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Hip-Hop Rumors: Jimmy Kimmel Responds to Kanye's Twitter Rants, Takes Shot at Kim

Jimmy Kimmel seems genuinely excited that he’s involved in a hip-hop beef. He actually said, “Finally I’m in a rap feud.” That being said, we probably all thought that Jimmy Kimmel would keep it cute and move on from this following Kanye West’s twitter rant about him in regard to the now infamous skit. Wrong.

Not only did he respond to Kanye West’s tweets but he also took a slight shot at Kim K by bringing up the tape, you know which one. Check it out:

Jimmy Kimmel is trying it. Kanye might seem like a safe rapper to beef with but don’t be too sure. Mr. Kimmel, you are not above the laying on of hands. Just sayin.

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  • Kanye is a donkey, he claims that he is a Rock Star and don’t have a clue what comes with the territory…..It’s not just your baby society is interested in seeing, it’s every celebrity. Kanye is a great talent but an idiot with money.

    • @Real_SirJamie

      I think you’re being a bit harsh and getting rather personal calling him an “idiot”. People with low intelligence or mental deficiencies don’t make it to the level he’s at, talented or not. He may be a bit ostentatious and childish, but a idiot he is not. And you’re logic involving celebrities and paps is weird too. Just because paps and other childish people exist doesn’t mean they have to deal with them and not defend themselves. He probably thought him and Jimmy were friends or at least acquaintances, especially since he attended a wedding on behalf of him. Only to turn around and be made fun of publicly.

      • brotha_man

        even Albert Einstain and issac newton were said to be autistic. beethoven was bi-polar, point is no one is exempt from mental illness, not even kanye west

      • @Real_SirJamie

        Autism and bi-polar aren’t “mental deficiencies” they are mental disorders. Autism and Bi-polar disorder aren’t even in the same category my brother. I’m taking his use of the word “idiot” literally.

      • Idiots run into giant stop signs in broad day light….Idiots have kids with women who are still married into a marriage that lasted only 2 months. My point is being a celeb doesn’t automatically make you smart….Kanye is talented but thats about it…Even his mother wasn’t too bright her Doctor specifically told her not to go under the knife because it could be life threatening and instead of listening to a professional she did the most idiotic thing and went under the knife ANYWAYS.

      • @Real_SirJamie

        Those are all questionable decisions yes but I don’t believe they show lack of intellect…. well… except for that stop sign thing. You never stubbed your toe or made any kind of mistake in life PERIOD? You sound overly critical of him and his choices/mishaps.

      • Okay, I agree I am saying too much about this whole Kanye thing…I wish him the best though. He doesn’t seem to have a real family structure and the Kardashians saw that as a weakness, he saw Jay-Z Beyonce and probably wanted the same thing..Again I wish him the best…The End

      • Weedras

        you’re debating with a dude who’s convinced Rihanna has HIV yet cannot provide any proof such a lab test result etc… don’t waste your time…

      • Stick to the topic, NO ONE is speaking about Rihanna or her medical condition.

      • brotha_man

        bi polar disorder is still classified as a mental illness.

        mental illness is a medical condition that disrupts a person’s thinking, feeling, mood, ability to relate to others and daily functioning

      • @Real_SirJamie

        I said DEFICIENCY. As in it effects your ability to learn or communicate. I am Bi-polar with explosive manic episodes sir I am speaking from experience.

      • scullyson

        Kanye needs to be a friend to his self first and foremost.

      • I disagree, Kanye is an idiot, he did drop out of High School right? He happened to have talent, thats what saved him.(The people who invested in him are smart like Jay-Z)..You cannot sit there and tell me that if Kanye West didn’t make music that he would be as successful as he is today?
        Jimmy Kimmel is a stand up act/comedian thats his nature to poke fun at others. Kanye is a musican- how about if you fipped it around and if everyone who Kanye mentioned in his songs would lash out back at the rapper?
        Point is life is too short laugh a little and keep it moving. Look how calm and cool Jimmy Kimmel is and based on Kanye’s rant, it seems as if he would have put hands on him if they were face to face.
        So Lindsay Lohan, DMX, OJ Simpson, Flava Fav, MC Hammer and Mic Tyson is smart? Just because you are famous does not make you smart you are giving these people too much credit.

