Pusha T Says Kendrick Lamar's "Control" Was Nothing New

(AllHipHop News) G.O.O.D. Music’s Pusha T is on the verge of dropping his debut solo album My Name Is My Name next month, but before his new project lands this fall the Virginia native spoke with The L.A. Leakers about one of the most talked about moments of the summer.

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Pusha was one of the rappers Kendrick Lamar mentioned he wants to “murder” lyrical during his verse on Big Sean’s “Control.” Pusha says he did not take it as a diss and believes that should be the mentality of every emcee. He cites his own rhymes on “Exodus 23:1,” “New God Flow,” and “So Appalled” as examples of times where he embraced the competitive nature of Hip Hop.

Pusha’s interpretation of Kendrick’s verse is a little different from another target named in the song. Drake recently told Hot 97’s Angie Martinez that he did not feel like Kendrick was being real by calling out his peers and then still trying to be friendly with them afterwards.

In the interview Drake said:

It’s like you can’t just say that and then see me and be like “Yeah man what’s up” pretending like nothing ever happened. To me that’s not the nature of battling, there’s passion behind it there’s anger behind it… I wouldn’t expect you to like throw all the relationships out the door for the sake of being like the talk of the internet for 10 days… I don’t know if it was worth it you know, because there’s a lot of people that were mentioned that I feel like can’t really go back and f**k with that guy after that.

Pusha T’s My Name Is My Name is scheduled for release on October 8th.

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Watch the L.A. Leakers’ interview with Pusha T below.

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    • mosestobymcgeethree

      BKLYN keeps on taking it

      • Queens keeps on faking it!

        >> In Red Alert’s voice : “YeeaaaahHHhhhhHHHHH!”

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        where u at ? scary fu(k nicca!

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        im from Queens home of the Supreme Team McGriff,. Pappy Mason, go do some research and reply like u know something…. U new niccas wouldn’t stand a chance saying that shi* live and effect!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Caliwaver

        How do u go from being gay to hardcore all the time?

      • SP

        Homo Thug I suppose…

      • Caliwaver

        Yeah this nigga a trip.

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        its two different accounts, im straight u fu(k boy!

      • El moreno de Queens #Dominican

        you can call me the queen of queens nicca

      • We already do!

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  • DJ7

    Was this a Pusha T post or another Drake promo plug? Pretty sneaky AHH

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  • Mustafaah Ali

    Drake has female tendencies…IJS

  • El moreno de Queens #Dominican

    drake is the king of this rap shit drake is known world wide most of the people in the U.S don’t even know who kendrick is. He is irrelevent when comparing to drake compare rappers like jay z and eminem but kendrick what a joke.

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      ur profile still doesn’t match mine u bit(h boy! now go change it and still be wrong u crab!

  • Stone Cold Steve Austin

    Drake in his feelings for real.

    • He kept it 100% though.

      >>Riding with Drake on this one!

      • DJ7

        Drake took the line out of context fam…can’t ride with this cat on this one…he’s punking out *side note* I didn’t down vote you b/c that’s punking out as well…if I disagree, I’ll drop a post instead

      • He’s punking out by not battling, but IMHO, not punking out by not fugging with him.

        I wouldn’t put him on tour with me either….unless it made $$$ sense.

      • DJ7

        If the verse caused that much friction then they were never cool in the 1st place, however I do agree that they shouldn’t tour together other than for the $$$…different fanbases and although Drake probably won’t lose his, Kendrick will def stand to gain some…

      • You can’t look at it the way you would, try & look at it from a Herb’s perspective, or if you can’t, at least ask a Herb.

        I wouldn’t say “It’s on & popping”, but the Herb’s will be feeling a certain kinda way.

        >> In Artie Clay’s voice : “KDOT pissed off a lot of people!”

      • Stone Cold Steve Austin

        I can’t cause he should have addressed Kendrick when he saw him. I’m sure it was all love from both of them. That’s some sucker shit. I’ll take a direct diss over subliminals

      • Drake isn’t a direct type of guy, but he’s making it clear that it’s ill feelings, although he should have responded on wax.

      • loyal_ethics

        Drake playing it safe he know TDE got them Bars and don’t want to get his career ended like Ja Rule

      • While true, Drake has never been a battle rapper or the type dude you can fight, if it came to that. What Common look like schmacking Drake around?

        Breezy? Yeah, but even he’ll make mincemeat of of Drake.

        In reality, Drake is making better music videos (Hold On) & is the industry’s favorite RAPPER.

        Black Thought vs Drake?

        >> In Ed Lover’s Voice : “C’Mon Son!”

      • loyal_ethics

        LOL I agree with you on everything minus “& is the industry’s favorite RAPPER.” Kendrick lamar is the industry’s favorite rapper drake is just most of the women favorite artist but I believe K.DOT has more respect in the industry then drake even more so after that Control verse. Its going to be even more evident when his next album drops. On another note I love how pusha took what Kdot said how he meant it and not make a unnecessary response to it like alot of other rappers that wasn’t even named.

