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Danny Brown Talks Gruesome Detroit Past , Says Chief Keef May Be Best Rapper Alive + More On Reddit's Ask Me Anything

(AllHipHop News) Reddit’s Ask Me Anything sessions with celebrities have resulted in some startling revelations. This time around, Fool’s Gold’s Danny Brown answered fans questions on his upbringing in Detroit,, getting oral sex performed on him while performing and more.

When one fan asked about the craziest incident Brown ever witnessed during his upbringing in Detroit, the eccentric MC spared no gruesome detail in his recounting:

I remember one time a domestic dispute was happening and homey shot his girlfriend in front of everybody on the block in the foot with a shotgun .. her toes was allover the street

Danny Brown also said he would not work with SpaceGhostPurp or the Raider Clan due to their differences with Brown’s close friends, the A$AP Mob. Brown also remarks that either Kendrick Lamar or Chief Keef are the best rappers alive. 

In a recent cover story article with Complex, Brown denounced Kendrick Lamar’s “Death To Molly” stance in the Compton’s rapper’s music video for “B*tch Don’t Kill My Vibe”:

I hate when I see a video on WorldStar of some dude running in the street naked and they’re talking about he’s on molly. Even the Kendrick ‘Death to Molly’ thing, it’s just like, Why? I’m not about to be no drug junkie for molly. I’m tired of defending it at this point. We’re having fun. We’re having a good time. Why are you so mad? I’m not a molly rapper. Molly is just my alter ego; it brings out the person that wants to have fun.

Click here for the full Reddit AMA session with Danny Brown. Danny Brown’s new album Old is available for purchase and you can stream the entire album below:

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  • Ike’s Mood

    this nigga higher than a muthafucka…danny brown is on dope and dogfood!!!

  • stealth

    Now this sommabitch must have been REAL high to say that shit !!

  • The Legendary Troll

    LOL THIS OL “HIDE YO KIDS HIDE YO WIFE” Lookin ass nigga. I cant even take his music seriously because of his image

    • 2012Industry1

      What kind of BULLS*** is that!?!?!

    • 400DGreez h60d

      Awww shit! I almost died laughing man!!!!!

  • king sodomy

    crack was a fun drug to people at one time in their life as well.they were having fun

  • speedy37

    I just read this nigga article on complex this is a real nigga.

    • johnblacksad

      yeah, a real nigga

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  • digitallife

    He done lost his mind along with the sides of his hair…Chief Keef…lmao. Ok…they put some ludicrous in your molly son.

  • $18592567

    molly is meth.#WakaAin’tLie

  • Synista

    He must have popped one molly too many for him to make that Chief keef statement.

  • 400DGreez h60d

    Wtf did money say Chief Quiff was the dopest? I’m from Michigan and I ain’t never heard anyone in the wrong mind say no dumb Ish like that! If that’s the case Chingy, Bow Wow, Drake, Rick Ross, and 50 Tyson the new N.W.A., Hell nah, the New Wu-tang clan.

  • Jordan FU

    What the f*ck is he talking about Chief Keef is the greatest? Shit his bar for greatness is insanely low. He cant be talking about his music, no way anyone can listen to a Chief Keef song and think thats the best rapper i’ve ever heard. Lyrics, flow or content he doesnt approach the top 30.

  • Jordan FU

    This guy is a f*cking retard too. He is a molly junkie if hes even thinking about whatever this Kendrick death to molly shit is. This guy comes off as such a obvious gay dude, and then hes supposedly not i bet when hes on molly some gay shit has happened. Unless you sell molly and Kendrick line or song whatever that is actually affected your sales you should not give a shit about it, much less mention it in any interview.

    • golder1

      People look at this dudes style and consider him gay. You might not like his look but dud has flow and is far from gay. He is hip hop to the fullest. Sepculating on a man being with another man is some gay shit.. real talk

  • Waekup

    Chief keef? Really dude…