Signs The World Is Coming To And End: Batman Gets Beatdown In Hollywood!

All Batman wants to do is help people and the people accept that help. But, no. Not in HollyWEIRD. In Hollyweird, everything is off. And in this sad display, some MOOP decides to become a super villian right down there on the Hollywood strip. Somehow or another, Hollywood Batman and this dude get into it. At first, it seems playful and then BOOM…its a fight. And Batman is on the wrong side of the pummeling. The dude relentlessly beats on Hollywood Batman. The cops don’t even come. I’m thinking that Batty needs to go back to Gotham where he’s safer!

This has been floating on the Net for some time, but never gets old.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • dfwricwil

    Dam Batman…. You should have hit him with the Bat Gas!!! SMH!!

  • The Legendary Troll

    LOL He pulled a Bane and slammed that fool


    Batman got that work…lol

  • Matt Swan

    Where’s Robin?

  • Rjet

    That’s Vegas across the street from the Monte Carlo, not Hollywood.

  • dehova

    Does this Batman represent Hip Hop? Still, I’m a hypocrite coz I still come to this site

  • ZUBU

    Damn, it was kind of goofy funny at first then dude started putting hands on Batman. Dude could kind of box a bit, Batman was doing some fake ass karate moves with his hands, while dude had knuckled up. When he slammed him ( I thought he broke his back) and started really putting hands on him that shit was sad.
    Dude gets no stripes for beating up scary Batman……

    • LOL~N

      Batman would have won…if it wasn’t for those over hand rights….& that epic body slam!

      • ZUBU

        I hope Batman ok lol…….

      • What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!


    Thats vegas u dumb simp, that guy be out there with a bunch of other people charging for pic. Stop stealing random videos and making shet up u moron..
    By the way this was on tv as well years ago.

    • mike malarkey

      thats ur guy lmfao smh

  • andone

    this thread means 3 things…

    1. illseed has never been to hollywood

    2. illseed has never been to las vegas

    3. illseed is a dumb @ss


  • keepitthoro

    lol why you call the man “batty”..cleary illseed ain’t been around no jamaicans

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  • killerkm

    this shit hella old,u dinosaur lost

  • don dada

    this is vegas

  • don dada

    the mexican had no hands tho lol

  • Defo Vegas on the strip. And those guys dressing as Batman, Bumblebee, Hello Kitty or whatever can be quite annoying. They want you to shoot a photo and then ask for 20 bucks.

  • $28825362

    This fake @ss illseed never been to my city. You guys need better intern writers

  • aokot5

    old @$$ video

  • Doc Franchise

    Corny…if a grown man is dressed as Batman on a street corner chances are he is not a fighter… super weak


    This shit is old as hell smh

  • Crenshaw on my shirt

    Batman the weakest superhero lol

  • Synista

    Guess batman for got to put his batgun on his bat utility belt that day!