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Cancelled By The Bell: Rock The Bells Shows in D.C. and New York City Reportedly Cancelled

(AllHipHop News) Since 2004, Rock The Bells has become a staple and tradition in the Hip Hop culture. However, today (September 26th) reports arise alleging the Washington, D.C. and New Jersey shows for Rock The Bells have effectively been cancelled.

The Rock The Bells stop in D.C. was supposed to be held at RFK Stadium, however Chinyere Hubbard, the Vice President of Communications and Marketing for RFK’s operator Event DC confirmed with Washington City Paper that the event has been cancelled. The D.C. leg was supposed to occur this weekend (September 28th and 29th).

UPDATE: Guerilla Union released the official statement regarding the cancellation with Guerilla Union founder and owner Chad Weisberg speaking on the matter:

First and foremost, it is with great sadness and disappointment that we must cancel the Washington, DC and New York City Rock the Bells dates due to lack of ticket sales. I, along with our staff, the artists, and all of the sponsors, media partners, local promoters, and radio stations involved are thankful for our supporters and the fans that planned on attending. It’s extremely unfortunate that we can’t complete the last half of the 10th Anniversary Rock the Bells tour. We did everything in our power to save the show. Unfortunately, the financial loss would have been devastating. I am truly sorry we could not produce the show for all the fans who did buy their ticket in support of.

Full refunds will be honored at the location where fans purchased their tickets. More details can be found on the festival’s official website at

  • Tre C

    wow…so the tour isn’t selling, might be the end of it for good..

  • junj03

    I mean the tickets are crazy expensive, i mean the lineup justifies it but people dont want to pay that much money, specially when its not in a comfortable place like a stadium.

    • Tre C

      i don’t know about Jersey, but RKF is the Redskins old stadium in D.C.

      • Guest

        True, but the rest are not.

      • cee

        it was in the parking lot, NOT the stadium actually

      • Oh Dayum!

    • Anne Noise

      If it’s not making money and people aren’t paying the prices, then the lineup DOESN’T justify the cost.

  • Eli Pinilla

    What the f*ck?!?!? I baught 4 tickets to this shit

  • Eli Pinilla

    yo man, f*ck rock the bells!!!!! f*ck gurilla union as a promotion company…and if you wanna be down with rock the bells!?!?! f*ck you too!!! nas f*ck you too!!! murs f*ck you too!! Washington dc!?!?! f*ck you too!!!! die slow muthaf*ckas!!!!! my 4.4 make sure your shows to grow!!!!!!….im salty as f*ck!!! I was gonna drive out to dc tomorrow….damn!!!

    • vision

      they didn’t promote it good in DC at all. No body even knew about it in DC but hip hop heads. Non of the club people knew. They didn’t start talking abt on the radio until last weekend. Gurilla union fucked the promotion all up

    • andone

      SMH, i feel the pain… that sucks and has to hurt everyone from gurrilla union to the artists to the fans to the local economy… even tho i was lookin forward to the WSTcoast leg this yr and would have liked to attend myself it was jus to much b.s involved… first of all the vip tix arent really worth the $$$(overpriced for wat u get), second hotel is a must for a 2 day event(non-refundable deposit required in most case’s), third the set times could have been better(ex. krit performed * 2pm out here)… @ least u can get money back for the tix tho

    • LOL~N

      I know you Tiz-Zight at them Ninjaz!

      They are issuing refunds though, so you chilling in the end.

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  • Black Cash

    Is Flaye still burning?

  • cee


  • RAMADAwhite

    it does well here in california due to the nice weather of course but weird that on the east coast no one cares… i guess back to summer jam for y’all

  • scullyson

    Not surprised. Poor Economy = Poor Sales $

  • Justcallme Kee, MBA

    F*ck RTB for cancelling one day before. it was my birthday weekend and I spent 600 on tickets. Losers….

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  • You all been listening to Meek Mill and Rick Ross too long to realize that the economy is fu$ked up…Being that the music sucks people are not interested in spending the little that they have to see some rapper talk smack about what they have and what you don’t….Even Britney Spears can’t sell tickets to her Vegas contract. Just purchase a song or two from iTunes and keep it moving.

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  • Donny P

    There wasnt enough “Trendy” people on the card. Next year, RTB is going to have to re-vamp and add people who are the hottest at the moment. The people who actually buy music today (lol @ them) are the fanbase that they have to cater too if they want to see sells. Not saying take all of the lyricists off the card, jus add bigger names. Take notes from ATL’s B-Day bash that sells out every year

  • Roger

    They shouldn’t of gotten so greedy and started charging outrageous prices on tickets. I went to the 1st rock the bells and it was $75 for a VIP

  • SkrSteez

    I came from Australia I’m in New Jersey now I been through so much to get the ticket on a friends USA credit card then get all the way here for this. If these artists can’t generate fans to buy tickets, then Hip Hop is dead Tech N9ne, Wu, Bone Thugs, Immortal,Joey Badass. I came to see some real and ppl sayin should put bigger artists. Man this is meant to be a true hip hop event if no one wants that, Hip Hop is dead. These days most rappers are wack just like the ppl they attract.

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  • Douglas Butner

    My friends and I were all pumped for this concert. Some people actually like Hip Hop. Even my white group of friends. I was pumped for Rakim the most.

  • yep

    They should abandon the two day formula, and do one day. They should also go back to Governors Island in NYC. Start earlier and cut 1/3 the talent. Talent selection aside, I don’t know why they messed with what worked.

    • sean v

      First off, the two day formula is the Shit, goin back to one day would suk, and second off, governors island was nice, but the problems gettin to the island was the worst, the lines for the ferries were horrible. Unless they got a Shit ton more of ferries , it wouldn’t work. I really liked Randalls island, that was prolly the best venue, I like the fact that they try to make it bigger every year, but I think that’s where they messed up, they spent to much money on the venue of the racetrack, and also makin it a Friday and Saturday instead of Saturday and Sunday, people have problems gettin off of work and Shit. Damn this blows

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  • Solar3000

    It needs to go back to the way it was straight real hip hop. With chief keef and 2 chains and wacked people like that real hip hop heads like me WILL NOT GO AND SUPPORT ANYMORE. WE took a stand and it worked. that’s what creates change. Put the event back at Merryweither closer to baltimore with all real music and it will be a success again……….

    • sean v

      I agree, there was some wack ass Shit on the lineup this year, I go to rtb every year, and they also had alot of the same acts over and over again. But I was still plannin on goin, there was still a hell of alot of hip-hop on the bill, I already had my vip tickets and hotel booked and all that. This is major BS man, I’m pissed!!!