Hip-Hop Rumors: Meek Mill Goes At Kendrick Again!

At this point, I get the sense that Meek Mill wants to beef with Kendrick to beat the publicity drum. I don’t know. I could be way off. Kendrick just doesn’t seem to be responding a whole lot. The reason I say this is because just today Meek fired off another shot at Kendrick in a new version of “Levels.”

In the new version, he says:

“These n***a aint f****n with me ,who the f**k is Kendrick Lamar.”

I just don’t understand this thinking, especially considering this seems to be Kendrick’s year.

Now, Kendrick had some stuff to say in the BET Cypher, but from what I heard, that was mostly directed to Drake. I believe AHH will have the video exclusively tomorrow. Stay tuned.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Matt Swan

    Ok the Control lines are closed. It’s done and over with. If you were going to make a response, you should’ve done it last month when you had time and it would’ve made a difference if then. NOW why show a video where you can’t understand a damn thing that is said due to bad sound, and WHY is someone rapping OVER his actual album? Am I missing something? If I am someone correct me, but you should KNOW your lines BEFORE you step your a$$ onstage and not need the help of your cd in the background. IJS.

    • Meek is scared of Cassidy.

      • Matt Swan

        Hell that’s a fact jack. Blood be scared of leaking sum blood, cuz other blood be bringing that heat, dat fire ya heard? Blood betta duc low, and keep that ear on the pavement and listen out for that blood Cassidy. Blood ain’t nothin to play with man. He from dem streets punkin niggas with those fancy roscoes, getting all dem Meek hoes into his hotel my man. Peep the word ya heard…stay hi on the fly side…this is fatman slidin out

  • Charter

    Whatchu mean “who the f*ck is Kendrick Lamar?” ….Can’t play dude like he’s a nobody in the game. Too little too late, nobody cares anymore.

    • Jordan FU

      Yeah i laughed at that shit. I think more people would think “Who the f*ck is Meek Mill?”. Sales, concert tickets sold, radio plays all that stuff Kendrick wins hands down when comparing to Meek. I would bet even IN PHILLY Kendrick is played more.

  • Breeze

    lol. . . I don’t think meek cares about control anymore either. looks like he want war wit kendrick

    • Looks like Meek doesn’t want war with Cass.

      • Pirate7X

        Truth, he knows better than that. Battling Cass will get him bodied with no props or sales; battling KDot can get him sales & props even if he loses (likely outcome). Why get beat by Pavlik when you can get beat by Mayweather?

      • Excellent analogy & on point business wise, but after Pavlik duffs you & wipes the floor with you for talking ‘chet, you have no choice but to fight or look like a sucka.

      • Pirate7X

        Indeed. Mills needs to chase the dream but not the nightmare named Cassidy. Semi-adopting ol’ man Ebro’s term; Cass needs to get out of the Negro leagues and into the Majors. Josh Gibson may have been one of the greatest but Hank Aaron proved he was.

        OK aiight, sports analogies are deaded for tonight, pardon self game over ha…

      • Ebro’s talking about selling out.

        Meek can’t battle anyone, until he deals with Cass.

        All them side shots he’s taking, only make him look weaker.

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        the cassidy meek ish can get ugly…. you guys gotta realize not everybody be playing around and my city is full of knuckleheads who love to prove something. real Gs ride for meek back home and Cassidy doesnt have a thick crew like he used to since the alling out with Ar Ab. shit aint sweet back home EDOGZ. Kendrick ish is just music, philly beef can get someone bodied. Real cats are gona listen to Cass dissing Meek for too long befoe someone test his G. I think thats why Meek isnt really going back and forth with him or Cyserro (which Cyserro should have kept his mouth shut). By the way Cass started this whole battling turned into beef thing, not Meek but everybody comes at him like he started it.

      • Pirate7X

        And that’s why I left Illadelph, ha. I love the city but the beefs are destructive to our people, culture and the entire Philly rap scene. We have the best emcees in the world but hate, lack unity and no music business infrastructure keeps us back; we killin’ freestyles but gotta leave to do anything.

        And A-Mental-W, I’m sure you’re aware KDot’s ish is real in that he ain’t no gangsta but he has his town & gangsta nation behind him. If Philly stood behind our emcees like L.A. does, we could get much more done.

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        true that fam. you are definitely right, if there was more untiy shit would be a rap for other areas but thats wishful thinking at its finest, lol

    • Jordan FU

      He just wants attention because no one gives a shit about his horrible music or CO boss. He cant even write one quotable line about Cass, same with Kendrick.

  • Taskforce Taylor

    cassidy killed him lol

  • He’s begging for attention

  • JuJu

    back to the mixtapes meek

  • dee

    til you get at cassidy noone cares

    • brotha_man

      co sign.

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      yeah no one cares about Cassidy either. lets not forget.

      • dee

        yeah lets not forget the heat cassidy put on meek

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        nobody forgot but i dont remember one bar from that jawn. so how strong was the impact. Dont get me wrong its good for conversation and ooh and ahh factor but thats about it.



