Vanessa Simmons is pregnant…Russell Simmons is going to be a Grandpa!

Vanessa Simmons is pregnant…Rev Run is going to be a Grandpa!

The actress and Pastry designer is expecting her first child with boyfriend Mike Wayans (son of Damon Wayans) and is about 5 months along. She announced the big news via instagram today, posting a picture of her sonogram with the caption, “A little princess is on the way.”

JoJo and Angela also posted the picture with Angela adding, “I’m going to be an aunty”


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  • stehgraterepoorterur

    Russell Simmons isnt her Father dumbass

    • Eli Pinilla


  • hoeyuno

    Weird how dudes spine wraps over his head like that.


      Yoooooooooo lmao I was gonna call him klingon head but u got that one lol

      • hoeyuno

        haha actually yours was better.

      • TALK_BOSS

        Nah I appreciated the respecful hilarity of ur observation. ….and I still laugh when I read it lol

  • Terrance Goodman

    Jo jo and Angela took a picture next to Angela wtf! I wanna do that

    • Tony G.

      reading is fundamental bro

      • Terrance Goodman

        Well you missed that lesson . Check the article again mental giant

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    I would nut inside of her too……because it would be fun and I mean…..she’s rich……so yeah

    • Kristie J. Thompson

      my Aunty Brianna got a fantastic metallic Mazda CX-5 SUV just by part time work from a computer. more W­­­W­­­W.M­­­A­­­X­­5­­­7.C­­O­­M

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  • $28825362

    “Russell Simmons is going to be a Grandpa”!
    Hahahahahahaha… you have to love this site.

    I was having a shitty day till I read this.
    Man who is running this site?

  • cromthelaughinggod7

    Russell Simmons is her uncle therefore her child will make Russell be her “great uncle. ” Not grandfather. If I have an uncle my child will be the great nephew or niece. My cousins are my kids second cousins.


    Its Joseph Simmons, not Russell Simmons…

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        Nelly- MO- next week about 7K reports bet!!!!

      • Nah, Nelly is washed up, but he’s gonna do more than 7K.

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      • Yeah, but only if they got extra cheese!

      • Pirate7X

        Ha! Yeah if they were truly “self-made” and distributed, that would be decent numbers but not through Def Jam/Universal.

        Err’y day I’m (kinda) hustlin’…

      • Through Def Jam?
        The only reason they don’t get dropped is because with those #’s….they still owe Def Jam $$.

      • Pirate7X

        Rozay will still have to keep carrying them until somebody breaks out. At least Wale does decent and has the chicks locked down; again what will Mills do?…

      • Wale bricked too!

  • wickedjones

    And thanx for letting us know via instagram.

  • Chris Griffin

    Where do yall see where it says russell simons being a grandfather? Rev run is her father

    • justmathoughts

      youre late bruh, they already fixed it

  • matown2

    Wait a minute I thought both her and sister was both virgins and were waiting until they got married before they had sex or children?Hmm guess not.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      messing with these celebrities and celebrity kids they aint got enuff leverage to pull that off … a regular dude aint trying to wait to hit that let alone some of these celebrity who can just go grab a kardashian if they frontin on the pu$$ lol

    • Tony G.

      where’d u get that idea from..becuz “Rev” Run is the please

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  • Kelse

    When you bring a child into the world outside of marriage, it’s a Bastard Child! There is no glory or blessing in the things you do that goes against God/Yah’s word and it damn sure ain’t nothing to glorify in! What a muthafreaking sad misguided generation of young people! May God help you! because the young and stupid don’t have a clue! So Sad!

    • Tony G.

      so ur without sin casting stones huh…clown..that baby will be just fine