      • The unnamed are offended by not being named.

        I think Pusha is playing it safe, as a polished artist.

        Right about now, he’s looking at Ye & Jimmy Kimmel’s beef as not a good look for Ye’.

        KDOT needs to save the cali radio station KDAY, if he does….he’ll have the WST coast on lock!

  • Don_Te

    I hate to make this a Drake thread but that quote sounded real emotional…that’s like if one of my homies said we can’t be cool no more because I gave him the business on a video game and was talkin cash money about it. Pusha did exactly what he was supposed to, and took the verse exactly how it was meant by saying if that ain’t how you feel as a rapper then this game aint for you anyway.

  • Caliwaver

    Hey do u niggas always talk about drake? For someone that don’t like the nigga, y’all sure do comment and talk about him like lil girls. And I’m sure the same ppl I’m talking about will dislike or respond with something studied to prove my point.

    • Live Well

      He’s everywhere, bruh. If we have to stand there and take Aubrey being shoved down our throat for the next 12 months then dammit, we might as well have some fun with it! LOL

      • Caliwaver

        I guess. Just not my thing to talk about someone like girls specially if I don’t like that person. But carry on.

      • Live Well

        It’s all in fun and it’s all a part of being a fan in Hip Hop. If you think somebody is dope, you rep. If you think they are wack or overrated, you diss. The battle element of Hip Hop doesn’t stop at the MC, it also includes fans. Hip Hop is the only genre that has this kind of culture attached to it.

      • Dariea Shorter

        ^ Realest most clear headed comment. Thanx Live Well.

      • Caliwaver

        Shut yo co signing ass up. We see u not a man to stick up for yourself lol.

      • Dariea Shorter

        And we see that you not man because you incessantly pout (like a child) on everyone’s post. I was simply giving the man props for what he said. You know the kind of thing that men do. But see you wouldn’t understand that. As far as me “co-signing”, yeah because like a real man if there’s something I agree with, I will give props. And don’t say shit like “we” when it’s really “you” .

      • Caliwaver

        Yeah but he was talking to me. If u got some thing to say don’t co sighn like a bitch, reply to me. Swinging from another man dick ass nigga.

      • Guest

        I don’t care if he was talking to your grandma, father, or the crackheaded whore you call a mother. I replied to him. If you feel some type of way, cry about it. Oh wait that’s what your doing now. It’s been two days since you got my reply and I bet you still crying. This is actually fun, but I’m done

      • Caliwaver

        Awwww your done already? I was just getting started with ya dick riding ass. Fuc’ out of here clown.

      • Pete

        You’re contradicting yourself. You said its not your thing to talk about someone like girls but that’s exactly what you’re doing LOL

      • Caliwaver

        Not sure were u came to that conclusion from but whatever makes u sleep at night.

      • DJ7

        You’ve been captain save a hoe when pertaining to Drake B…any negative response hurled that dudes way you come skipping to the rescue….it’s all in the archives fam, so moonwalking isn’t an option when checked on it…admit that you’re wowed by this cat as others are equally annoyed by him and call it a day…no need to trade barbs

      • Donny P

        any gigs yet? Naw, most likely not LOL

      • Caliwaver


    • MrsOno

      Thank you!!!! I’m a woman and I was wondering the same thing. Why are so many “men” acting like women nowadays? I don’t understand it. They gossip like women, get into arguments online like women, it’s sad. You don’t have to be the toughest gangsta on the block to be a man. But please stop acting like women!!! Stop worrying about what the next man is thinking and feeling.

      • Caliwaver

        It’s this generation I guess. I’m about to be 33 in nov so im a true 80’s baby. My generation never acted like this. But I guess it’s the technology that there able to act like lil girls with out ppl knowing who they are. Great comment by the way.

  • Slaughtr


    • Caliwaver

      You mad bro?

    • Live Well

      Drake wants to change Hip Hop from tackle to two hand touch. He and his fans get annoyed when people don’t accept that.

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  • ant662

    i hate when they moderate my comments

  • ant662

    hey Yohance Kyles why are u moderating my comments.

  • Taihair Djehuty

    Drake crying like a little girl.
    “It’s like you can’t just say that and then see me and be like “Yeah man
    what’s up” pretending like nothing ever happened. To me that’s not the
    nature of battling, there’s passion behind it there’s anger behind it”

    Stop it dude. Snoop and Kurupt met each other battling out in L.A. and became friends after.

  • Clifton Powell


  • Breeze

    yall keep sayin drake sounded soft but keep it real. . . if a dude came at ya head and said some wild shit about you would you be dappin him up the next time you see him talkin bout hows the family? i doubt it. . . youd be pressin that man.

    now everybody else. . . they bein soft. they takin it lightly rather than bein like drake sayin nah we not cool you diss me im a get you back. thats not bein soft. . . thats actually what you guys just described as hip hop. . .

