Talib Kweli

Hip-Hop Rumors: Why Are Some Black Women Mad At Talib Kweli?

Talib has spent the majority of his career rapping and speaking on behalf of Black America at a given notice. And the one time, he decides to turn up a bit…controversy ensues. It seems like the new video, “Turnt Up,” has not measured up to the standard of some Black Women. Why? It was shot in Japan and features mostly Japanese people. And if you didn’t know, this is mostly a reason for everybody to watch the newest video from Talib.

Check out “Turnt Up.”

There was a bit of controversy over this vid, but definitely not to any serious degree.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • therealest1

    Contradictory shit.

    • TribeofJudah

      I’m saying…

  • Teks

    The standard of having them twerk in the video? Oh that standard…

  • They protest Talib but not Officer Date Rape Ricky?

    • TribeofJudah

      Officer Ricky isn’t quite known for promoting anything worth promoting in his music.

      • Unless you have stock in “Corrections Corporation America” & make $ from people in prison, then he’s your #1 salesman.

    • BibatheDiva

      The article didn’t say “protest.” There were MANY black women who signed that petition that went to Reebok and who did “protest” Rick Ross.

      • And every single one of them had bigger issues they should have been worrying about having addressed instead of a rap video.

      • BibatheDiva

        Really? Like what?

      • Toilet paper..or rather, the manufacturing of it.
        Raising The Black Fist / Fighting The Power, etc., carefully enough not to win, because if we do & become FREE, we won’t even be able to wipe our @$$, but with no food manufacturing, I guess that wouldn’t be an issue either, because we won’t have anything to poop out anyway, as we starve to death.

        Green Bananas / Plantains
        (*Economy lesson ^)

        They used to be $1 a dozen, now they are 3 for $1. Grapes used to be $00.99lb, now they are $4.99 a pound.

        Same grapes / plantinos, same desire to eat them, etc., so the only thing that changed, was the value of the dollar.
        Now peep this – You save 10racks, for 10 years, pull it out the shoe box 10yrs later, & that same 10 racks will have the buying power of 2racks.

        Gas was $1 a gallon, 3 wars later? $4 a gallon.
        In some cases, the same gas from the same container, as prices rose so fast.

        Making saving $ stupid. ( Pre / Post 9/11)
        IE: 10 racks : $1 Gal gas = 10K Gallons
        10 racks : $3.50 Gal gas = 3K Gallons

        You get where I’m going with the exponential hyper inflation?

        This is the type of exploitative economy we are leaving intact for our posterity / seeds. Modern Day share cropping on a national, non racial level.

        Set up to fail, because peep it……if the government stopped borrowing & spending & collected up every single dollar ever printed….they still couldn’t pay off the national debt, because they owe more than what was printed & borrowed.

        Government shut down?


        You haven’t seen anything yet.

      • BibatheDiva

        And black women should be thinking about solving these problems?? You lost me at toilet paper.
        That’s the thing… I am a black woman, you can’t tell me what I should be thinking about, because it is always going to be what YOU think I should be worrying about. You couldn’t walk a mile in my heels.

      • LOL~N

        Yeah, I figured I’d lose you at toilet paper & wouldn’t be able to find you with gas.

        While I can’t walk a mile in your shoes, you wouldn’t even be able to walk one either without food, but at the rate the dollar is dying, that won’t be much of an issue pretty soon either, since you won’t even be able to afford them for much longer, if the economy isn’t fixed.

      • scullyson

        Heels ? I hope not….Say it aint so Edog !….lol….Just BS’in..

      • LOL~N

        After the dollar dies….she’ll be barefoot if she doesn’t prepare now.

      • Seriouslyfolks

        CO-SIGN. They have bigger fish to fry family.

      • Not according to them.

      • Seriouslyfolks

        How about Black Women tackle wearing and styling their OWN HAIR and reap
        the same profits and benefits and control over those markets as the
        Koreans and Indians do? How about they stop supporting all of these
        Black Female Media
        Personalities who bleach and lighten their skin and wear EVERY other hair
        color and texture besides their ACTUAL color/texture?How about they get
        up in arms about these so-called “empowering” Black Female
        Actresses/Singers/Rappers to stop perverting the minds of their
        daughters teaching them to be a Basketball Wife or to “Pour it Up” and
        be hyper-sexualized whores? They’re upset because there aren’t any BLACK
        GROUPIES in the video? I see them getting upset about LACK of
        representation, but NOTHING about the actual portrayal and
        representations that are misrepresented.

