Rick Ross Tells Story Of "Cyphers With Yeezy Before His Mouth Wired", Talks Ghostwriting For Angie Martinez + More

(AllHipHop News) Rick Ross appeared on the Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg podcast show Juan Epistein and delivered key jewels regar

In the interview, Ross explains he met Kanye West in 2002, where a young Kanye was selling “Blueprint-sounding” beats for cheap prices and could have got a beat for $5,000. He also explains his infamous lyric from Kanye West’s “Devil In The New Dress” where he says “had cyphers with Yeezy before his mouth wired”:

We were kicking it. I was spitting my raps, locally. He was playing me his beats and he said ‘Man, you should let me executive produce your album.’ I looked at him like ‘you tripping, man.’

Ross also talked about how he used to make his own mixtape under the name Chill Will in 7th grade rapping over established industry beats. The first record Rick Ross wrote to was the instrumental to Reebie Jackson’s 1984 song “Centipede”. In addition, Ross revealed that he offered Kool G Rap a deal with Maybach Music Group and did three records together in a few hours.

According to Ross, he was also a ghostwriter before his 2006 big hit single “Hustlin'” and worked on Angie Martinez’s unreleased third album that never came out with Cool & Dre.

Check out the full Juan Epstein podcast below:

  • Dointer

    Cool story.

    • MIIHP

      I just cant believe none of it…

      • RapItUp

        It’s actually true though.. The Kanye part could be reaching, but Iheard about Rick Ross in the late 90’s early 00’s. He was on Trick Daddy old stuff.. Think like, “Take it to the house” days.. He been out. He was spitting back in the day too, like most rappers with potential before they go mainstream

      • Michael Murray

        Yeah, I remember seeing him in the background in a couple of Trick’s videos and he had a song with Trina when she first came out

      • RapItUp

        He used to write her shit too, probably through some of her more recent albums. I wish he had kept it G, he has been working hard a long time to get where he was.. Maybe lying was a part of the social ploy too.. His public relations team schemed that up X-D

  • CooL_KiD_305

    RICK RO$$ is a hustler for real! I’m sure that Angie album would’ve been fire if it came out.

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  • digitallife

    Notice the bond between Angie and Jay-Z, she threw that saccario kid to the wayside the moment she could get lyrics from Jay. It’s funny because we used to call her show “The Jay-Z show” because she’d spend 80% of it slobbering jay’s nuts. So I guess once Jay got what he wanted out of HoT 97 (Remember her mom has been the station director for 20 plus years now) she had to move on to other writers.

  • Synista

    Well I just want to know how he had time to do all that while he was running his DRUG EMPIRE and shaking down ni99as cells for contraband?!