EXCLUSIVE: Lil' Cease Couldn't Meet Michael Jackson Because Notorious B.I.G. Didn't Trust MJ With Kids (VIDEO)

“I’m supposed to meet MJ but I’m in the car rolling up weed.”

(AllHipHop News) The Notorious B.I.G. has brazenly spoken of his gang past and descriptively details murder plots like “rap’s Alfred Hitchcock.” However, even gangsta rappers have limits and apparently 16 year olds around accused child sex abusers was one of Biggie’s.

Junior M.A.F.I.A. member and best friend to Biggie Lil Cease appeared on Cipha Sounds’ Take It Personal this past Friday (September 27th) and recalled the time the Notorious B.I.G. recorded his “This Time Around” collaboration with Michael Jackson for Jackson’s 1995 album HIStory. According to Cease, B.I.G. prevented the 16 year old rapper from entering the Los Angeles gated complex where the recording studio was because “he did not trust him around kids.” HIStory was the first album Michael Jackson would release after he was accused of child sex abuse in the summer of 1993.

Cipha Sounds’ Take It Personal Hip Hop Improv Show occurs every Friday at 9pm at the UCB Theatre on East 3rd St and Avenue A in New York City’s Lower East Side neighborhood.

Check out Lil Cease’s story of Biggie stopping him from meeting his Michael Jackson and the UCB improvisers hilarious take on the story.

Video shot by Frsk Purple

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105 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Lil' Cease Couldn't Meet Michael Jackson Because Notorious B.I.G. Didn't Trust MJ With Kids (VIDEO)”

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      well its gotta be better than taking a side view of my left arm while looking at my 2 inches of light boy di(k #pause!

  1. EDOGZ818

    Sounds like Big didn’t trust Cease around MiJac.

    How you worrying about a 16yr old THUG getting molested?
    Kinda like Puffy waking up with Usher & wrestling with Usher in his boxers of Frosted Flakes….as Puffy tells the story.

    • ZUBU

      LMAO! Puff on some fruit loops shhiiitt, wrestling with a dude in your boxers. No doubt if Cease is 16 he can handle himself around MJ. MJ was what 5’10, and maybe a buck twenty

      • EDOGZ818

        Puffy was like 27 & Ush was like 13?

        Mr Cee was more of a threat to Gorrilla pimp Cease, so Big had to be worried more about Cease being down with it.

        Look at Mase Pre & Post Puff

        Didn’t Maino slap Lil Cease?

        He should slap him again for this interview.

      • hoeyuno

        No doubt. cee was the real threat. and cease was past puberty, not MJs taste. big was just embarrassed to bring his lame ass crew to meet mike.

      • EDOGZ818

        This is believable, but how MiJac can tell if Cease is lame?

        Ok, it was as obvious then as it is now, but still, I think Big was worried about Cease being down with it.

      • PriPratice

        hmmm you know this past puberty stuff how…. oh the because ‘the man’ told you so. Sounds like projection to me.

      • hoeyuno

        No. but the couple 10 year old white boys who accused mike of molesting them is the proof there inspector.

      • PriPratice

        Hmmm whatever that means, But hey how many things have you been accused of that you did or did not do. Yea and one of the boys took the money and ran, the other boy was destroyed in court and is in hiding, name change. As for proof is a 10 year worldwide FBI investigation that only proved to vindicate MJ proof’s inspector. BTW the boy that cashed out, well his daddy, the accuser(not the kid) killed himself a few days after MJ died.

      • hoeyuno

        You forgot the fact that the 93 kid came out 10 years after and said it never happened. it was all a plot by his dad…did that help your side of the argument?? Unfortunately this isn’t a subject I care enough about to respond with a essay.. konichiwa bitch

      • PriPratice

        Complete bullshyt on the 93 kid coming out 10 years later.But you believe everything you try to read on the net.
        HMMMmmmmmmm… that’s all you people from the shot gun shacks with the meth teeth and crack pipe lips know to do, try and fail. Too bad on the essay, but who cares… son/daughter of a son of a bit*h bit*h bit*h. Now eat shyt dog fker. I’m done with something like you, so go for it, take your best crap. As I said who cares. Damn I wish you could meet me. Hey, I could arrange it. You can bring the other son/daughter of a son of a bitch bit*h bit*h …please ….Gip.

