Hip-Hop Rumors: Could Rihanna Beef Cost Teyana Tayor More Than She Can Afford?

Teyana Taylor is dope enough to get an endorsement deal from Reebok with no album and no signs of one too. But, she must have thought it was sweet and forgot that these soccer moms are out here still! They don’t play and artists are walking on eggshells like WHAT. Remember Rozay, Wayne and Tyler all have taken L’s this year alone. Anyway, Teyana’s new beef with Rihanna seems to be some sort of spring board for TT, because, she tried to do like Cassidy and go hard at her adversary. In doing so, she forgot…you can’t play with domestic violence.

Here is what her Twitter looked like:

Obviously, she is saying that she beats up RiRi and whatever. But she photoshopped an actual image of RiRi post Chris Brown beat down. No. I didn’t even know this, but adidas owns Reebok! Duh. Welp! I know RiRi isn’t hurting for money and she seems to do whatever she wants, with endorsements. TT may take another letter this time out – an L!

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • I never understood why rappers get so much much to endorse products that they don’t even use….Hip-Hop is a great cash cow, but also a great way for a company to rise to the top and NEVER ever be great again…. Rappers did it with Clothing Lines, Sneakers, Liquor, Food, Record Labels, Video Games, Acting in movies, Comedy just about everything a rapper put their hands on has an extremely short expiration date, and once people loose interest it’s like the company can NEVER be great again.

    • Depends on who’s advertising what!

    • Guest

      ex. g-unit

    • Matt Swan

      FUBU, Karl Kani, Cross Colors, Tommy Hilfiger is on the side of Bev Hills milk cartons. Used jean Co, Bally’s shoes, Trukfit, Applebottoms, TI’s clothing line, didn’t jeezy have a line too? I’m sure there’s more, although I would consider giving applebotoms a pass being that they were actually successful for a decent period of time. 40/40 club was supposed to be the next “in” thing, but the one in LV closed down damn near as fast as it went up. Not sure about the one in NYC

      • Matt Swan

        THIS IS THE REPLY TO ME FROM SONNY TUTIMEZ..and I agree with it
        I have worn almost all of these brands with the exception of a few at some point..FUBU and Karl Kani designs were very mediocre and didn’t keep enough flavor to sustain..Cross Colors got played out because it was to colorful and you know people became more basic in terms of color at one point..tommy hilfiger went down because he personally said he didn’t make his clothes for black ppl and we were the main supporters..Trukfit is still fairly new and rising, applebottoms were simple tight jeans that were high priced for women it had not real market value beyond being tight and nelly owned the company..TI sh*t started weak and the designs were barely above average but got better and still has room for improvement and Jeezy s*it was simple and kinda weak but i still see some ppl wearing it…It was never rappers fault it was the designers and marketers fault..tommy was hot as fu*k at 1 point and so was FUBU and applebottoms..rappers gotta learn just cause you can rap dont mean you know about designing clothes cause ppl really do this shit for a living

      • KsKids

        whoa whoa whoa,,,,clothing labels in the hiphop community always come and go just like an artist,,you hot for awhile then its over,,,hiphop stands still for no one,,,the first entertainment hiphop label clothing label was from public enemy,,,cross colors was not controlled by hiphoppers,,the design team had karl kani on it,,,over 25yrs selling some well known brands to the world and was the first to take to department stores when they called it nword clothes,,,ive seen them come and go from day 1 and anyone that has made it through the real money of the 90s will tell you true facts of what im claiming,,,im glad to see the market with many more labels from the culture,,,,i remember you could count us on 1 hand working this side of the game at the big show,,,,tommy hill didnt come out the gate marketed to the culture,,,we brought it in,,,just like the best guess jeans was the original knock offs uptown,,,the best nike suits was the knockoffs with the puffy letters uptown,,,we make things hot and we make things cold,,,but hiphop always had that attention defiency syndrom,,you have attention for awhile then we get bored,,,to much talent in our world,,,rappers are fools if they on top and dont come out with either clothing or accessories ,,,

      • Matt Swan

        Rappers are fools if they are on top and do come out with a clothing line. That is about as smart as opening up a label is these days. They could do much better hiring a proven investor and taking some of that money and investing it in stocks and bonds. Instead of looking for the instant return, place bank on the long term so when your time is up, you’re not selling everything you own to maintain your lifestyle. Babybash was an example of this; he said he wouldn’t buy a ton of jewels when he could go out and buy a ton of property. Looking out for his future even though real estate is trying to make a comeback. Ricky was right for opening up those wing joints, because that little investment will pay itself back in relatively short order. TI years ago opened up a detail shop. Is it still around I don’t know, but everyone needs their cars cleaned. It’s all about sustaining when the music career is over.

