Ivory P

UGK Records Affiliate Ivory P Arrested For Human Trafficking

(AllHipHop News) A Beaumont, Texas rapper fomerly associated with UGK records was arrested on human trafficking and simple kidnapping charges on Monday. Ivory Charles Pantallion III, who performs under the name Ivory P, and Jessica Lynne Morgan were obtained by Lake Charles police for allegedly kidnapping a 19-year-old Alabama woman and attempting to sell the woman as an escort through online advertising.

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Authorities claim the woman originally left with Pantallion and Morgan, 24, willingly as they stayed in Beaumont and Lake Charles hotels, but she eventually became fearful for her life. She was then able to contact her mother who informed police of the situation.

Ivory P

33-year-old Ivory P, aka Ivory Pimping, was once affiliated with Port Arthur, Texas’ UGK Records. The label was founded by UGK (Underground Kingz) member Pimp C in 2005 before his death in 2007. While Ivory P is still listed as a member on the label’s Facebook page, Pimp C’s widow, Chinara Butler, says Pantallion has not been involved with UGK for several years.

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Pantallion was jailed on a $1 million bond. Morgan’s bond was set at half-a-million dollars. The alleged kidnap victim has been returned to her family.


32 Responses to “UGK Records Affiliate Ivory P Arrested For Human Trafficking”

  1. PhilTheGreat

    Man if you kidnap girls, is that still pimping? Is that exceptable to all the “real” niggas out there? Just as bad or worse than rape in my book.

  2. Eli Pinilla

    On the real though…..how is it kidnapping and the girl, 19 years old, went willingly?!?!?! I bet he was pimpin the chick foreal.

      • Eli Pinilla

        got 2…..and whats that got to do with anything? you know the whole story? from what I read, she went willingly and got “scared for her life” but was able to use a phone to call her mom…..ok!….the shit I seen on the news lately, I thought she was bound up or tied to a radiator and shit, this girl was getting pimped on craigslist.

      • MrNoName2K

        Did they also say why she chose not to leave or what made her scared for her life?

      • Eli Pinilla

        exactly, they didn’t say shit. just that she went willingly and that she then was scared for her life….kidnapping means they took her without her content, that didn’t happen…..pretty much, she went with them, it wasn’t what she thought it would be, and she called her mom scared talkin bout they kidnapped her.

  3. Dead Wrong

    Shid sickens me man.. Like Cube said, you can make way more money in life by pimping something that pays… Pimp a new movie, a new restaurant, something that can’t get you caught up, smh

  4. HatesElvis

    Ok i can figure this 1out, he was pimping da bitch she got mad when he took all da money and she wanted 2go home he said find ya own way home bitch an i aint taking u nowhere wouldn’t give da hoe her cloths or nun so she was broke n hungry n dirty hoe cloths so she called mom and said he kidnapped me come get me…smh lying ass bitch…

  5. roxy

    real talk IF He making music about pimp in you know she knew what was up. It don’t matter what phone you got you still can call your mom. They keep making the fact she got a new phone the fact he took her phone and she g feared her life but really the girl didn’t obviously feel to much in danger. She went to the casino and didn’t call her mom the FIRST NIGHT SHE SUPPOSEDLY STARTED TURNING TRICKS FOR A LIVING. GIRL NEVER CLAIMED TO BE BEAT OR GUN INVOLVED. so what really happen female mad at her mom about something and decided to bounce. Everything straight but mom on her phone begging for her to come home.mom kept asking where she at who gonna admit they choose a pimp and did willingly? Hence kidnapping and some more crap and the female who trying testify she too was pimp by ivory wanna get some lime light six years ago? And now wanna say something. What’s that saying p—ain’t dead these h… just scared

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