      • hoeyuno

        Do you start every comment with “hmmm”?? Does that mean your in deep thought?

      • PriPratice

        No it means you are not capable of a thought,

      • ZUBU

        Word! Mase was different Pre-Puff, Wasn’t his name Murder Mase or something? Then he get with Puff and dressing in shiny suits and shitttt.
        Xzibit said Puff took him to a spot in Miami and X bounced he didn’t straight say Puff was gay but he said men were doing things he didn’t want to see.

  2. YaheardSyndicate

    THat sounds like one of those “you wait in the car and roll up the weed, i just cant trust him” meanwhile he didnt want cease around Mj. 16 years old, whats Mj going to do to Lil Cease with everyone in the studio…lol. man Cease is tripping.

  3. Felix Mademan

    So Cipha did a show with this no talent SNITCH ! I only F with Angie and Big Dennis the rest of them HOT97 cats are past their best

    • Freebe Jackson

      yeah it was some shit online about Biggie having a gay homie who was out the closet….big would suck a pretty girls dads penis…and his homie gutta kidnap kids..fcuk them in the ass and throw them over the bridge

      • kushdaddy

        yeh that was RMFAG. he was biggies homie stuffin crack up his ass for big whenever cops would roll by.

  4. Donny P

    Wasnt there a video out a few years ago wit Cease stripping ass naked in a room wit like 2 girls that look disgusted at him, and his boys in the room hype as shyt saying “Shake that monkey ,Leo?”

    But MJ was the weirdo right?

      • bobmoo79

        No, Biggie was a fan of MJ’s that’s all. That’s why his estate let MJ use the rap from You Cant Stop The Reign on MJ’s ‘Unbreakable’.

      • hoeyuno

        ..Just to find lil ceases phone is out of minutes. gonna have to try back on the 15th.

      • kushdaddy

        I hear you but that would make big a punk for doin a song with a child molester. Im not sayin MJ was one but biggie felt that way about MJ according to lil cease

      • bobmoo79

        Read this account from John Van Nest – an engineer who worked on the MJ / Biggie track:

        “Michael used to call people to ask them to participate on albums. It was interesting knowing that nearly anyone on the planet would come to the phone if it were Michael calling. Anyway, I heard rumors that B.I.G. was going to come, and I was excited about that! I knew that I would be the one to record that, as I had recorded nearly all of that tune, “This Time Around”.
        So, Dallas (Austin) and I were expecting him any minute, and pretty much on time, Notorious strolls in. He was quite an imposing figure when he walked in, as he was quite popular at the time. I had no idea what to expect from him in terms of attitude, but he seemed nice when he walked in. No problem. But almost immediately, he blurted out, “Yo, Dallas, can I meet Mike?” To which, Dallas replied that he thought so. Biggie went on to talk about how much this opportunity meant to him, as Michael was his hero. Anyway, Dallas tells him that we’re going to lay down the rap first, so Biggie heads in the booth, we get some headphone levels and get ready to start recording.

        So, we hit the big red button (on a Sony 3348 machine), and away we go. During his first take, Dallas and I looked at each other, because it was spot on. wow. I was impressed, and so was Dallas. We listened back, and Dallas was like, “Wow, I think we got it”. As I recall, we took another take for good measure, but I’m fairly certain that we ended up using the first take. So, Notorious comes in, and asks if he can meet Michael now. We sent word to the back room where Michael was working that Biggie was finished and wanted to meet him.

        Simply for security, Michael’s security would enter and make sure that no one was in the room that shouldn’t be, and once that was confirmed (it was just me, Biggie and Dallas), Michael came in. Biggie nearly broke out in tears…I could tell how much this meant to him. Well, Michael could have this effect on anyone, even the most hardcore rappers! Biggie was tripping up on his words, bowing down and telling Michael how much his music had meant to him in his life. Michael was, as always, very humble and kept smiling while Biggie just went on and on how much he loved Michael. I watched Biggie just become this big butterball of a man, and it was really very sweet to witness. After all, we are all just people.

        Michael finally asked to hear what we had done, and we popped it up on the big speakers and let her go. Michael LOVED it and was excited to tell Biggie that! “Oh, let’s hear it again”, I recall Michael saying, and we listened again. Michael just loved it…and thanked Biggie for coming all the way from Philadelphia. Biggie asked rather sheepishly whether he could get a photo, and Michael agreed. A shot was taken, we listened again, and Michael thanked Biggie. Michael said goodbye and stepped out, leaving Biggie standing there looking completely stunned.

