Hip-Hop Rumors: Look Who Is Twerking For Relevance!

Twerking is the best way to get relevance in the market today. So many chicks are like, “How can I get people to notice me? TWERK!” Joe Budden’s ex girl Kaylin is one fly and sexy chick. Just look at her.

BUT…BUT…she’s twerking for relevance right now. BUTT…BUTT she does it very well. I had to force myself to stop watching. And…she’s relevant enough to make the page!

Some of the people that stay dissing me need to get to twerking.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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58 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Look Who Is Twerking For Relevance!”

      • brotha_man

        wait for me outside. i told your mama i was picking u up from school today, son. that way she can work the overtime she needs to without stressing out. No short bus for you today, yay!!! you get to ride in the benz today. so leave your helmet in your locker, but make sure you wear ur drool bib, just got my car detailed, and i know you still have trouble controlling your drool and snot.

      • Guest

        *Throws a brick at your pinto as you pull up. With pure luck the brick goes straight through the driver side and hits u directly in face/eye area. U spin out of control and crash. Knocked out and with the car burnng, I just continue walking home like nothing happened/sleep/eat and bust my nut as u rot in hell” good night boy!

      • brotha_man

        stop disrespecting me son, i know I haven’t been there for you…..but im trying to change. just look at you, runnning around NY in an elmo shirt and fitted, sucking d*ck for lunch money. I failed u son….and for that im sorry.

    • Thenatural503

      Wait why did this need a no homo? I’m confused. Now if you use another persons voice in a comment section you have to say no homo? This has gone too far.

      • Heart of a Slave, Blood of a k

        Because Johnny Gill is believed to be an undercover gay man.

      • Thenatural503

        So that’s how far no homo has gone? Lol oh man. I’ve never said no homo wanna know why? Cause no one no matter what I said would ever suspect me of being gay cause well I’m not gay lol.

      • Thenatural503

        It was funny 10 years ago now it’s just overused and pointless.

      • johnblacksad

        It’s funny because 10 years ago you couldn’t catch me sayin this sh!t when it was popular… now I find it funny… especially when it’s not even needed… but hey, that’s me

      • Thenatural503

        I’m gonna start a new trend. It’s going to be called no Nicca. I’m going to get white people I know to say “No Nicca” anytime they say something that could remotely be considered black slang.

      • brotha_man

        thinking about it the only time i use it is in comment sections…..maybe this will be the last time i use it, cuz it is kinda pointless

      • brotha_man

        i would probably punch a white guy in the face the first time i hear it

      • hoeyuno

        Haha I was gonna go somewhere similar..there’s some real special individuals around here lately.. AHH must be advertising on the little busses again

      • brotha_man

        johnny gill is gay….and probably wouldnt say my,my,my had he seen her twerking


        Because he’s Eddie Murphy quoting Johnny Gill…That in itself is suspect…

    • hoeyuno

      Nah man you didn’t read the weekend edition. women in Thailand are turning water to coca cola in there snappers.. that’s evolution

    • Diann R. Barrett

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  1. Ike's Mood

    ya’ll on thirst mode…ya’ll tellin these chicks are doin it when they look pretty stupid doin that shit!!! its like these chicks should be tellin these fools to pull they fuckin pants up

  2. Sonny Tutimez

    All you MF’s hating on shawty..if a MF wanna twerk let her twerk shit..everybody aint the same..its funny how ppl get on the internet and talk that shit..half of these MF’s on here girl probably hoeing and they just be like oh thats her past no nigga she a hoe and this bitch up here is just twerking, not a sex tape but dancing to get notice..if you only knew what other ppl did to get where they were this would just be another page in the book.,.but she knew what the hell she was doing too..don’t have crazy ass but shawty was getting it..

  3. LiddyBug86


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