Lola Monroe: I Wasn't Dropped From Taylor Gang Because I Was Never Signed (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) All seems to be fair in business and rap, as former Taylor Gang member Lola Monroe spoke on his relationship with her former label after reports of her being dropped. On the red carpet of the BET Hip Hop Awards, Lola spoke with HipHopWired about what her status at Taylor Gang was over the past two years.

According to the new mom, contrary to the statement released by the Taylor Gang imprint, she was not released due to one specific stipulation:

You can’t get dropped unless you’re signed. Plain and simple. This is business. You keep it moving through certain circumstances but at the end of the day it’s all love as far as a personal level.

Monroe first announced her affiliation with Taylor Gang in October of 2011 during an interview with Atlanta’s V-103 and noted her “business instincts” as to what led her to choosing the house that Wiz Khalifa built:

Plus, out of all the situations that came to me, my business instincts and just the comfort level, I felt it was just the right move with him. [Wiz] a stand-up dude and it just felt right.

Lola Monroe’s upcoming project, Lipsticks & Pistols will be hosted by DJ Ill Will and is expected to see a 2013 release.

Check out the interview below:

  • Donny P

    Sorta like Ma$e hanging around 50 situation?

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      hanging ?? mase wanted to sign but diddy wanted too much $$$$$$$$$$$

  • The Real Will Cannon

    How you have an artist on YOUR label…when you’re not even established as an artist yourself? Rap is the new wrestlin’…comical…yet…entertainin’…

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      wiz isnt established ??

      • The Real Will Cannon

        What? This man tours round the globe…he spoke into existence his own line of Chuck Taylor’s(Converse)…and you obviously know who he is…Oh..ok…I see now….he doesn’t have a Grammy,but neither does 2pac,Nas,Snoop,&50. I guess you’re gonna say they aren’t established either,right? Didn’t he sign Juicy J who pratically been around since the 80’s? Oh he’s not established,too,huh? Tell that to his Oscar…

      • GodRoeHoe!

        Wiz admitted that Juicy J isn’t really his artist. And that’s the only person on his label with any type of shine. Not because he’s with Taylor Gang, but because he’s signed with another(larger) label. Wiz might have a big fanbase, but lets be real, he doesn’t have the critical acclaim to be pushing anyone else. I’m glad they parted ways. Lola was doing things prior to getting with them.

      • Keith N.

        You just said how does an artist have another artist on their label when they’re not established then said Wiz is established. So what artist were you alluding to as not being established?

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  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    wiz consolidating getting rid of that dead weight … she broke music industry rule #1 … dont sign or in her case HAND SHAKE deal with me and THEN get prego !!!!!!!!!



  • Tonette Laleta Shakur

    She says she was never sign to make herself feel better about being drop. Even if she wasn’t sign her ass was still kick to the curve.It make no difference.

    • GodRoeHoe!

      Update: She left. They offered her a contract but she didn’t like it so she left. The original media statement didn’t even say she was dropped. It’s bloated ass hatin ass bum bitches like you that twisted it to make it sound that way.

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