        It will always remain a great, great memory.”

        It doesn’t sound to me as though Biggie had any concerns about Michael Jackson.

  5. TheBigCheeFa

    lol he will let lil cease meet Mr Cee but not michael Jackson.there were no proof that michael touched them kids at all.just speculations.lol atleast the truth came out about mr cee

    • hoeyuno

      The fact that MJ was so quick to pay off the families was why ppls thought he was guilty. the first kid came out when he was like 20 and said the whole thing was a scheme by his dad but who knows…

  6. Freebe Jackson

    Big knew Cease had groupie/gay tendencies and might have let MJ hit is what it sounds like to me…… Very insulting to basically say Big thought MJ was a child molester and was still willing to do a song with him but didnt want to allow his 16 year supposedly real street dude come around MJ for fear that he might molest him …..

    • Reality Check

      Yo why dont you stick to facts bitch…I knew BIG on St James for YEARS before he blew up and they didnt get down like that.THATS FACTS…whatever bitch ass city you from must have that problem dunny…

      • David Gonz

        p.s im from the city that made your bitch boy bleed all over wilshire.

      • Reality Check

        Like LA aint overflowing with trannies,dl nigs and such…I respect the real gangsters,if you werent there then stfu with the speculation…gossipy hearsay ass bitch,like Chris wasn’t making moves to be self contained where he wouldnt need Puff.Probably why Puff let that bullshit happen,as a sacrifice…you didnt benefit off Big or Pac dying so stop acting like your city get cool points and shit -dumb mf…

  7. Dadon850

    Lil Cease at 16 was way too old for MJ. So, is Cease leaving out the part where Big AND Mr. Cee made him stay in the car while they went inside and “worked” Michael Jackson??

  8. bobmoo79

    I smell bull. B.I.G respected MJ, that’s why he did the rap on ‘This Time Around’ and that’s why his estate let MJ use the rap from ‘You Can’t Stop The Reign’ on MJ’s ‘Unbreakable’.

  9. fasho

    I thought Big had a homey named Gudda who kidnapped kids, fucked them in the ass and toss them over the bridge. But he worried bout Mike LOL

  10. Havoc Wreaka III

    Let’s be real 2Pac sexuality is very questionable him Biggie were roommates.. The beefbetween them was personal, plus they all spent time in Atlanta alot. I mean ballerina

    • Tanya M. Bowman

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      • Live Well

        I guarantee I’m older than you, son. The shit you’re spewing is juvenile at best and bitch made at worst. Spreading vicious rumors about rap royalty who has passed on to the heavens is weak, my nigga.

      • Havoc Wreaka III

        Sound like your hiphop feelings got hurt .. You gonna cry on the keyboard

      • Keith N.

        Biggie said “look so good, suck on ya daddy’s dick” on Ready To Die on the song “Me & My Bitch”

      • God's Favorite

        That’s a line from a Richard Pyror standup. That’s why he said you are 18 years old.

  11. Live Well

    Big was like, “Yo Cease, you can’t come in with me because it would be irresponsible to bring a kid around Michael. So roll up this weed and wait for me in the car, lil nigga.”

  12. The Real Will Cannon

    Right…so BIGGIE was the voice of reason…Hey Cease I don’t trust MJ round you…but it’s cool to tote guns,smoke weed,& sell crack…FOH BIG

  13. Dan_Tebasco

    lol that’s kinda funny and even though I think MJ was innocent who would honestly let MJ babysit their kids, you can never be 100%… Not that Cease was Big’s kid but you get the picture…

  14. hoeyuno

    I’m sure MJ’s ppls put a cap on how many people were allowed to come with big. why would big wait till the last second to tell him. big was trying to find a way to tell him without sounding like a dick.

  15. disqus_ZsmDHbsJLs

    That was stupid if this story was true and Biggie was an stupid to say such a thing. IF he did not “trust” MJ, then why would Biggie work with MJ. Also, I rest for my kid to be around someone to was LIED on about something which really was not true about MJ than for my child to hang around a THUG who has gun fire and thugs gunning for him.

  16. disqus_ZsmDHbsJLs

    Also, he did not want you to meet MJ YET he allow you to be in the car rolling up weed. Give me a break.

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