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Hip-Hop Rumors: Just Blaze A House Music DJ Now?

The word on the street is that DJ Just Blaze, the dude that is known for some of the illest, hard hitting beats in Hip-Hop history is now making his cake mostly from being a house music DJ. Now, Just is from NJ if my memory serves me correctly so this may not be so strange. And then he had a role in that crazy “Harlem Shake” song. Now, Bauer the creator of that song says they made no money off of it. BUT, I have reason to believe that they did set off a career of touring the world making crazy, big bucks! Just Blaze, I hear, has also been making crazy cake in the video game world. Good for him.

By the way, when I say “House Music” I just mean that dance stuff….its called a lot of things these days…I dunno, rave music, club music and stuff… LOL!!! Who cares!

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Papi Peligro

    Man that’s called Chopping up Thanks Giving. You know after thanks giving you got Turkey you got cranberry sauce you make a turkey sandwich, turkey salad, turkey etc etc. You still got Turkey dinner every year but don’t let the turkey go bad when you can put it to use doing other things. Real hustler don’t see nothing wrong with it.

    • As long as his heart’s into it. If he’s just pimping the culture for buck, more power to him, but I can’t take him serious, although he’ll probably be jamming.

      He gotta eat, so I can respect that.

      • Papi Peligro

        Its kind like Mad Lib or J Dilla. Some people would consider that House music. I would love to hear Just Blaze do an album like that. I feel you. You don’t want to see him making Ring Tone music.

      • Exactly, but I’ve been to one of them RAVE jawnts, not my style, but them ‘chets be off the hook!

      • PorchBoySlim

        I went to one awhile back…I wasnt feeling the music at all….then i got drunk…ended up being the best time I had in a loooong time..shit was live lol

      • It do be thumping.

      • StreetMediaZone

        jus blaze is well paid homie

      • StreetMediaZone

        did a interview wit him 2 weeks ago

      • Is it on SMZ(.)Net?

      • StreetMediaZone

        no not yet finally finishing the paper work but it is on my exclusive hip hop blog (you have to be a member to read) keeps b/s out let me know if you wanna join!

      • greenhouse records

        He started out DJing

      • Pirate7X

        Word and I don’t see why more bros aren’t getting that cash because these EDM (electronic dance music) DJ’s are making massive cheese, I haven’t heard about mills like Dejah above said but it’s possible being I’ve seen many can get 6-figures for a set.

        It’s mostly less soulful house/club music to me but I ain’t mad at them ’cause that’s how they do. We just need to remember that and get ours from it also.

      • 6 figures = High end,
        3 figures = Steady

        Definitely good eating.

  • FreddyCalhoun

    He said this on the breakfast club 3 months ago…

  • MidWestFlyest

    I’m going to his show at Atmosphere in SF on Nov. 23rd, so fuckin hyped! And itz only $10! Small price to pay to see a legend. #justblaaaaaze

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  • Buddy Leezle

    He’z DEFINITELY playing the monthly Hip-Hop/Trap/Bass party that I host in PHL. I asked the booker NOT to get him the teLLy that he requested, unless he agreed to play EXHIBIT C!

    • Action Ant

      where and when?

  • Teks

    Not shocking, JB trying to get his money on stronger. That electro music is international and makes more cake than rap tours. Do ya thing bruh, nothing wrong with the hustle…

  • Dejah Fortune

    djs can make up to 1 mill for a set , serious money

    • Pirate7X

      Word? Who?…

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    He been doing DJ sets for years, this is nothing new..

  • Ain’t no problem with some electronic music or house.
    It’s still all black music. House didn’t start in the Bronx.
    More or less in a Chicago gay club called the Warehouse.
    Most of the musicians came from Jazz music and

    experimented with electronic drums.