      • KsKids

        yes hiring a proven investor is smart,,,but you dont know for a second what your talking about when it comes to clothing,,,when an artist is on top what he wears sells also in clothing and accessories,,,i have a 3000 store account base that has bought from me different labels over the years and im not talking about the japanese and european market,,,it doesnt have to be long lasting but while your hot your goods sell,,so what is an extra 20million from clothing,,its better then not listening to you about clothing,,,i know way may artist who made and are making good money on their accessory game,,it dont have to be in every store or every state,,but there are enough retailers in the hiphop world for you to get serious money,,,jeezy line never meant anything in new york but yet you can still find it in dillard department stores in the south,,truckfit making serious money in street and skate,,tyga line is making money,,,puffy still got his exclusive with macys,, dj greg street in atlanta was selling 10000 tshirts a month just in hood stores between georgia,alabama,ms,louisiana and tx,,,sounds like good grip to me,,you just speculating from the sideline,,,make things happen,,,i blew up the public enemy logo around the world out the gate and did okay,,,then pelle pelle in the 90s,,,and then gino green 999s in the 2000s,,,talk about the investor game and give some examples of what you have done,,,but when it comes to the clothing game you the fool,,,peace,,,

      • KsKids

        also fubu is a 6billion dollar business and still making major money around the world with free standing stores in europe,japan, and africa,,their accessory game on sneakers,watches,blankets you name it still making them good money and they also have a suit game around the world that is making money,,,they also just finished making all of that coogi sports money the streets was wearing for 10yrs alot of people didnt know that was by fubu,, im not talking the sweaters from coogi,austrailia,,,..karl kani is making millions in europe in specialty boutiques,,,

      • Matt Swan

        Ok you’re invalidating your argument by name calling. At no point did I say you were a fool or that you were this or that. If I were a rapper and looking at clothes all I would see is a short term quick flip investment being that styles come and go with the wind. Sure you could pull a few good mill out of that, but in using your capitol to steamroll your future ensures that you will have a solid base to fall back on when you’re back to using your government name. Tangible items that are needed, land, medical, abd healthcare can be invested into for long end run results. Owning land to build developments to generate long term home leases or sales. I would see a much bigger ROI allowing developers to build homes on my land or business parks in a month than those selling t shirts or accessories in a year. I’m not going to be like you and engage in degrading someone because their view is different than mine. When we are young we look at short money and the here and now. The here and now quickly turns into the yesterday and gone…especially when it comes to clothing and accessories. When I think of money now, I look at Warren Buffett. A man made from nothing to one of the richest men in the world, from the power of his hands and mind. When I think of long money his name again comes to mind. I’m not saying I’m going to be anything like the man, but I do envy his work ethic and his competitive drive that keeps him going. As far as what I’m doing Im researching into land in TX, KS, NC Charlotte, and areas in VA. I want to be a major (minor) land owner and get a good development team to make these lands profitable. I already have a retirement gig with bonds, so as they mature, it’ll just get better with age.

      • KsKids

        in texas,,look around north texas or as we call it new texas,,,the frisco area and also mckinney,,,in the hood the best place is the south dallas area for future up and coming because there is a major project to uplift the area because of its proximity to downtown and the cedar hill, desoto area where houses that were 450k 10yrs ago are now 100k to 250k in net worth but its still an area where families move to get out the hood,,,dont take the name calling personal ,,jay z was able to parlay rocawear money into major major money,,more then he made in music at the time…and when your a top artist the clothing money doesnt come out your pocket,,never seen it done by any of the artist where he spent his dough,,,,french montana is another example,,,he doesnt have a platinum cd,,but his coke boyz clothing is flying off the shelves,,is it short term yes,,but he is getting millions he never expected because of the clothes moves…will he invest in real estate,,he says he will in morroco..

      • Matt Swan

        Thanks and good lookin out in TX. Don’t see how he could invest there. Nothing cheap about Morocco even the air costs thousands to breathe. They do have some good tax breaks though, so it could be a good look if you can get it at a reasonable price. But in his case to buy there, why would you spend that kind of money and to buy a really good property spend damn near all he has? Morocco isn’t a large country by any means, but their per capita income is off the charts. Maybe French has a hook up there to get him right.

      • KsKids

        thats where 99% of his family is,,,

      • Matt Swan

        Good lookin out. Didn’t know he was from there. Don’t really keep with dude.

  • junj03

    Illseed need to get a real job cause his articles lately SUCK BIG TIME!!!…
    I remember when i and allot others were begging AHH to bring him back but now i think most of us want him gone. Too many BS articles & FACTS! put in the RUMOR section…

    • AL Maj

      “a lot” what you put (allot) means to assign as a share or portion: to distribute by or as if by lot. #shrugs

      • junj03

        shut the fck up, this is hip hop ninja,lmao

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    I’d rather fvck teyana.

    • Elradawi

      nigga you high

      • Thenatural503

        Well think about how many nicca been inside of Rhianna and then ask yourself again which one you’d rather put your tool inside.

      • MrNoName2K

        **chimes in** Rihanna all day son lol

      • Matt Swan

        Just give me either one, but with riri I’m have to strap up with a few condoms layered. No need to be picky with these two

      • acb87

        What u think tenyana doing to keep getting signed when her biggest track was Google me? Didn’t she have nude pics leaked she sent to kanye the. Weeks later she signed to good? Only small dick men get mad when a girl has had sex before because they most likely so t match up k. Size

      • Thenatural503

        It’s got nothing to do with size lol. While I may not be Mandingo I’m also not tiny lol. The point is if she’s getting dicced up and down the hip hop industry with a bunch of dudes who dicc down a bunch of groupies it’s about keeping my dicc clean condoms don’t stop that herp.

      • TheAfroRican

        If someone is gonna tap Rihanna, it would be with two rubbers with the boxers staying on.

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  • who the hell is TT

  • tha OG

    Rihanna can get this Dick!!!

  • david3528

    BREAKING NEWS: An R&B bitch does something stupid. IN OTHER NEWS: Water is wet.

  • $18916246

    Teyana…don’t f*ck up. (Replaced Amber with Teyana).