    IJS lmao

    • DJ7

      10 to 1 the things Drake’s saying in recent interviews is NOT what he said or saying to K.Dot in person…you cats are failing to realize that homeboy is a professional ACTOR…obviously a damn good one…1st he was silent when the track dropped, then he claims it was dap and love when they saw each other afterwards so, why the switch up?….why’s he frontin in interviews now?…for “street” cred?…Sales?..Advice from his PR machine?….IMHO he can’t afford to tarnish his nice guy image / role b.u.t. I also think…this nigga scared (Bishop voice)

      • Caliwaver

        U really mad hu bro? Talking about he a actor, coming up with mad theory’s and shit. Spending your Friday nights talking about the next man when u should be out partying like me. Lame!

      • krow132

        so you making fun of someone commenting while your commenting? lol nigga go sit somewhere

      • Caliwaver

        U must did not understand what I was saying dick mouth and I’m not going sit here and explain it to yo slow ass. And why u strying to stick up for another person? Get off his dick. When I say something to you then u reply dumb ass.

      • DJ7

        There you go again…only cat mad is you…re read my comment to YOU sir…you’re trying way too hard…as for partying….haha…you obviously don’t know who you’re speaking to lil buddy…leave it at that

      • Donny P

        Dont waste yo time on that old fake ass dj who got no shows.

    • krow132

      but thats the thing though, he aint say some wild shit. Its like playing ball with your boy and telling him, “You know you my dawg but im gonna bust your ass right?” Its nothing disrespectful.

      The reason everybody else aint bugging is because its not that serious. It was a challenge. Drake’s only response should be nah Kendrick is not ready, he dont really want it. or something like that.

      His first statement where he said, Kendrick aint about to murder me in any sense, he should of kept that sentiment the same in interviews. Taking that shit so personal when you were among all the people who were name shows that this nigga is incredibly sensitive and it makes sense why he never wants to fully respond to somebody on wax cuz he aint build for that shit. Im a big Drake fan,

      but shit aint roses and kisses. This is Hip Hop, everyone wants to be the best and someone always wants your spot whether their cool with you or not.

    • pauleyPee

      A diss is a diss. What other way should Drake feel? A nigga trying to take me down, embarass me, and effectively fu– my money up is not the homie… That sounds more like the type of nigga I wanna keep to the left. Again, Drake could be cool about it like Pusha T, but his reaction is warranted.

    • Caliwaver

      Yo u can get that through these niggas heads. They treat drake like republicans treat obama. He do something right they jump all over him, he does something wrong the they jump all over him. It’s a win win for these losers.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      truuuuuuu but @ the sametime Kendrick didnt say anything wild about drake especially specifically …

      • Breeze

        Sayin I want to murder your career and take all your hardcore fans sound like some wild shit to me. Sound like he sayin he wanna take money out this man pocket

      • Nemesis_Enforcer

        That’s exactly what he said. People UNDER-anayze what Kendrick is saying. If Kendrick succeeds, he is ENDING careers. You wanna see my career end? You want my fans to desert me? You want me to go broke because no one wants to hear me?

        Nah bruh! That’s WAR! And none of these cornballs that were mentioned are stepping up. Drake is talking about it when he should have a response on this album. he doesn’t have to diss Kendrick, but respond as to why he ain’t going to let Kendrick win.

  • Lpjay

    Drake sounded like he was threatened by Kendrick. Kendrick’s control verse wasn’t a diss it was a simple “I’m trying to be the negs and no one is gonna stop me” type bravado. To me, Drake sounded like he was really hurt, he was only one offended while everyone else gave Kdot props for it.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      yall dont know thier personal relationship tho …. kendrick and drake have done a couple songs together i think drake just doesnt appreciate the fakeness …. and in that game seeing peoples REAL side is rare especially when you @ the level of success that drake is @ …. so i feel him in a sense … but kendrick already obviously said its ALL HIPHOP so @ that point stop getting your panies in a bunch ……

      • PorchBoySlim

        How is saying “I want to lyrically blow yall out of the water” fake? then at the end of the verse he said “what is competition Im trying to raise the bar high who want to jump and get it?” aint nothing fake about what he did or say…Drake is a sensitive ass nigga and you are just as touched as he is.

  • Lpjay

    If Drake would’ve said “I know what he’s trying to do and I respect tang but I’m not gonna let anyone take my throne” or something like that, I would’ve totally respected that. But the way Drake responded, smh he lost all my respect as a music artist. Straight sensitive ass nigga.

  • King_James

    Drake stop being so sensitive!lol…competitiveness is the nature of Hip-Hop so get out of your feelings and get in tha booth son.

  • Papi Peligro

    This Kendrick Control Cow making powdered milk due to AHH.

  • Obi Won

    This is a perfect example of a Man & a Mouse. Pusha knows competition and Drake sound like a female. Drake is the type of dude that gets crossed on the court by his homeboy and then starts a shouting match and walks off the court.

    & i’m still waiting for someone on that list to say “Kendrick yall talking about the lil good kid from Compton? That’s my homie and all but he mustve been smoking that night thinking he could murder me”. to much goodie goodie

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