      • While I agree, I’ll side with Biba The Diva on that, while the economics are 100% legitimate issues, the fashion statements are on them.

    • Pirate7X

      Shoot most of these women still have bruised knees for Chris Brown and R.Kelly.

      • Phantom Lord

        piss face for R.Kelly

  • FaSho Money Prince

    now if he had a bunch of black girls shakin they half naked ass in the video would there be any complaints…. yes, even more…

  • atle fjeldstad

    It`s funny how these underground cats is as gimmicky as the rest.. P.S. People who care about what color another person is should just jump off a cliff..

  • Cereal Killa

    If lovin’ japs,Asians,Koreans,Chinese females is wrong.I don’t wanna be right.

  • TribeofJudah

    Damn Talib…smh. What a sell out. All this talk of respecting women, Afrocentricity and all this positive shit only to…this? Conscious rappers though. They be on that bullshit. Most rappers with a message. Same reason why a rapper like Ras Kass who wrote Nature of the Threat went on to do the bullshit he would later do to try and get a buzz…man even Common talking about “suck this Conscious dick”…smh. Shame yo.

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  • ccwaterbound32

    i mean i feel like this dude prolly tryin to gain access to a different market overseas yall do know they pay you overseas too right? and i didn’t really see anything negative towards black women so what’s the problem? now i bet if he had black women pu**y poppin in the background you’d here them feminist black women crawl from every rock on the planet to critique duke… i say let that man get money… yeah you should never compromise yourself and go against your principals and code but black people are loved all over the world! they actively participate in our culture and empathize with what we’re doing…and trust me they will PAY US top dollar just to bask in our presence! japan is a HUGE market… so i don’t knock him…boy you house ni**ers and bedwenches need to quit trying to bring somebody down for just doing what they do best. and i still say he one of the most underrated MC’s alive.

    • Just outta curiosity, you wouldn’t happen to be up on Tariq Nasheed would you? The bedwenches and Black feminists parts of your comment are why I ask, cuz dude been known to go IN on em. LOL That’s a thorough brotha right there, been up on him for years but he gained my respect more than ever with the Hidden Colors series.

      • ccwaterbound32

        man after hearing the brother speak and just researching shit it’s like a nigga got x-ray vision on thangs.. dude thorough for real.

      • Yes indeed, yes indeed. One of these days I’ma have to count how many times he says that in one podcast…LOL But yeah man listenin to that hot fire done tightened my mind up like no other, I’d love to sit and chop up game with him one day.

  • ccwaterbound32

    and one last thing all you bedwenches that’s mad at talib ya’ll just mad your not in tokyo p poppin on his video… im outtie

  • Thenatural503

    Looks like he just shot the video on tour out in Japan or something. Black women get mad at this but not mad at every other rapper calling them B’s and H’s all day long. Once again my people disappoint.

    • Synista

      When rappers say bytches and hoes most of those same chicks repeating the lyrics thinking to themselves “oh he ain’t talkin bout ME”

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  • Synista

    OH MY DOG!!!!!! He shot a video in JAPAN and had the nerve to use JAPANESE WOMEN!!!!!! WHAT WAS HE THINKING????
    I swear some black women are the reason why some black men don’t fcuk with black women,they probably would have declined to be in a video with Kweli since he is not known for doing all that BS,but as soon as he puts other women in the video suddenly they have a problem hiarhatwearingratchetlookingmultiplebabydaddyhavingbytches!

    • FRUKOH

      ‘Thats whats wrong with black people anyway, we aint down with nothing i dont care what you say’ Ice T: This Ones for Me (back in the 90’s)

      ‘And fruk niggas cos its hard to keep them close together’ AZ (off of the Nas Colab on Stillmatic)

      • Synista

        Bet some of those women would still have a problem if he went to Africa and did a video using pygmy’s or Masai women!