      • @Real_SirJamie

        You seem to not know that much about Kanye my friend. Not only was his mother a teacher herself, Kanye knew Chinese before he even went to high school because they moved to China. He actually graduated from high school with honors and received a scholarship to an art university. He was into fashion before we even knew about it. The only reason he even dropped out of college is because rap was moving faster with No I.D. being his mentor. I do agree that he went too hard at Jimmy in a sense. He should’ve just taken it in stride… But I take into factor that he thought Jimmy was a friend/acquaintance since he actually spent time with him. I mean honestly, Does Kanye seem like a Jokester? We saw how he felt about that SNL situation. But he still performed on the show. Some people just don’t joke and play. One of my uncles is like that. doesn’t really joke and doesn’t appreciate when people have laughs at his expense either. Life is a joke or funny anyway but I digress…. ….After all that being said you’re right. LOL dude kind of needs to lighten up. Especially if he see’s people will continue to f**k with him.

      • Maybe I don’t know as much about Kanye West, but the little that I do know is that he is an attention whore…And I kind of see it happening already- Kanye and Kim breaks up then Kanye has a mental breakdown to the point of no return……I just hate to see my black brothers and sisters become statistics- I even feel bad for Lamar Odom the man seems to be going through the most intense time of his life so he seems to just give up..I would hate to see that happen to Kanye if he is so sensitive now imagine him under the influence of heavy drugs and or alcohol? That would be tragic-It’s never too late to just fall back and not be so sensitive about everything no matter how fat your bank account is.

      • LiddyBug86


      • LiddyBug86


      • Jamar Walker

        You don’t know about Kanye because he was a college drop out and Dame Dash made that dude but when the Roc broke up he stayed riding Jay Z coat tail.

      • Your missing the point he dropped out of somewhere and someone invested in his success. Same thing, but thanks.

    • Matt Swan

      IMO if Ye can put others on blast whenever he feels like it, then he should be able as a man to take it when others poke fun at him. If you can’t take it, don’t dish it. And to use sex as a reference was weak on his part. Jimmy made a joke about you; laugh with it or don’t, but never make it personal. I think he needs to move to North or South Dakota or somewhere like that where he can focus on what really matters; his family, his religion, himself, and his career. I name those states because there isn’t a huge population, so he can venture out and not be hounded by the press. Decompression away from the pressures of Hollywood and momager would do him a world of good.

  • scullyson

    Ye give folks amunition to light his A%& up with jokes. He needs to man up foreal. Stop. Putting your foot in your mouth on the constant. smh

  • danboy1386

    Kanye is such a lame…. he just doesnt get it does he.

    • Vic Sage

      ‘And never will..”

  • Weedras

    The guy who was making fun of random ppl in NY last year on twitter is ballistic about a comedic jab by comedian lol!! ppl be saying Drake soft and ish… but this dude goes off and goes ballistic for things many other would laugh about…

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      he def should of just let it ride cause kimmel was def hoping kanye would take the bait so he can do exactly what he did ….

  • Jimmy owned that lame ass nigga!!

    • Vic Sage

      Jimmy sonned his whiny btch ass…”Hahahaha…. Kimmel’s my dude…”

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      i would agree if kanye interview wasnt so serious … this whole bs kimmel started has completely killed the matue conversation in that interview and turned it into a comedy show

      • kanye was a comedy show to begin with.. lol… kanye interview was serious.. puhlease

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        you just proved that everyone is titled to thier own opinion … but its really sad tho … its like MLK giving a speech and the next day the only thing someone can pull from it is a snippet and they take the oppurtunity to make fun of the situation … instead of expanding on the conversation that was started ……. and i know how yall think …. kanye convo is nothing on the level of MLK speeches so please slow down before you reply talking about how can you compare it to mlk …. all i got to say is stay on topic and stop leading yourself astray just so you can somewhat sound like your right ………………

    • Mec-One

      …. and he owned him by just reading his tweets ….. lol

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  • Bumpy Johnson