed on that as I knew it would not be ideal..the lack of professionalism and discomfort I was feeling from the top was overwhelming.

    • Damn that’s tragic, all that talent down the drain…

  • ask marcus

    First song I heard by them was Come & Talk to me – the remix and that shit changed my life. I did a talent show where all I did was dance to that song and all the girls rushed the stage…the rest was history.

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