    • Jordan FU

      You think Kendrick will even bother? If i was him i wouldn’t. Meek is a nobody, Kendrick isn’t even that huge of an artist (world wide, hes well known enough in North America) but Kendrick has a good chance at having a long career. Disregarding skills Kendrick has no reason to play into Meeks desperate grab at publicity. Unless he can make an actual relevant and good diss track why bother. Like people are pointing out Meek cant even respond to Cass, and Cass is a better lyricist right now then Kendrick (i think, its real close either way they both talented). Meek is gonna respond with street threats, lies and non-nonsensical bullcrap like “who the f*ck is Kendrick Lamar” bitch who are you Meek? You are Ross’s version of Memphis Bleek, he only has a career because of Ross (like Bleek has one because of Jay). Hes probably like the 5th most popular rapper in Philly haha.

  • brotha_man

    meek need to focus on cass, cass making him look like a bum

    • Meek would rather drink bleach than battle Cass.

      • Jordan FU

        I just want him to drink bleach. Why the hell did Cass disappear from the industry for so long? Was it because the murder that occurred (i think on his property or he was present or something, but he didnt get convicted or charged in the end i think)? His big single, the first one with R kelly put him in the lane of a R&B type of rapper, like how Ja Rule was aka a singer/rapper. But Cass supposedly a hustler and has actual rap skills (which he does) but everyone is going to think of him as a party rapper based on the first single. On a similiar way Joe Budden had the same thing happen by having pump it up get played so much that he isn’t thought of as a lyricist but as a party rapper. The people who im saying think of these guys as whatever are casual rap fans (aka pop fans). I think real rap fans can figure out Joe Budden or Cassidy’s skills.

      • Cass plead guilty to giving his man the weapon + car accident.

        The way he getting up in Meek’s @$$, folks are going to think of him as a battle rapper.

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        but besides cats like us on these boards, who is really talking about Cass…. he never lived up to the potential he had. im saying on the real he cant even capitalize off the buzz this battle crap could have bought him. all his deals fizzled out, and he got exposed for that shooting (always rhyming that he caught that body when it was actually AR that did the shooting). cats back home aint checking for Cass. he cant even get a sit down with Swizz.

      • True, but that’s Cass’ fault.

        If he chooses his beats & topics better, but also, industry politics play a role as well, but Yeah, I ain’t even checking for Cass.

  • Dointer

    At first it was interesting to see what would eventuate out of the disses Cass served, and I think its now apparent that this dude is reeling from it still.

  • Jordan FU

    weak ass shit. Beefs nowadays are gay ass crap that is just drummed up for publicity. None of these guys have any problem with each other on a personal level, or on the industry side. In my opinion beef has to have some basis in reality. Otherwise it comes off as 2 chicks fighting over caddy ass shit. And twitter is such a weak ass way of beefing. Really the opposite of hip hop. And to rappers: When you have these fake beefs at least try to make the beef seem real and not a publicity stunt which it obviously is. And i dont even think publicity like this is gonna help sell anybodies albums. No way in hell does this make people want to buy Meek or Kendricks shit.

    • Thenatural503

      Would you prefer real beef where brotha’s like Pac and Biggie end up losing their life?

      • FRUKOH

        Yes, kill off some of these fake niggas asap

      • Nervz

        They should start with you first then….. Wishing death on people cause they are rappers getting money…. They should get rid of the low lifes and haters like you first.
        we would live a whole lot better. AM sure yo would shit yourself if you saw a gun in your face… B$t^H

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        dumb azz statement and more internet dumb ish, death is permanent clown!!!! if they did that then some of your crew prolly has limited time left on this planet.

    • JondoE303

      It’s just like the wwe Bwahahahahahahahaha friends behind the scenes lookin ass ninjaz!!!!

  • black god

    just music calm down

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  • Synista

    So we can expect a Cassidy response next october???

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      write a verse, email it to cassidy and then never mention it again.

  • johnblacksad

    RIP Lil Snupe!

    didn’t know the kid… heard his freestyle session on DC3 and I can’t stop playin it
    The spit is just toooooo real… (not necessarily awesome but you can feel the realness of the moment being captured)

    rest in peace young fella!

  • Mrbx187


    • Tre C

      is the same bullshit he made on 1 & 2

      • Mrbx187

        Who else on the east better than the homie❓


    Kendrick Lamars album (as of Aug 21st 2013) has sold 1,002,000 acc to Billboard.

    Meek Mill hasn’t even gone GOLD!

    Who the fruk is a Meek Mill? a.k.a Weak Skills

  • Tre C

    Dreamchasers 3 is ok at best, and I don’t know one person who BOUGHT the Self Made album..MMG dying slowly

  • Quintin Williams

    Meek Mills is garbage and the only thing he produced to us that went platnum was those Youtube motorcycle videos he has riding through his hood.I would really like to hear J Cole, Push T or Drake respond to Kendrick’s Control Verse.

  • Golgo 13

    weak mills

  • But where’s all the rah rah for Cassidy?!

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      yo man, understand this…. the kendrick shittttt is hip hop…. the cassidy shittttt can get physical so before nigs start making dumb azz accusations just know that Philly (yeah im from there) doesnt do rap beef well. shitttt can get real ugly real quick where im from. All of Meek’s crew got gun and drug charges and they trying to stay out. that Cassidy ish will eventually lead one of them back the to the bing. Some stuff is deeper than rap!

      • But for those looking in from the outside, it’s like Meek is copping out. I know as a lyricist and a real emcee you’ve gotta handle your shit. No fraudulent behavior acceptable. I mean if him not responding to Cass like he does with others will keep the homies out of jail then thats good. All I’m saying is it ain’t adding up to lick shots at the one & not the other.

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