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    So now we start dissing black women in general because allhiphop said some black women is pissed at Talib video. Do you know or can point out the black women that have the issue with the video? Of course not……… Now I understand the definition of sheeple

    • DJ7

      Say word…I guess the folks that down voted your comment didn’t overstand where you were coming from…

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        I read this story 3xs and outside of the story saying some black women is offended I don’t see where that come from. You read the comments you would think there is proof that black women is pissed.

      • KingsCountyCrooklyn

        I was lost my self because if the video was shot in another country there most likely is not going to be that many females of other races on deck. He wanted his video to reflect the location at which it was filmed. there is no proof for the comment, just a ploy to get peoples attention and to click on this link.

    • astrixx

      any time you tell the truth, you get attack

  • speedy37

    Wtf they mad about

    • Sean Taylor

      They’re mad that they’re not in his video twerking shaking their stank ass like some stank ass hos that they are.

  • El moreno de Queens #Dominican

    check out gucci mane ft. talib kweli “poltergeist”

  • Executive

    Get a life!

  • churchboy2

    Well, if the stupidity of this “controversy” gets one of the best spitters ever some view on Youtube, then OK…

  • TheBigCheeFa

    It aint that serious

  • TheBigCheeFa

    Let Talib have some fun.he deserves it.black women get offended over everything

  • MrNoName2K

    Japanese women on point..

  • astrixx

    well if he paying them then am mad. if not then am fine with it. because black women got to eat. why blacks are don’t like each other. because I will never see a black women in an asain vid. and unemployment continue to go up in our comm

  • Negro Peligro

    Its some black women mad at me.

  • kwimby72

    ugh he is in JAPAN 2nd if he were to put sistas twerking then some would say he is degrading women but then again majority of his buying fans are…….wait for it White ….next

  • brotha_man

    brothas in paris, brothas in japan. *booking flight to japan*

  • Judah Nazayar

    japanese girls go hard.

  • http://www.swagscent.com

    Black women are angry at the world.

    • jubilee shine

      Being a woman+Black in THIS world that hates Black ppl & demeans women? What should they be?

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        Seriously? they should get over it, we here now!!! Im a black man and im happy to be alive, i go get mine! now go get yours, stop being angry and Shine Black Women (and Men)

  • Caliwaver

    Dope video!

  • Phantom Lord

    The real question is, when are black women NOT angry?

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    yall need to get fact checkers or something. first off notice that this is under Hip Hop Rumors. There is no proof that any black women complained about this video. The video was shot in another country, so this shows he wanted the video to display the scenes, culture, and people of its origin.

  • jubilee shine

    where is the proof Black women are mad..look at the rabid dogs jumpin on Black women in the comments, smh

  • Arrie Mental Woodard

    who gives a shitttt if black women are mad , he married anyway, mind ya business, lmao!

  • Yahya Campbell-Davis

    Glad to see a brotha representing internationally. I’m a black woman who isnt upset at this vid and see no proof that ANY “black women are mad” at Talib over this. I hope it motivates us to get out and experience the world more. Hope to cross Japan off of my list of travels soon too. Been to numerous spots in the Caribbean, been to Dubai a few times, even Brazil…we’ve just got to get up and get out more…not everyone hates us, and not all black women are angry with the universe.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      a few ratchet woman out there heard the title of the song and felt it was disrespectfull to not have the turn up queens in the vid lol hey it is what it is … we live in america … i can make a video with my self and a bunch of dogs in it and someone will find an angle to pick fun or to talk down on what i did …. it is what it is lol

  • wickedjones

    Sometimes I think this site is turning to the the next mediatakeout.

    • CutronomicalThought

      Well..you have a point.. but MTO steals TMZ articles and use it as their own..I don’t think AHH does that

  • LiddyBug86

    Remember Snoop and Pharrell “Beautiful”, they were in Brazil! Shit I’m jamaican american and I could give two fucks!

  • Slaughtr

    If any are mad then try not have your ass showing and disrespecting yourself in videos period.As far as Talib branching out do you my brother.

  • PhilTheGreat

    Man those girls look good and I think the video was more about him “turning up” in another place, like turn up where ever you go sort of thing. Also the vid shows the reach of Hip Hop culture to other places. Don’t negatively over think it.