Fail of the Day: Man Carjacks Ambulance to Get Out of Traffic Jam

A man stuck in a Pennsylvania traffic jam was so frustrated about being stuck that he jumped out of his cab and carjacked an ambulance. Brian Timothy Kada Jr., of Florida,  jumped out of the taxi he was riding on the Schuylkill Expressway and ran up to an EMStar ambulance that was in front of the cab.

He allegedly brandished a shotgun and forced his way into the ambulance, which was carrying two medics and a patient on the way to a local hospital. The medics jumped out and Kada took the wheel and began speeding on the shoulder.

Not only was he weaving in and out of traffic but a witness said he clipped the mirror of another car. Eventually the rear of the ambulance got flat and he was forced to pull over. The patients in the ambulance were unharmed.

 NBC Philadelphia reports that Kada Jr. is charged with robbery of motor vehicle, kidnapping, assault and related charges.

Of all the cars he could have highjacked though? Not that carjacking is cool but still…

Fail, fail and more fail. I’m not too sure that he actually pulled out a shotgun (it was probably a smaller gun, one that’s easy to tote around) but either way, it’s never this serious. I know that sitting in traffic can be frustrating but I repeat, it’s NEVER that serious. Now he’s sitting up in the bing on charges. Smh.

  • sakiru oresanwo

    5 minutes of madness gone horrendously wrong

  • brotha_man

    GTA Baby!!!!

  • king sodomy

    so this dumb ass traded a few minutes in traffic for some years behind bars….the logic

    • Matt Swan

      Isn’t carjacking a mando 15yr sentence? 15min for 15yrs? WTF was he thinking?

      • KLewis

        You realize he’s white, he’ll get off for “mental issues” like that college dude.

      • Matt Swan

        On this one with a weapon involved and patients in the back of the ambulance, IMO white doesn’t have anything to do with it when that judge throws the book, the prison, and the dirt to fill his grave in at him.

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  • KLewis

    Brought to you by the State of Florida, now exporting our crazies to a town near you!